Duck Tales

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a game by Capcom
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: NESNES, GameBoy
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 5 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 4 votes
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Duck Tales
Duck Tales
Duck Tales
Duck Tales
  • Type: Shooter
  • Levels of Play: 7
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Capcom continues their line of Disney character games (following on the heels of Mickey Mousecapade) with Duck Tales, based on the animated cartoon series. In the game you star as Scrooge McDuck, exploring multiple levels of action and adventure on foot or on your special pogo stick! You can eliminate enemies and overcome obstacles with the stick. Each round (which can be selected at any time from a menu screen) is filled with its own set of dangers and obstacles to overcome.

People say:


Duck Tales appears as though it was created with younger players in mind with options such as selecting any level at the beginning of the game. This doesn't detract from the superior graphics and play mechanics, however, and despite some easy areas, Duck Tales is too good to ignore.


The best game ever made for the young player. After a dog of a game in Mickey Mouse, Capcom comes back with a game that combines all the right features to catch the younger player's, hold their interest, challenge their abilities, and keep them coming back. Only for the very young.


This game has good graphics and a nice feel with plenty of emphasis on the cartoonlike characters. Duck Tales is not overly challenging, but the theme is different and the game is fun to play. Don't get scared by the kiddie-look, this is a prime example of very good game designing.


This is another Disney game that, like Mickey Mousecapde before it, has some decent play mechanics that are toned down for the younger players. While I'm sure this is nice for kid brother or sister, you'll probably enjoy this game but find it beaten after the first day of play.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Guide Scrooge McDuck through multiple levels of action!

The African Mines

You won't get far in this underground maze unless you've gotten the Skeleton Key in Transylvania. Once you're inside of the mines search for a hidden treasure called the Giant Diamond of the Inner-Earth. To reach this treasure you'll have to get past flying bats, underground swamp creatures and other creepy crafty beasties. Use your pogo-jump to cross the underground swamp. If you're low on energy, look for Mrs. Beaky in the mines. She'll give you a tasty snack. Walk through the illusion wall and you'll find a Scrooge Doll tor a 1-up. Beat the King of the Terra Fermies and you'll get your treasure.

The Amazon Jungle

Search through the steamy jungles and climb the Inca ruins as you look for the missing Septre of the Incan King. Remember to perfect your pogo-jump so you can avoid pesky gorillas and buzzing bees. Find a Scrooge Doll in the cave below the jungle -- between the spiders and spiked logs. This gives you a 1-up! If you find launch pad here, or in any other area, you can head back to Duckburg, and unload the treasures you've collected before continuing your journey. Head up among the ruins to face the final foe of this area in an Incan Temple — the evil Zarduck! Beat him and he'll hand you the missing Septre.

The Moon

Yes, you're in out of space! Space ducks fly right and left as you search for the Green Cheese of Longevity -- the final treasure that gives you the strength to complete your mission. To search all the rooms in the giant UFO, you'll need to find the key-hidden high up in the farthest left hand comer of the space ship. Once you've got the key you can find Gizmo Duck's lost remote controller. Use this to contact Gizmo Duck. He'll help you get past the giant wall on the Moon's surface. Then it's on to the cheese.

The Himalayas

Brrr..This is a chilly spot, filled with ice and snow. You'll find that your pogo-jump doesn't work in the snow. Even worse, that ice gets awfully slippery under your webbed feet! Watch your step down here or you'll plummet into an ice crevice. Bubba Duck is trapped — frozen in the ice. If you rescue him, he'll give you a special power-up to increase your maximum energy. Make your way through this icy maze and you'll go up against an Abominable Snowman. Knock him out and you'll get the Crown of Genghis Khan.


It's a thrilling, chilling scene as you wander through the halls of this haunted mansion. Watch out for duck mummies and skeletal duck zombies! A quick swing of your cane sends the mummies spinning. Talk to your nephew Huey for a clue. Use mirrors to transport yourself to the different rooms of the mansion. Remember, this is a haunted mansion — in some places you can walk right through the walls and find special secret treasures, or dangers, on the other side. Behind one of these walls grab a special power-up that increases your maximum power level. Beat Magica de Spell at the end of this level and he'll give you the Coin of the Lost Realm.

