Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

a game by LucasArts
Genre: Action
Platforms: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64, GameBoy Color, PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 4 votes
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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

The computer version of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine was a bit of a flop; the game was fine and all but it had a horrible control scheme. Indiana Jones was a console game at heart, and now it's finally coming home this December where it belongs: on the Nintendo 64. LucasArts isn't just porting over the PC version though, they've improved the camera, implemented a useful "save anywhere" function, and added many Zelda-like control schemes. Now when you attack a creature, you have a choice between a "loose target" which gives you the ability to easily run away, but at the same time, makes it harder to hit your foe. Or, closer to Zelda's system, a "hard target" which keeps your weapon locked on the enemy, but Indiana's movement speed will be cut in half. Indiana Jones also utilizes the Expansion Pak for improved graphics and framerate.

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Nintendo 64

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

After disappearing from PlayStation release lists, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine has been announced for the N64. LucasArts has taken Indy into the realm of 3D as he fights against Soviet Russia rather than Nazi Germany in a very Tomb Raider-esque game environment. Indy sports a huge arsenal of moves and travels the globe in his latest quest to keep the museums of the world well stocked.

Everybody's favorite whip-wielding archaeologist faces his most perilous crusade yet: Taking on Lara Croft for the title of top pop-culture adventurer. If third-person adventure gaming has a name, could it now be Indiana Jones?

Jonesin' for Some Indy

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine promises to deliver breakneck action through 16 exciting chapters that span the mysterious ruins of Babylon, the dangerous Tian Shan Mountain region in Kazakstan, the sinister Aztec pyramids in Teotihau-can, and the underground labyrinth of the Olmecs.

It's 1947, and Indy has learned of a Soviet physicist who had been searching the Tower of Babel for an ancient machine that could open the door to a parallel dimension and unleash a force of mass destruction. The Soviets have found the Infernal Machine, and they're trying to reassemble it. It's up to Indy to traverse the globe and beat them to the lost parts. If he fails, democracy is doomed!

Raiders of the Lost Parts

Any Indiana Jones adventure has to feature intense puzzle solving, breakneck escapes, and globe-crossing mysteries--and Infernal Machine is no exception. As Indy, you'll crawl, run, leap, swim, climb--and of course swing--through temples, tombs, and dungeons in search of the Infernal Machine's parts. When found, the parts endow Indy with mysterious magical powers that enable him to further unlock the vast mysteries of the game.

The Fast Crusade

Indy's packing his faithful whip and pistol, but he's also bringing along a WWII-era assault rifle, a Red Army machine gun, satchel charges, and a bazooka. You'll plow through Whitewater rapids on a raft, catapult through an off-road Jeep chase in the iunqle, and careen rollercoaster-style on a mine-car ride. Hold on to your brown fedoras--Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine looks like it's going to be one hell of a ride!


When we first saw Tomb Raider, it was obvious that it got a lot of its inspiration from the Indiana Jones movies. Now LucasArts has returned the favor with its latest offering, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Although it doesn’t break any new ground, Infernal Machine creates the kind of game that fans of the movies have wanted to play.

The story for the game gets its background from the Biblical account of the Tower of Babel, then leaps into communist plots, other dimensions, and very bizarre main bosses that are all linked to a creature supposedly worshipped by the Babylonians as a god. The important thing is that all this leads Indy into his normal whip-swinging, gun-toting, narrow escaping, puzzle solving antics. Which brings us to…

Gameplay, Controls, Interface

If you have played any of the Tomb Raider games, you should basically know what to expect. The only big difference comes in the use of the whip and the cigarette lighter as puzzle-solving elements. There is also the novel opportunity to use the treasures Indy acquires to finance your purchase of health packets and ammo, or you can save up to buy a map to the secret level (though can we really call it "secret" now?).

