Kabuki Quantum Fighter

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a game by HAL Laboratory
Genre: Action
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 9.2/10, based on 8 reviews
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Earth's defense computer has been invaded by a wildly prolific virus. Mutating like wildfire, the virus is now heading straight for the program which controls all nuclear weapons. If it isn't stopped, well, in a nutshell it's bye-bye Mother Earth!

To Err Is Computer

There are two sources of hope -- Colonel Scott O'Conner (a computer expert) and a newly developed device, the Image Transfer System, which can turn a human mind into raw binary data and input it into a computer. Risking his life, Scott volunteers to act as a human guinea pig and test the Transfer System. Oddly enough, once he's fed into the computer Scott takes on the form of his great grandfather, Danjuro, the famous Kabuki actor.


You may wrinkle a brow at Kabuki's storyline (it earns a ten for bizarre originality), but once you dig your heels into the game-play of this single player adventure, it won't matter. With the speed and agility of a monkey you can jump, swing, kick, punch, turn somersaults, and climb your way through the six rounds of dual-scrolling madness. And, you won't have to break your back trying to master the moves.

Graphically Kabuki is standard fare. The colors are dull and dark but, then again, so is the inside of a computer. The enemies on the other hand, such as the flame-spitting Squawking Heads, the Boomer angers, and the firebomb Pit Hounds, are anything but dull. Mean and relentless, these enemies, and many others, crop up when you least expect it.

ProTips: It there's a choice between running or climbing, climb Though it isn't always safer, it is faster, and it enables you to avoid the many conveyor belt platforms found throughout Kabuki.

High Tech Tresses

Your main weapon, a long, wild mane of hair, is one of Kabuki's coolest features. More than just a lovely set of locks this hair is the next best thing to a sub-machine gun. With a quick flip of the head it swoops forward with the force of a bull-whip and, with the exception of the level bosses, eradicates any creature in just a few lashes.

You don't have to run after Round Boss number one. He bounces around a lot, but eventually he moves to the center. Also, he kneels down just before he throws names at you, so be prepared to jump over the flames. Then move in and attack aggressively before he bounces away.

Bombs Away

Not all of your fire power is in your head. In fact there are five explosive-type weapons available, and you earn one each time you successfully complete a level. Destroy certain enemies and you get computer chips which power up these weapons. For head-to- head combat a swift whack of the locks packs more punch than any other weapon, however, there are situations where the Chip- powered weapons come in quite handy.

As you the climb the blue platforms at the end of Round Two, you'll come across fireball-shooting wall fixtures. You can easily eliminate them with one or two blasts from your Fusion Gun.


Be glad that your guns don't totally obliterate everything, it forces you to save them for those unforeseen situations when you really need 'em! For instance when an enemy is positioned above you it's almost always safer to jump up from a short distance away and fire a blast than it is to jump up to the enemy and use your hair. Of course there is a small catch: many times the closest place for you to stand is on a conveyor belt, then you've gotta' be swift.

Battlin' with the big wig level bosses is a prime time to have spare ammo, too, although Kabuki's nifty trade feature enables you to change Chips into Energy at any time during the fight. However, this is the only time you can use this feature, so plan ahead and keep your ammo supply up to par.

  • You need lots of Energy to make it to the top of the "circuit board" in Round Two. To build up your Energy and Chips run up the first two platforms and eliminate the three Squawking Heads, taking care to duck under their fireballs so you don't lose your existing Energy and Chips. You can easily repeat this process four or five times and still have enough time to make it through the remainder of the stage.

  • Eliminate Boomer angers to earn 1-Ups in Round Four.

  • Use a couple of sticks of Dynamite to blow up the two flying eyeball creatures that protect Stage Fours Boss before you attack him. Then, use the remainder of your Dynamite on the Boss while he's on the ceiling. Once you're out of dynamite you can't reach him, so lure him off the ceiling. To do this, stand beneath the white spot on the top of his head, wait for him to shoot his ray, then jump out of the way before it hits you. After three ray shots the Boss jumps down off the ceiling -- here's your chance to run in and slash him with your hair.

It's a long and complicated journey to the top of the silicon heap they're calling a defense computer, but it's well worth it. The action in Kabuki Quantum Fighter is consistently hot, with frantic, invigorating music to match. The hair-weapon feature is not only imaginative, it's much more fun to use than an ordinary gun. The only thing that drags this adventure down is the painfully long and slowly scrolling storyline. Other than that, Kabuki Quantum Fighter will wig you out!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

The setting - Earth, the future. The defense computer protecting the entire planet has been invaded by a constantly mutating, evolving virus. One lone volunteer has the courage to face the virus on its own ground. Converted to raw data and transferred into the circuits of the computer, the molecular structure of this brave warrior is transformed by the as-yet untested Image Transfer System. Into the circuits of the computer steps an unlikely hero - the Quantum Fighter! Six levels of challenging action, unegualled game control, and a surprising arsenal of weapons!

  • Manufacturer: HAL AMERICA INC.

The setting - Earth, the future. The defense computer protecting the entire planet has been invaded by a constantly mutating, evolving virus. One lone volunteer has the courage to face the virus on its own ground. Converted to raw data and transferred into the circuits of the computer, the molecular structure of this brave warrior is transformed by the as-yet untested Image Transfer System. Into the circuits of the computer steps an unlikely hero - the Quantum Fighter! Six levels of challenging action, unequalled game control, and a surprising arsenal of weapons!

