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I'd Only Ever played the demo of the now-almost-ancient Fahrenheit, and having killed the guy in the toilet 12 times over I thought it proper that I buy the full game and see what happens after that. Indigo Prophecy (as it's known on Steam and elsewhere in the world), is a genre-blending adventure game. Mouse gestures control actions (but it's easier to use an Xbox controller), while quick-time event sequences (pressing keys as they appear on screen) unashamedly feature throughout.

The opening scene (the demo level) is the game's best bit. It just doesn't reach that level of murderous interactivity ever again. Fahrenheit highlights some of gaming's most glaring pitfalls too: obtuse puzzles; extensive sequences of noninteraction; and a bit where glancing at a corpse would send my character insane and have him locked in an asylum, so I had to jump out a window (I hate when games do that). The list goes on.

But the characters are excellent, and I really enjoyed the story - even though it goes bat-shit barmy. It's one of the few games I persevered with to its end, mostly for closure, and partly because I wanted to see the sex scene.

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