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Sega Genesis
It's a Simulation - Flight Combat Sim that has you destroy everyone in your way in order to hit your goal: to reach your destination.

EuroFighter 2000

Prepare yourself for the cutting edge of modern combat flight simulators with Euro Fighter 2000!

JetFighter III

You are part of an elite United Nations strike force, leading a team of the world's top pilots with the motto: "Global Peace through Deadly Force."

Air Warrior III

Long-time online pilots should all be aware of the history of Kesmai's Air Warrior series.

Air Warrior 2

On the off-chance that you weren't paying attention when your 8th grade history class went over World War II, here's your chance to redeem yourself -- literally.

F-117A Stealth Fighter

F-117A Stealth Fighter is a solid, first-person perspective, combat flight sim. You fly classified missions into six theaters, where success opens up three other secret missions.

Lock On

Gameplay involves flying the fictional F-119D Stealth Fighter against enemy forces. You are a fighter pilot going through wave after wave of enemies.

Stealth ATF (Stealth Eagle)

The ultimate realistic flight simulation that jets players to the skies forcing them to confront dangerous enemy aircraft in fast arcade style action.

Aero Fighters Assault

The AeroFighters Assault team needs your help to save the Earth from the evil Phutta Morgana and their machines of doom. Engage a variety of enemy aircraft and boss characters around the globe in multiple missions. Join the battle in the only game ..
Nintendo 64

Air Combat

Here's one for all of you "flight and fight" simulation fans. It's Air Combat from Namco!


How long has it been since you've piloted that old workhorse, the F-16?


The HIND MI-24, known as the "bogeyman" by NATO ground troops, was the first production unit of the HIND combat helicopters developed for the Soviet Air Force in 1972.

iF-22 Persian Gulf

The sim was noted for its dynamic campaigns and stealth capability.

Flight Unlimited

I mean, you don't get to solve any mysteries, take on any intergalactic conspiracies, dodge flaming rockets, or blow anything up, but it's still cool.

Turn and Burn: No-Fly Zone

Flying simulation game.

Bogey Dead 6

Flight realism for the PlayStation with Bogey Dead 6.

F-15 Strike Eagle

Fly a supersonic F-15 Strike Eagle through seven challenging Sortie Areas over video versions of Libya, Kuwait, and Iraq.

MiG-29 Fulcrum

MiG-29 Fulcrum is for one-player only. It includes a training mode for practicing the controls and a password feature for saving your progress.
Sega Genesis

Red Baron 2

When I was sixteen years old I went on a trip that very much changed my life.