Free Realms

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a game by Daybreak Game
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 76 votes
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Free Realms
Free Realms
Free Realms

There are some MMORPG games that come and go and then they just get forgotten about. Free Realms is one of those games. One of the most interesting aspects of Free Realms was that it was actually created by the folks at Sony and to be honest with you they actually did a heck of a job and for a while, this was one of the better MMORPGs out there…. Even if was more aimed at kids.

A Magical And Whimsical World

The art style of Free Realms is like something from a children’s storybook. There are humans, fairies, magical beasts, strange lands and all things you would expect from a game that has a fantasy setting. It is actually done very well and even all these years later I still feel that Free Realms has a lot of charm to its style.

Play How You Want To Play

In the intro, I called Free Realms an MMORPG, but that is actually doing the game a huge disservice. You see this game has something for everyone. While you can play this like a traditional MMORPG where you create your character, get a job, go on quests, level up, learn new abilities and so on and have an awesome time doing so. Free Realms gives you the option do to far more than that. There is a lot of platforming and action in this game. So much so that you can actually play it more like a 3rd person platform/action game if you want! It gets even crazier than that as you can play the game from a racing point of view! Remember how I said that you had to get a job well some of the jobs that you can get are driving themed jobs. You do this and the game feels completely different than if you were to just play it as a standard MMORPG.

Very Easy To Learn

I think that calling Free Realms a children’s game is very harsh as it does have some pretty deep gameplay mechanics. However, the game holds your hand in the early parts so very well. It teaches you all of the basics before it spits you out to discover the world and take part in your own adventure. This is something I actually really like and wish that more MMO style games would do.

What About The Combat?

Like any good MMO, combat is very varied. It depends on the kind of character that you play as of course. However, controlling the action is very simple you just pick you who want to attack, select your attack and then click away. They have made the combat very easy to get to grips with and also you can play the game without really getting into fights. This is good if you want to focus more on the exploration and questing than just nonstop fighting.

Can I Still Play This?

While Sony has long shut down the official servers, there are many dedicated fan groups who have kept the game alive. There are even some who have tweaked things, added new stuff and tried to make the game even better. So if you look around it is still certainly possible to play Free Realms.

Free Realms was a really fun game and it is a shame that Sony pulled the official plug when they did. It was a charming and fun MMORPG and while for some it may have been a little simplistic. I feel that the way it went above and beyond to let every individual player play the game just the way they wanted was really cool. I personally would love to see more developers make games like this.



  • Such a charming art style
  • Tons of jobs to choose from
  • Racing, platforming, action, RPG the game has it all!
  • Was one of the better free to play games of its day
  • Very easy to learn the basics of


  • Not officially supported anymore
  • Might be a little “kiddie” for some

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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