EuroFighter 2000

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a game by Digital Image Design
Platform: PC
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EuroFighter 2000
EuroFighter 2000
EuroFighter 2000
EuroFighter 2000

Arguably One Of The Best Games On display at the recent E3 show in Las Vegas was TFX; Ef-2000, the aptly named sequel to the classic air combat sim TFX from Digital Image Design.

Although still far from completion, initial reports indicate that the game sports graphics to die for, thanks to new generation 30 graphics and state-of-the-art polygon mapping techniques which give an enhanced sense of realism. In addition to that, a newly developed eight-way network facility will turn the whole high-speed experience into the ultimate airborne multi-player challenge.

TFX: EF2000 was designed with the co-operation of British Aerospace, which supplied detailed (de-classifled) information. An ex-RAF defence pilot helped recreate the Interactive cockpit to make sure it was truly representative of the real thing. Realism is obviously the top priority throughout and DID has gone to great lengths to ensure that the geography of the game is based on actual geographical locations reproduced from military charts, maps and plans. An artificial intelligence battlefield generation program adds even more to the level of authenticity. Although the real EF2000 (Euro Fighter 2000) is not expected to see service until the next century, the game adopts a rather limited and predictable communist takeover scenario set in the not too distant future.

A Russian force is attempting to seize control of Norway and Sweden as a foothold into Northern Europe and not must be stopped. This could indicate that more than one mission disc can be expected to follow a short time after the game is released proper. As well as flying solo, players will be able to opt to fly with up to four "intelligent" wing men and take part in sophisticated air-to-air and air-to-ground missions in a player environment that covers a massive, target-rich. four million square kilometres.

It goes without saying that the flight model will be absolutely spot on. Rumours abound that NATO has expressed an interest in the graphics engine used in the game. Realistic mode avionics will make the game challenging to experts, while automated avionics that are featured in the actual aircraft make it easily accessible to novices.

Both svga and vga graphic modes will be supported and, although the minimum machine specification is an optimistic DX2-66 with a recommended 8Mb of ram, happily the game should be fully programmable to run on lower spec systems.

If you're a Pentium owner, however, you will be able to revel in what is being pitched as "the fastest and most detailed 3D world ever presented in a combat flight simulation" at the controls of a futuristic fighter that has already been dubbed by those in the know as "the ultimate in current warfare aircraft" when it is released in September.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Prepare yourself for the cutting edge of modern combat flight simulators with Euro Fighter 2000! Pilot one of the most sophisticated fighters in varied missions ranging from combat air to strategic ground strikes! Some of the more powerful features of the game include a fully realistic environment that includes hundreds of geographical locations, covering an area of over 4 million square kilometers; the fastest, most detailed 3-D world you have ever seen in a flight simulation and a network feature that allows up to eight people to engage in combat at the same time.

Some of the world's leading aeronautical engineers along with the airplane's manufacturers, British Aerospace, contributed to the flight model of the game. This is one of the most accurate and realistic flight sims. A flight simulator is only as good as the enemies that it provides, and EF 2000 has an incredible artificial intelligence. much like a high-end war simulation, which not only adds as much realism as possible to your campaigns but also makes sure that the fight will never be the same.

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