The Final Level

Succeed in collecting all five lost treasures and you're set to face the fewest and final of your battles with Flintheart Glomgold -- the worst of all Scrooge's enemies. So what are you waiting for? Uncle Scrooge and all your other beaked buddies from Duckburg are ready to go treasure hunting!

Everybody's favorite skinflint, Uncle Scrooge, is back and, he's on another treasure hunt. In Duck Tales for the Game Boy, Scrooge must search high and low across the land, and even in outer space to discover five lost treasures and make himself richer than ever. Yes, Scrooge is ready to risk life and webbed limb all for the thrill of adventure..oh, and of course, the love of money!

Look Who's Quacking

As Scrooge you begin your journey from, where else, the Duckburg Bank. The treasures are scattered in five different areas - the Amazon, Transylvania, the African Mines, the Himalayas, and the Moon. You and your quacky newphews, Huey, Duey, Louie, and beautiful Webby, can begin your search anywhere you like. Set the game difficulty to easy, normal, a difficult - it all depends on how wet you feel like getting your feet! You've got three lives and a limited amount of time to find all of the treasures.

Sure Scrooge is a little awkward as he waddles along, but wait'll you see him pogo! Use your Pogo Jump to pounce on creepy critters, blast through barriers, and knock the locks off of treasure chests (the last is Scrooge's favorite of course). Scrooge can also use his cane to whack open treasure chests and slam boulders into pesky enemies.

Fine Feathered Finds

All kinds of helpful goodies are hidden inside of the treasure chests. Tasty Ice Cream and Cake snacks restore your energy points, Scrooge Dolls give you 1-Ups, special Life Boosts give you extra energy, and Diamonds, large and small, are cash in the beak, er, bank!

Sometimes treasures are hidden in areas where there are no treasure chests. Just Pogo Jump like heck and you'll find all kinds of treats. This is usually how you'll find the Magic Coin that makes you temporarily invincible.

Fowl Adventures

Hey, you say, Pogo around, search for treasure, eat ice cream and cake - it's a swim in the pond. Oops! Guess we forgot to mention the strange and unpleasant obstacles you'll encounter in each of the mysterious lands you visit. In the Amazon you've got to climb vines, avoid spiked logs, leap across collapsing bridges, and fight the giant Statue Guardian for the treasure, the Sceptre of the Incan King.

Deep in the depths of the Transylvanian Castle you'll encounter Duck Mummies, Duck Skeletons, and other fine feathered enemies, including a Vampire Duck who's out to make you into duck soup. Beat him and you'll earn the Coin of the Lost Realm.

Hope you don't get claustrophobic because you'll have to search deep down in the African Mines in order to find the Giant Diamond of the Inner-Earth.

Get ready to freeze your tailfeathers in the Himalayas, and remember, you can't Pogo in the snow. In this subzero environment you'll find that your webbed feet slide on the ice, icicles fall on your head, and you've got to battle an Abominable Snow Monster for the Crown of Genghis Kahn.

It seems the Moon is now populated by strange aliens, including some pretty crafty Space Ducks. Search their giant UFO for a few items you'll need to beat the Guardian of the fifth treasure, the Green Cheese of Longevity.

Everything's Ducky

If you loved Duck Tales you'll love Duck Tales for the Game Boy. The gameplay is essentially the same, the graphics are excellent, and there's enough variation on the original game to keep you interested in the new version. The difficulty setting also enables you to make the game as hard as you like. Don't fly south for the winter - there's plenty to take care of right here in Duckbung.


