World of Warplanes

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Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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World of Warplanes
World of Warplanes
World of Warplanes
World of Warplanes

I have a friend who is super into World of Warplanes. So much that he was always bugging me to give the game a try. An MMO flight game sounded really strange to me, but as it is free to play I decided that what harm was there in actually giving it a try.

Whoa! That Looks Real

I am sure that much of the detail that is in the warplanes in World of Warplanes is lost on an aviation noob like myself. However, I can tell you that a ton of work has clearly gone into the different models of plane. The game actually has five different classes of plane for you to choose from and each one has its own style. So you can get a plane that offers some really heavy duty firepower, but it might be a little hard to maneuver. On the flip side of this, you have a plane that is fast, nimble and easy to fly but lacking in firepower. Like any MMO game, finding the right class for your playstyle is key. One thing that is cool is that you can fly warplanes from the USA, Germany, France, the UK, USSR, China, and Japan. I am sure if you are actually into historic warplanes this is really cool. What I found really neat was how each countries warplanes had their own kind of style.

More After Burner Than Flight Sim

In all honesty, a huge part of what made me reluctant to try out World of Warplanes was that I thought it was more of a flight sim kind of game. These types of game are not or me as they are way too complex. World of Warplanes is not like that, it is more like After Burner or Ace Combat in that it is a more arcade-style flight game and that is really cool. Even the more advanced moves that the warplanes can pull off are nice and easy to do and if you can make Fox McCloud do a barrel roll, you can do the maneuvers that are in this game. The battles are 12 v 12 matches and they are really cool. The maps that are in the game are all a nice size and they are not so large that you struggle to find an enemy to engage with. In all the actual gameplay is way more fun than I thought it would be and I actually played the game for many hours without spending any money at all.

Free To Play? What Is The Catch?

I am as suspicious of free to play games as anyone, but I found World of Warplanes pretty fair in the way it handles things. Now granted if you do want to get really into the game and be very competitive, you might have to spend some actual money to get some of the better equipment. You can get better weapons, better engines and things like that and these will make your warplane a real death machine.

For me, though I was more than happy just playing it for fun. You do level up in the game and I have a feeling that as you start to get to a higher level and playing against players who have spent money, you might notice a difference then.

World of Warplanes was a real pleasant surprise. I am not going to say that this is the greatest flight game in the world, but there is certainly a lot of fun to be had here. As I said in the review this is more like an arcade-style flight game than a sim one so I do feel that it is worth checking out if you like action games and flight games like Ace Combat. Plus this is free to play so there is nothing to lose if you do not like it.



  • You can fly planes from different nations
  • The presentation is actually quite good
  • The action feels very arcady
  • Controls are very easy to learn
  • Plenty of choices when it comes to warplanes


  • It does have things to spend real-world money on
  • Too many people think this is a sim style game!

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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