Resistance: Fall of Man

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a game by SCEA
Platform: Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 24 votes
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Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance: Fall of Man

Launch titles are always hit and miss. Usually its with more misses than hits as titles are rushed to market and developers are still learning the new hardware. Often, there are two or three titles that really stand out over other games and systems and for the PS3 that game is Resistance: Fall of Man. Resistance: Fall of Man isn't going to blow you away especially if you've played Gears of War on the 360, but it does give a glimpse of the capabilities on the PS3 and takes you on quite a ride in the process.

Resistance: Fall of Man takes us back in history to before WWII. Without divulging too much of the plot, you play as Nathan Hale, an American solider who is on a secret mission to support England as all of Europe is overwhelmed by something called the Chimera. The story that unfolds is one of the best I've seen and almost sells the game by itself. The time period is the 1950's and it does have a WWII, Call of Duty feel, but quickly it takes on a sci-fi atmosphere.

The gameplay is solid and represents the first person shooter genre well. It's not overly revolutionary, but the controls are balanced and movement and firing are extremely conformable and easy to use. The different weapons available add diversity and add to the gameplay as well with some extremely unique designs. Some are so unique that there strengths aren't obvious at first but once you figure them out, you wonder how you made it without them. The AI also makes its strength know as the Chimera are not dumb drones. They will take cover strategically, fire from positions of strength, and even jump out of the way when trying to mow them down with a vehicle.

Since the 360 has been out for over a year now, the wow factor on next gen graphics is pretty much over. Resistance: Fall of Man definitely doesn't benefit from this as games like Gears of War of the 360 are showing better graphical performances but this game definitely has next gen graphics. The environments are highly detailed, the enemies are diverse and interesting, the cut scenes are beautifully rendered, and explosions are realistic both visually and physically. No one should be disappointed here. In addition, the audio holds it's own as well with great voice-overs and sound effects that create an immersive experience.

Resistance: Fall of Man is the PS3's flagship and won't disappoint. Especially since there are few games available, it's easy to say this is a must buy. When you add the multiplayer aspects of the split screen and online features, Resistance: Fall of Man will likely be an active part of your library for some time.

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Playstation 3

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Game Reviews

Dreaming up new and interesting tools for mowing down enemies has always been a specialty of developer Insomniac. Remember, these are the guys who, with their four Ratchets Clank games (PS2), provided countless ways to blast foes into smithereens, not to mention the ability to transform them into chickens. Resistance: Fall of Man, the studio's sci-fi-rich first-person shooter for the PS3, follows the lombax's lead in arming you with several unique means of destruction-minus the whole turning-enemies-into-livestod( part "Our overall philosophy for weapons design and implementation remains essentially the same for both Ratchet & Clank and Resistance," says Insomniac President Ted Price. "Our goal is to make weapons that are a blast to use and reuse by blending originality, stratecy, and ingenuity There are a couple differences, though, in how we're approaching weapon design here. First, we're designing weapons that will accentuate some of the game's survival-horror elements--basically the weapons are pretty brutal. Also, we're using our proprietary physics system to do some things we couldn't do in the Ratchets Clank series." Take the game's Hedgehog grenade: Thanks to some fancy schmancy physics and collision tricks, the grenade's explosive spikes will pierce the environments surrounding objects, which then react accordingly and correctly (explode, splinter, etc.).

While next-gen horsepower helps Resistance deliver a more reactive war zone, it also enables Insomniac's weapons manufacturers to get really creative when designing the multiple functions of these firearms. Price drives that point home as he describes the Bullseye, which definitely ain't your standard-issue assault rifle. "You can mark your target by pressing L1 on your controller," he says, "aid then press R1 when you're ready to unleash a volley of bullets--no matter where your target tries to move on the battlefield. This is called ‘tagging.' In addition, you can create a swarm of bullets that essentially acts like a grenade and direct it around a battlefield. You can detonate the trap by holding down L1, and, when detonated, the swarm has a pretty big blast radius. It's a lot of fun to hide behind cover and set a swarm trap for a group of advancing baddies--then BLAM! This is appropriately called trapping,' and it's a very effective way to dispatch Chimera (the game's alien race)." The Auger is another multifunctional toy in Resistances arsenal, which features normal rounds that will go right through any type of cover, while its alternative fire shoots out a shield that blocks incoming Chimeran blasts yet allows yours to pass through.

And just imagine all the wrinkles these tricked-out bullet-sprayers will add to the game's 32-piayer online deathmatches. "We have lunchtime multiplayer tests twice a week and there's nothing more satisfying than managing to tag one of our game testers and then bring them down with the Bullseye," says Price. "It's simply awesome in multiplayer."

Rewriting History

Resistance's alternate take on the 1950s (according to this game's lore, the invasion of the Chimeran alien race meant World War II never happened) also allows Insomniac to take liberties with their weapons tech. "You'll start the game with what resembles a Korean War-era assault rifle, but it also features a grenade launcher based on the real life M203 as an alternative fire," says Price. "M203s weren't used in combat until the 1970s, but, through our version of history, certain tech advancements made these breakthroughs possible. As you progress through the game, you'll get a good sense of how the events and scientific progress leading up to July 11,1951 changed the world as we know it."

Try this: Take an Uzi, a sledgehammer, and a sock loaded with quarters, and break every single window in your house. Really shatter them--every last one. Then stick a copy of Resistance into your PS3. We think you'll notice that developer Insomniac did a pretty good job simulating a bunch of crap getting busted up. After all, now you're an expert.

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