Quantum Gate

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a game by Hyperbole
Platform: PC (1993)
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Quantum Gate
Quantum Gate
Quantum Gate
Quantum Gate

Opinions differ from one individual to another as to what constitutes an interesting and entertaining computer game experience. Media Vision, however, seems to have missed the point completely. Granted, Quantum Gate has absolutely stunning visuals, a captivating plot and a stirring soundtrack but one vital ingredient is missing - gameplay.

A mission briefing sequence that seems to go on forever reveals that earth is on the verge of environmental Armageddon and will be unable to support life forms in less than five years. You and your colleagues are on a life or death mission to reverse the situation and bring peace and harmony back to the world. A series of video clips introduce you to the main characters in the game and all you have to do is sit back and watch as the story unfolds. This is true of the game in general. By the time you've finished Qiiantum Gate you will be a sitting back and watching expert. Even the free exploration periods, where you can roam around the ship to check it out, are a total yawn. You can take a peep in all the rooms but you can't interact with any of the objects in them. Even worse, when the game decides you've seen enough and your free exploration period is over, it whisks you off to the next place it wants you to be and forces you to watch the next series of video clips. If you're really lucky and wander into the right place during your free period, you might bump into someone you can have a quick conversation with to relieve the mind-numbing boredom.

All the video clips are interspersed with comments from your alter-ego Drew Griffin. Drew is not a happy chappy. He moans and whines about almost everything that happens in the game from beginning to end. He tells you constantly how he doesn't want to go where he's being sent and doesn't want to do what he's being told to do. You and me both. Drew.

The action element in the game comes in the form of a laughable 3D combat sequence. This is where you get to shoot down the nasty bugs that have been ruining everyone's life. The combat sequence looks awful, plays like a dog and is totally at odds with the rest of the game in presentation.

If looks could kill Quantum Gate would be the meanest, leanest, killing machine in existence. In terms of playability it stinks and comes in as an early contender for Rip Off Of The Year 1994. You have been warned! Chris Anderson

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