Stealth ATF (Stealth Eagle)

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a game by Activision
Genre: Simulation
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 5.4/10, based on 5 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Stealth ATF (Stealth Eagle)
Stealth ATF (Stealth Eagle)
Stealth ATF (Stealth Eagle)
Stealth ATF (Stealth Eagle)

Here's your chance to climb behind the controls of Stealth ATF, one if the most realistic, fast-action flight simulation games created for the NES, Stealth ATF features a unique instrumentation panel with a three-dimensional forward view of all the action. As you take off in Stealth ATF you become an ace fighter pilot, off on a top secret mission against enemy fighters. The advantage you have is your secret weapon, a "stealth" feature: that allows you to avoid enemy detection for a limited time. So climb aboard, strap on your helmet, and get ready for the ride of your life.

Your first task is to master the art of taking off. Develop the right touch, keep your nose and landing gear up, and pick up your speed. In no time you'll find yourself screaming down the runway and soaring into the wild blue yonder.

Once you've mastered the basic skills it's time for your first mission. At the beginning of each mission you'll receive a briefing on your assignment. Eight different missions are possible. More if you're brave enough to fly at night! You're likely to find yourself sent around the world and back again.

Once you're airborn you won't have long to enjoy the spectacular view. Enemy planes bear down on you rapidly. To defend yourself use your unlimited gunfire, and a limited number of missiles to attack your enemies. Scan your instrument panel to check your altitude, speed, ammo supply and number of enemy planes left to destroy.

But don't just sit there and let them come to you! Maneuver Stealth ATF in a series of moves that will give you goosebumps. Experience breathtaking nosedives, climbs and 360 degree rolls. Use these stunts to fake out the enemy fighters; slip around behind them, get them in your target sites and blow them out of the skies.

ProTip: When you have the enemy in your target site, lack in and fire a missile immediately. A second too late and you'll miss your target.

Your radar screen allows you to monitor the skies for enemy fighters. Switch into the stealth mode and they won't find you with their radar for a limited time. If they manage to get you in their sites an alarm will warn you. Dodge quickly to avoid getting hit by a heat seeking missile! There isn't much time to get out of the way.

To complete your mission and advance to a new one, clear all the enemy fighters and return to your home base safely. With each mission the enemies grow tougher to out-maneuver and destroy. You'll also face unpredictable landings under difficult situations. Be ready to land on anything from an island, to an aircraft carrier, to an arctic snowfield.

When landing your Stealth jet, keep your nose down, remember to drop your landing gear and try pressing the throttle down button four times.

Play with a friend and let them take the controls of one of the enemy fighters. You can battle it out in a dogfight!

Stealth ATF combines the excitement of manning the controls of a top secret stealth fighter with the thrill of aerial combat.

So strap yourself in, grab the throttle, hold your stomach, and watch your backside—this ride isn't for wimps!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Activision;
  • Machine: Nintendo

Every so often, a game comes along that causes aching shoulders, bloodshot eyes, a broken joystick or two - and some satisfyingly high scores. Stealth A.T.F., a remarkable new entry from Activision, is just such a game. If you like flying shoot 'em ups, my best recommendation would be to skip the rest of this review and run out to buy this one. You won't be disappointed.

Stealth A.T.F. puts you in command of a fighter plane in some of the world's hottest trouble spots. You have three kinds of weapons at your command: machine guns, missiles and "stealth", which makes you undetectable by radar and immune to the enemy's missiles.

The game is rather simple to play. You "throttle up" on the runway, then pick up speed. Your trip down the runway is viewed from the side, and at the proper time you pull back on the stick to lift off and raise your landing gear. The view then switches to the cockpit.

This is where the real fun starts. Enemy planes come at you in pairs, firing at you with everything they have. Your mission is to shoot them all down. The first level has you facing four adversaries, which increase by two with every level. If you line up an enemy in your sighting cursor, an indicator will appear to notify you that the missile has "locked on". You can then launch a missile, and, if the enemy fighter doesn't do some real fancy flying, the missile will hit with a satisfying explosion.

Using the machine guns is quite a bit harder, but this is a skill you had better master. You need to line up your sighting cursor on the enemy planes and hit each one five times to down it. This is one place where Stealth imitates real life: the enemy doesn't just sit out there waiting to be shot down. On the contrary, they fly very well, and are extremely hard to hit. You need to anticipate their maneuvers and "lead" them with your shots. Further, some of the enemy pilots are more evasive than others, making them that much harder to blast.

Of course, the opponents don't just try to avoid your fire. They shoot back, especially if you encounter them head on, and each hit costs you 10% damage. Accumulate 100% damage and you lose one of your three planes. If a missile is detected, you get an audible warning as well as a panel indicator; but if you hear that warning, you'd best roll for all you are worth. The only way to avoid a missile is to outfly it.

Pressing the START button engages your stealth feature, but it also disables your own radar, so you can't see the enemy planes' positions. The stealth feature can only be enabled for a limited time.

Strategy is so important in Stealth A.T.F. Just facing the enemy fighters head-on is a way to ensure very short games. You are rewarded with medals and promotions with each successfully completed level, and a score is calculated based on how many enemies were shot down with your guns. There is also a bonus for unused missiles and fuel.

The graphics, animation and sound in Stealth A.T.F. are "top flight".

