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Shadow of the Colossus

Armed only with a magic sword, a bow, and your trust horse Agro, you'll spend most of your time in this game riding over the lush, verdant, dank, murky, foggy, and all about stunning terrain, guided by beams of light reflecting from your sword.

The Getaway

Initially I was frustrated by the controls as well as the game play, but as I got further into it, I really started appreciating the finer points of this game.


For as big as the PlayStation 2 library is, it's surprising to realize that it really doesn't have a console defining first-person shooter.

Medievil 2

SCEE's (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) surprise hit MediEvil was tremendously well-received when it was released over a year ago, so it's little surprise that a sequel has been in the works ever since.

MediEvil Resurrection

As the long dead hero Sir Daniel Fortesque you are reanimated in a slightly bizarre turn of events.

The Getaway: Black Monday

However, Black Monday's biggest fault is that it tries to expand upon the original Getaway without fixing the original problems that plagued it; and there was a long laundry list of issues with The Getaway.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

As the title implies, Sly is no longer the lone wolf on his quest: Murray and Bentley, his two sidekicks, are now playable characters.


Resistance: Fall of Man

Launch titles are always hit and miss. Usually its with more misses than hits as titles are rushed to market and developers are still learning the new hardware.

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Many sequels fail in one or more of these areas and never reach the success the original enjoyed.

Spyro Year Of The Dragon

It's the newest in a line of impressive Spyro the Dragon games.

ATV Offroad Fury 4

When I play racing games, I ask only that they let me race without serious obstruction.

Genji Dawn of the Samurai

If you've watched movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of the Flying Daggers, then the style and story of the game should be familiar to you.

Tourist Trophy: The Real Riding Simulator

Basically imagine all the physics modeling, graphics, audio, and menu options of Gran Turismo 4, but with a 'lean' toward motorcycles.

Pursuit Force

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you think you have seen it before, vehicular combat, yadda, yadda, yadda. But wait!

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo was developed by Polys Entertainment, the same folks who brought us the Motor Toon Grand Prix games.


She's cute, sassy, possessed by three demons and despite having a figure that is closer to Gwyneth Paltrow than Barbie, Jennifer Tate may be the next Lara Croft.


Although it is superbly packaged in brilliant 3D graphics, Einhander really plays like a traditional side-scrolling shooter.

Jersey Devil

Cute polygonal mascots are coming out of the woodwork. Super Mario 64 started a sensation, and now Croc, Gex and Jersey Devil are all trying for a piece of the action.

Hot Shots Golf

Perhaps what is needed is a golf game that doesn't take itself so seriously. Enter Hot Shots Golf.


Stretching the gameplay track out over a road like surface instead of wrapping it inside an octagon has presented some unusual gameplay challenges.

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire: 3rd Edition

If you haven't heard of the hit ABC television show 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire,' you've probably been sitting under a rock somewhere playing Tetris, since the mid '90s.

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

While many developers are stretching the traditional boundaries of various genres, Arc the Lad's took a surprisingly different approach.

SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 2

The original Fireteam Bravo delivered an excellent tactical shooter for the PSP, something that has proven difficult to achieve on a portable.


Not since I read the synopsis for the series of books that inspired the films Ringu and The Ring, by author Suzuki Koji, have I seen such an interesting and unusual story crammed side by side with concepts that could completely flop when exposed to..

Rise of the Kasai

That spell was broken apart before it could be used however with the pieces being placed on six specific people.

My Street

To say that I've certainly played better kids games before is not an understatement.

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

Back during the hey-day of the original PlayStation, Syphon Filter was the king of covert-op action - but as the PlayStation faded away with the arrival of the PS2, so did the Syphon Filter series.


Extermination. A necessary part of life and, sometimes, crucial to survival. The dictionary defines extermination this way: 'To destroy completely, total destruction, eradication.'

World Tour Soccer 2005

989 Sports has always been a step behind EA Sports and Sega. Sometimes it's a small step, others times a colossal step.

Monsters, Inc. Scream Team

Monsters, Inc. is an international corporation specializing in scaring the bejeebers out of children the world over.

Treasure Planet

The game, like the movie, is loosely based on the original story by Robert Louis Stevenson, with the notable exception being that it takes place in a distance galaxy.

NBA 07

Sony and sports' .sports and Sony. Oh, what a rocky history we have together.

Wipeout Pure

Ah, gameplay, what a beautiful word. And in this game, it's simple, but fun. You've got a high speed anti-grav racing game that lets you pilot an advanced craft around a futuristic racing track, all the while with electronic and trance music playin..

Okage: Shadow King

After your sister became inadvertently struck with permanent pig-Latin disease, your only choice to remove the obnoxious curse was to sell your shadow to Master Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV, or Stan, as he likes to be called.

Ape Escape Academy

If there's one fundamental truth in this world, let it be this: monkeys are awesome. And how can they not be?

NBA Shoot Out 98

For some reason, Sony has waited until the 1998 NBA season has started to wind down before releasing this year's version of NBA Shoot Out.

Eye Toy: Groove

The petite black camera captures your image live a video camera and sends a mirrored version of it back to your television.

Hot Shots Golf Open Tee

Quite simply, I have been more then impressed with what the Sony PSP is capable of.


The party game is a relatively new genre, and it is unique in that gameplay styles can vary wildly from game to game.

Gretzky NHL '06

Notice my sincere lack of enthusiasm there.

Eyetoy: Kinetic

A funny, and probably unexpected, phenomenon occurred with DDR.

MLB 99

Improving upon their impressive MLB debut, Sony is hard at work putting the finishing touches on MLB 99.

Untold Legends 2: The Warrior's Code

Hacking and slashing it's often believed, is an archaic activity. This is not so, I say.

MLB 2006

Unfortunately, the mystical world of tomorrow doesn't seem all that different from the hum-drum world of today, but if _MLB 2006_ is any indication, baseball is still a whole of fun.

EyeToy: Antigrav

The difference is that you are controlling a board that floats a few inches above the ground, sort of like that thing from Back to the Future.

Cool Boarders 2001

The frosty air whips by your head at a stinging 100 mph. As you crouch down and prepare for your jump, a rival boarder comes up on your side and attempts to punch you in the face.

World Tour Soccer 2006

I would love to say that all of them have been implemented flawlessly and create an experience that's highly unique and exciting, but as you might guess that's not the case.

Gretzky NHL 2005

Given the current NHL lockout, it seems almost appropriate that Wayne Gretzky ' who is, perhaps, the greatest player to the play the coolest game on earth - is starring in a hockey game despite being retired for the past five years. It's almost app..