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a game by VestGames
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Medieval times were full of savage kings, lawless bandits, and many others waiting for the chance to off an unsuspecting victim. An Eville, you get the chance to play one of eight roles in a medieval kingdom, and try to get away with murder.

Crisp, beautiful graphics

This deductive reasoning game following in the footsteps of popular games like Among Us and One Nighty Ultimate Werewolf pits you against other players to see who can solve the murder.

One of the things that stands out in the game is the graphics. Unlike many games with so-so graphics that have minimal backgrounds or a distinct lack of detail, Eville’s graphics are very well done. The backdrops are expansive, and it feels like there’s a lot of world building that went into the backdrops. While not quite as jaw dropping as the backdrops, the characters are also decent enough to help carry the story.

No In-Game Tutorial

Eville is still a fresh face in the gaming community, with nothing more than a demo available on Steam at this time. Right now, Eville offers no in-game tutorial, which forces players to either be thrown into the game clueless of how to play it or read a long manual instead.

There’s also some video tutorials on YouTube, but again you have to exit the game to be able to look at these. Even the tutorial doesn’t detail everything you need to know to help you play the game. It does go over the basic rules, namely that you need to uncover which two of the eight players are conspiring to murder the other villagers. The game is a bit more complicated than this one-sided aspect. In between village meetings to discuss murders, the villagers can perform tasks to level themselves. These tasks can make you harder to kill or improve the special abilities used to help find the murderer.

Needs to be less complicated

It’s too early to tell whether Eville will be popular with players. The game has a lot going for it in terms of beauty and world building, but it could benefit from being less complex. Right now there is so much going on, that it feels more like an RPG than a deductive reasoning game. Game markers to indicate who is speaking in a meeting with 8 people may also benefit players so it is easier to figure out who is making accusations or defending themselves.


Eville is still scheduled for release, with just a demo available to show its true capability. It’s likely as time goes on the problems holding it back will be smoothed out. It’s very difficult to rate a game that isn’t completely fleshed out yet. This game has the potential to be fun—or frustrating. It depends on what direction the developers choose to go with farther updates. At this time the game is stunningly beautiful, but too complicated for the average player to stick with long term.


  • Beautiful graphics


  • Overly complicated
  • No in-game tutorial

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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