  • On every level you'll find a hidden Scrooge Doll 1-Up. In the Amazon search for the treasure chest in the middle ol the underground passage. In the Himalayas search to the far right ot the underground icicle level. On the Moon you'll find the Scrooge Doll in the upper right corner ot the UFO.
  • Look for Launchpad in each level. He's your tlying duck buddy, and he's always ready to lend a wing to fly you back to Duckburg to stash your cash.
  • Search for the illusionary wall In Transylvania, go through it, and enter the hidden room; you'll find a chest that holds a Lite Boost. In the Himalayas search tor Bubba Buck by going to the tar left ot the icicle level, and then climbing up the rope. Defrost Bubba and he'll reward you with a Lite Boost.
  • You've got to tind the Remote Controller so you can summon Eizmo Duck. It s inside the locked room in the UFO, just to the right ol Webby. The key to the locked room is in the upper left part ol the UFO, in a treasure chest in a hidden attic room.
  • You can t get out the way you came in! Once you're in the UFO you'll have to seek an alternate route out!
  • What a great place for ice cream! Go down the middle rope, and move up and to the left Into a secret attic room. Mrs. Beakly will serve you some frozen treats.
  • To cross the underground swamp Pogo otl of the heads of the swamp creatures.
  • Walk through an illusionary wall in the mine and you'll lind a secret Ring treasure worth lots ol money.
  • Pogo on the Vampire Duck's head right after you dodge her lightning bolts.
  • Use the mirrors to move to different areas of the Castle. After you enter the Castle, go to the right. The first mirror you come leads you to the treasure chest that holds the Skeleton Key you'll need to enter the African Mines.
  • Launchpad is at the bottom right ol the lowest tunnel.
  • Grab the Magic Coin by Pogoing near the icicles. Now run, don't walk, straight through the icicles with no problem.
  • Put the abominable Guardian on ice by Pogoing on his head alter you dodge the snowballs he tosses.
  • Don't lorget to search tor hidden attic rooms. You'll lind these in areas where you Pogo Jump against what seems to be the ceiling, but discover that you can bounce to the left or right into a secret tunnel. In the Amazon there's a secret treasure attic at both ends of the underground tunnel. There's another secret room high in the sky, just to the left of Launchpad.
  • To avoid paying money to tight the Guardian go straight up Irom the secret room and follow the tunnels until you come to the Guardian.
  • Beat the Guardian by waiting until he slams down, and then Pogo Jump on his head!

Everybody's favorite skinflint, Uncle Scrooge, is back. Join him as he travels across five lands, including the Amazon, the Himalayas, Transylvania, and even the Moon, in search of five lost treasures. Yes, Scrooge is ready to risk life and webbed limb, with a little help from his nephews Huey, Duey, and Louie, all for the thrill of adventure...and of course the love of money!

How good can a game based upon a kid-vid program be? Actually, pretty good. This game, which is also available for the NES, does a pretty fair job of capturing some of the key elements of the Duck Tales program. You control Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world--I want to know if there's another animal who's richer?--and embark on a series of adventures to add to his wealth, traveling to the four corners of the Earth and one corner of the Moon to boot. In each "land" there is a treasure to be had, and you must brave many dangers to obtain it. Of course, there's always a "boss" guarding the final prize, and you have to defeat him/her before you can claim it.

Naturally, your three helpful nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, are there to help you, as are Mrs. Beakly, Webby and your pilot, Launchpad. They assist you not so much by accompanying you, but by supplying you with clues or bonus food, or even a lift from one place to another. This is a pretty nonviolent game, so there's no "blasting." Scrooge eliminates most enemies by bouncing on their heads, using his cane like a pogo stick! This pogo action is also used to get Scrooge over tall obstacles and past chasms too wide for him to jump normally. There are all kinds of enemies, from mummies in Transylvania to snow bunnies in the Himalayas (not the kind you find when skiing).

Naturally, even when you clear all five lands and obtain all of the valuables, there's still one final challenge. Your greatest rival is out to get the treasures too, so get moving or all your efforts thus far will be for nothing!

The graphics and sound in this game merit special mention for surpassing the usual standards of most Game Boy titles. There are different pieces of music for each land, in addition to a well-done adaptation of the Duck Tales theme music at the start of the game. The graphics are amongst the best I've seen on the Game Boy, with clearly recognizable characters and nicely detailed backgrounds. And, although there's not a lot of real "animation," the few bits of it included are fairly good, one of my favorites being when you have Scrooge smack an immovable object with his cane and he "vibrates" with the shock.

All in all, Duck Tales has more than enough depth for most serious players, and at the same time isn't so difficult to get into that it would hinder more casual players.

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