Far Cry 5

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a game by Ubisoft Divertissements Inc.
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 4 votes
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Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is an open-world, first-person shooter and another installment in the long-running Far Cry franchise. What originally started as a grimy, realistic shooter series soon evolved into an open-world experience more akin to a first-person Grand Theft Auto game, resulting in the current trend of the Far Cry series. This fifth entry in the franchise takes place in the fictional rural countryside of Hope County, Montana, where a religious cult has seized operations and is awaiting certain doom. Playing as the local sheriff's deputy, it's your job to liberate Hope County and reclaim order through any means necessary. By combining exciting first-person shooting action with fun and arcade-like activities and missions, Far Cry 5 winds up being one of the best Far Cry titles yet.

Main Game Features

  • Massive map to explore in both solo and cooperative modes
  • Multiplayer map creator
  • Hundreds of quests and activities


The story of Far Cry 5 follows your player character, a hero simply known as “the Deputy”, arriving in Hope County, Montana to arrest the leader of a dangerous cult named Joseph Seed.

After the arrest operation goes wrong, you are left stranded in the middle of Hope County and must build a resistance against the cult if you hope to survive. In order to bring down the cult and reclaim Hope County, you must explore the rural map, completing missions and recruiting civilians to your cause. As the cult grows in numbers, you must bolster your own army and start taking down key members of the Seed family. With the cult continuously ramping up their anarchist efforts in anticipation of a doomsday event there is minimal time before things get ugly.


Like past games in the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 5 is primarily a first-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on exploration and player freedom. Moreso than previous games, Far Cry 5 is designed with player choice in mind, as you are able to take on missions in a free-form manner, upgrade items to your liking, and spend time in the map areas that you find the most appealing. Hope County is split up into three main regions, with each region controlled by a high-ranking member in the Seed family. To take on these big-name leaders, you'll have to build up resistance points in each area by completing various activities and missions. Finding missions feels more organic than in previous Far Cry games, as you must seek them out by exploring various towns, outposts, and locations of interest. Along the way, you'll meet new characters to recruit into your squad, with the ability to take a sidekick out with you on your adventures.

In addition to the lengthy campaign mode, which can be played cooperatively with two players online, there is a fun and unique competitive multiplayer mode to enjoy. In the standalone “Far Cry Arcade” mode, players can flex their creative muscles with the custom map-editor tool. Using the intuitive and easy-to-learn map-making suite, you can make solo missions to share with your friends, or an assortment of cool multiplayer battlefields. You can take your creations online and play against players around the world too, utilizing the large variety of custom game modes. While it might not be as balanced as a game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Far Cry 5's online offerings are interesting and fun to experiment with.


Even if you've played every other game in the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 5 still offers something new for you to sink your teeth into. The campaign is lengthy and engaging, offering a more immersive storytelling experience with enjoyable missions and fun character upgrades. Recruiting sidekicks is rewarding and helps you refine your play-style, while the abundance of side-activities encourages players to have fun and get silly. The map-making tools and old-school online multiplayer provides a unique experience that you won't see in many other modern games, calling back to older games in the franchise. If you're a fan of open-world action games and first-person shooters, you should definitely try out Far Cry 5.


The narrative can be a bit silly and awkward at times, but it's still a blast to play and great for relieving some stress!


  • Intuitive questing
  • Addictive progression and upgrade systems
  • Explosive FPS action


  • Navigation can be annoying
  • Vague political narrative
  • Some activities feel repetitive

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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