EyeToy: Antigrav

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a game by SCEA
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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EyeToy: Antigrav
EyeToy: Antigrav
EyeToy: Antigrav
EyeToy: Antigrav

Finally, a game that shows that the EyeToy is more than a gimmicky prop. Eye Toy: Antigrav, while not without its problems, is certainly the best EyeToy game on the market.

The game is your basic futuristic snowboarder game. The difference is that you are controlling a board that floats a few inches above the ground, sort of like that thing from Back to the Future. The board can fly; skim neon-colored rails or just jet down streets. Oh, and you control the whole thing with your body.

This is certainly the most refined EyeToy game as well. Not only does it lock on to your face and track its every movement, the camera tracks the movements of both hands with pretty impressive precision. To move around you tilt your body left or right, sort of like you would if you were skiing and the camera tracks the movement of your head, shifting you slightly either direction. When you move your hands around, the on screen character does the same. This allows you to slap targets to score extra points or engage rail switches. You can also duck under obstacles by ducking or jump over things by jumping. The most fun, though, is when you catch some air. To perform tricks you have to wiggle your arms around in specific patters. For instance, to do a caveman roll you swing your right arm in a circle. To perform a flip, you swing both arms in a circle.

The game has a lengthy tutorial to walk you through all of the basics of the game. Once you pass that you can choose to play in Style or Speed modes. Both are pretty self-explanatory. The better you do in either the more stuff you unlock, like new maps, new boards or new riders.

The game even includes a multiplayer mode, which is pretty impressive since you can only have one EyeToy hooked up to your PS2. The multiplay is all about taking turns and competing against ghost images, but it's better than nothing.

The graphics and audio are both very ethereal, but seem to suit the game. Don't buy Eye Toy: Antigrav expecting the best boarder game you've ever played. Instead, get it expecting to find something that finally takes the EyeToy to the next level, turning a toy into an honest to God controller.

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