The levels are mostly straightforward and linear (which serves as a vast relief from my experience with Tomb Raider III) and very puzzle-like. Very, very puzzle-like. In fact, every aspect of the game, from fighting scorpions to navigating the whitewater rapids, was like navigating a Rubik’s Cube. But even on the hardest difficulty setting it wasn’t too bad, partially due to the fact that Indy will say helpful little clues at critical junctures to guide you along. Just a few places, here and there, required the "save-jump-save" process. To me, at least, I enjoyed the layout of the puzzles. They were thought out well enough that at the moment I would get sick of jumping on blocks, I would get to swim, or climb, or ride a vehicle, or fight a boss, etc. I didn’t get bored, which says a LOT.


I’ve been dying to say this… The background graphics are gorgeous, filled with breathtaking snow-covered mountains, ominous crypts, lagoons, ancient ruins, and spectacular lava flows. The backgrounds are gorgeous enough that it's easier to ignore the fact that most of the characters in the game, including Indy, aren’t smooth in shape or actions. It’s kind of like the other third-person game from LucasArts, Jedi Knight, a bit jerky and unrealistic in movements. Yes, the spiders and scorpions creeped me out, and the ice-creature’s huge size made me jump, but they almost give cartoony thrills ratherthan any real shocks.


As with all LucasArts games, the high production values shine through in the audio department. The nicely orchestrated theme song, the crack of the whip, and the excellent voice actors (no, Harrison Ford did not voice this Indy either) make it a treat for your ears.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98, 200 MHZ, 32 MB RAM, 4 MB 3D-accelerated video card, and quad-speed CD-ROM drive.

Reviewed On: Windows 95, 233 MHZ, 32 MB RAM, 4 MB 3D-accelerated video card, and sixteen-speed CD-ROM drive.

Bottom Line

I wanted to give this game a 90, I really did! But despite the fact that Indiana Jones fans will have a whip-crackin’ good time (especially on the secret level), the background graphics are gorgeous, and it has kept me running back to play one more round, it just isn’t different enough. It reminds me of how much I enjoyed discovering things in the first Tomb Raider (and in MY mind, that is an amazing feat), but this game just doesn’t introduce anything unique enough to rate it at 90. I will keep watch out for the next Indiana Jones game and give this one an 89.

Based on the hit PC game of the same name this could be just what the N64 has been waiting for - its very own version of Tomb Raider*. Admittedly, Indiana Jones has a little more stubble than Lara Croft but he was the first person to glamorise a profession that mainly involves shovelling dirt!

However, this game is a little more complicated than just digging up lost artefacts. Playing as Indy you learn that the Soviets have discovered information about an ancient machine that can open the door to a parallel dimension known as the Aetherium. Thus, Indy being the hero that he is, sets out on his biggest adventure yet. He must go around the world to find all the parts to the machine before the Soviets can.

This action adventure game takes you to the ancient ruins of Babylon, into the bowels of Teotihaucan Aztec temples and across the mountains of Kazakstan! On the way you partake in some white water rafting and even a bit of off-road jeep racing. Oh and this wouldn't be an Indy game if you didn't get to jump into a speeding mine cart, now would it? Keeping true to the films, this title also allows you to use a whip, something you can't say about a lot of other games! Other weapons include pistols, rifles, grenades and even bazookas! Featuring high-resolution graphics and impressive lighting this game is looking graphically stunning and the dungeons and temples promise to keep you locked away in your room for years!

First Impressions

One of the most impressive games on the Nintendo stand at E3, Indiana Jones was a joy to play. It does have a very Tomb Raider-esque feel with the lead character viewed from behind as he runs, jumps, searches, shoots and drives through the adventure. When you think about it things have come full circle - Tomb Raider was an Indiana Jones rip-off to start with!

A favourite section of ours was the jeep driving. The controls are tricky to start with, but once you get used to them it's really enjoyable, whizzing over rickety bridges and running over the bad guys. It looks like LucasArts have another winner on their hands! Anticipation Rating:

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