Each new locale has its own set of graphics, from the parched desert of the Middle East and Libya to the lush green fields of Europe to the snowbound hills of the Bering Straits. One battle even has you taking off from a carrier and fighting over water. The enemy fighters are highly detailed and the oncoming missiles - when you can see them - are extremely deadly, complete with a flaming tail streaming out behind. The game has a bouncy music track, which can be shut off in favor of engine noise, the stutter of machine guns and the "swish" of passing enemies.

Stealth A.T.F. is an excellent game. It is highly playable and will keep you coming back again and again. It has been awhile since a game has drawn me in and kept me interested for as long as this one has. Combined with the superb graphics and high-speed animation, it represents a first-class gaming experience.

  • Type: Simulator
  • Levels of Play: 08
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Konami's Top Gun was one of the most successful Nintendo games of all time, and now Activision is hoping to cash in with an airplane combat simulator of their own. While Stealth ATF (for Advanced Tactical Fighter) doesn't have the hot name, it does offer air-to-air combat action in eight "hot spots" around the world. You must take off, clear the skies, and land before you take too much damage. Get into trouble and go into stealth mode to become invisible to enemy radar. Lock on and fire!

People says:


Stealth ATF is not a bad game, it simply has too many rough edges. The take-off and landing sequences are nice, but the overall game is not very realistic. The ground terrain looks the same at 500 feet and 50,000 feet and the music is terribly annoying. It's too bad, this one could have been a winner.


For hard-core flyboys only! Contains After Burner-like 360 degree rolls for excitement and a "through the cockpit" view. Not a whole lot of variety through the multiple levels of play, but it's the best one available now.


Stealth doesn't require you to much more than keep your plane in the air and shoot. There's not much strategy and not a lot game play. The only reason to keep going is to see what the different backgrounds and landing scenes look like.


I had a couple of problems with Stealth ATF. The landscape graphics always look the same (so much for simulations), the sounds are not much better than 2600 beeps and whines and the "Stealth" mode hardly affects the game at all. It does have a barrel roll, but not much else.

You're in command of the Air Force's latest high-tech weapon: the F-117A Stealth ATF. With this powerful flying fortress at your disposal, you've been assigned to a mission that will take you around the world, and into the deadliest skies you've ever seen!

This high-action flight simulator is designed to duplicate all of the capabilities of this state-of-the-art aircraft. You must shoot it out in hot spots around the world. Don't worry though, because if things really heat up you can switch to "stealth" mode which will further confuse the enemy.

In addition to packing in plenty of aerial combat thrills, Stealth ATF also requires a constant surveillance of your surrounding area and controls - long range radar, altitude, ammo, etc. Get hit and you can become damaged or lose valued instruments.

Fly the unfriendly skies - with Stealth AFT!


While the "Stealth" mode works fine and will confuse the enemy to a point, it is unnecessary. Let the enemy come to you if you're beginning, or do a loop whenever an enemy plane flys past to catch up quickly.


To score a quick 10,000, bunch up a lot of planes into a small area. When you get then in visual sighting, move to the right or left slightly to get two overlapping. Wait for the "Lock-On" signal and let go with a missile!


Don't fool with adjusting your angle when you come in for a landing. Simply lower your landing gear and tap the 'B' button four times. This will break you enough to make a safe landing and move on to higher rounds!

The ultimate realistic flight simulation that jets players to the skies forcing them to confront dangerous enemy aircraft in fast arcade style action. Players can take on a computer controlled enemy fleet or battle a second player in an all out dogfight. Experienced pilots can use the "stealth" feature to avoid enemy radar. With an advanced instrumentation panel and a three dimensional front view of the action, players can maneuver their fighter jet through breathtaking nosedives, climbs and 360 degree rolls.

Half a billion bucks for a B-2 Stealth bomber. And after ten years, the F-117 Stealth fighter is still so classified that costs aren't even quoted. Although prices for these technogems soar in a very rarefied atmosphere, for around $50 Stealth ATF might give you an idea of what the furor is all about.

Stealth ATF is your usual jet fighter shoot-em-up, with a twist. Because your aircraft has the latest in stealth and electronic intelligence technology, you have a decided advantage against whatever the enemy chooses to throw at you. Of course, Stealth fighters aren't invisible to everything—just most kinds of radar. Night missions are a breeze, but daylight sorties force you to stay beyond the visual range of enemy interceptors. A black airplane is all too visible in bright sunlight, and you can be sure there aren't any myopic MiG-29 Fulcrum pilots in the enemy air forces.

When you do come within visual range of a hostile plane, Stealth ATF reverts to the traditional high-speed dogfighting game. You can do battle with your rapid-fire guns or radar-guided missiles. With the missiles, you don't have to be so careful about aiming, but you do have to be quick with the fire button. Your radar locks onto the enemy target for just a split second, so any hesitation on your part can be fatal.

Aside from the nice takeoff and landing sequences, the graphics in Stealth ATF are only fair. The flying controls are smooth, however, so maneuvering your plane is not the exercise in frustration that it is in other, twitchier flight games.

If you're looking for a highly detailed, accurate flight simulator, you should probably opt for a computer game. But if you want some high-speed thrills that approximate the leading edge of military aviation technology, give Stealth ATF a try.

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