  • Manufacturer: HAL
  • Machine: NES
  • Number of Levels: 6
  • Theme: Action
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Number of Players: 1

The battle from within

A deadly mutating virus has invaded the earth's defensive system computer. All antivirus programs have failed to remove this destructive plague. A lone volunteer has the courage to go into the computer via an experimental and yet untested Image Transfer System. You have been sent in to destroy the virus on its ground.

Quantum Fighter is one of the best NES carts out in the market. The game play is filled with unique play mechanics and will challenge the best of players. The U.S. National Video Game Team is going to take you through this incredible cart from beginning to end. With maps, special tips, and strategies straight from the pros, you'll be winning big in no time. We'll take you through the first two levels this issue and help you finish the game next issue.

Kabuki Quantum Fighter (aka Jigoku Gokuraku Maru) is a videogame developed at 1990 by Human Entertainment. It appeared, some months ago, in a defunct periodical. Periodical - American publishing arm of HAL Laboratory for the NES.

Gamer govern the Colonel Scott O'Connor! A military secret agent who has moved his brains into raw binary code in aim to fight with terrible program whish called The Main Defense Military Computer. When Colonel enters the system MDMC, his body forms the transform to his remote ancestor which were Kabuki theatre actors. Gamers use their long chevelure (Kabuki Fight Style) and chip based arms to defeat enemies inside the main computer.

Upon beating order of the enemies, a sound test menu is active with a two-frame animation. Scott is animating under his Kabuki guise. He also leaves a message with proposal to watch for him in his next super game, which obviously never came out to the game making industry).

The Earth's defense system has been infected by a virus. Nobody can do anything to get rid of this virus. And the virus plans to destroy the Earth! You are a colonel and you have volunteered to test a new Image Transfer System. This system transfers you into a quantum fighter, and the fate of Earth is in your hands. The U.S video game team brings you the last 4 levels of this incredible game, and, with this, you'll play like a pro.

A dangerous experiment is being conducted in a lab. A test subject is being converted into 'binary code' and then sent into a computer to battle the infecting viruses.Armed with the ancient Kabuki move, handed down from your ancestors, you must battle for your life down at the picosecond level. As you defeat more and more enemies you get extra weapons including a head of long red hair that whips out and kills!

People say:


Quantum Fignter is graphics and music are cool, as well as sporting an awesome variety of weapons and attacks. Also, the acrobatic flips and techniques are mind-boggling! Add cinema displays with amazing control and you've got a Gaiden fan's dream.


Now this is how a game should be made! How they pulled oft these type of graphics on the NES is amazing as is the way it plays. New moves, not just the ordinary, along with an unusual assortment of weapons bring this game right up to the top of the Nintendo crowd.


Get zapped into a computer ala Tran, and take on a new dimension in game play. This game breathes new life into the NES, loaded with great graphics, excellent game play and lots of technique. Similar to Gaiden but more intense. Cool bosses and power-ups. Thrash those bad guys!


Beginning with an interesting story line and continuous cinema-like intermissions, this game really shows off just how good a NES can play games. Kabuki does some interesting jump spins and other acrobatic moves. Great music and superb game play.

In the year 2056, a mutant virus invades Earth's defense computer and threatens to seize control of our nuclear weapons. To destroy the virus, scientists come up with a desperate plan: Using a new, untested invention, they'll convert a human being into raw data so he can enter the computer's circuits and fight the invader on its own turf.

If this story sounds familiar, maybe you're thinking of Tron, a 1982 movie about a human programmer who enters a computer and hunts down an evil program.

But Kabuki: The Quantum Fighter is even more bizarre. The man selected for the dangerous mission is Colonel Scott O'Connor, a 25-year-old computer expert. When his atoms are reassembled inside the computer, O'Connor is stunned to discover an odd side effect - he has taken the form of a Japanese kabuki actor, complete with whiteface makeup, flowing white robes, orange booties, and waist-length red hair!

It's not exactly regulation uniform for a military officer, but Colonel O'Connor makes the best of it. He soon learns that he can destroy most of his enemies by whipping them with his long red hair. Armed with this unusual weapon and other things he finds along the way, O'Connor sets off on a romp through six sections of the infected computer.

Despite the strange background story, Kabuki: The Quantum Fighter is a real firecracker of a game. O'Connor is an amazingly nimble character who can run, jump, kneel, punch, kick, climb walls, hang from precarious perches, swing from handhold to handhold like Tarzan, lash enemies into submission with his deadly hairdo, and throw various kinds of lethal projectiles. Yet the game controls are simple and easy to use. The animation is smooth and realistic, and the background graphics are extremely detailed.

The variations on enemies you'll face are imaginative, too. The mutant virus has multiplied into menacing creatures of every description, and they force you to constantly revise your tactics. Rounds 1 and 2 are a moderate challenge, but the higher rounds quickly get more difficult. Overall, this is a game for intermediate to advanced players.

Kabuki: The Quantum Fighter is loaded with nice touches. The designers obviously paid attention to every little detail, and it shows.

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