Kings of the Beach

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a game by Ultra Soft
Genre: Sports
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Kings of the Beach
Kings of the Beach
Kings of the Beach
Kings of the Beach
  • Manufacturer: UltraGames

If you think things are tough now, wait till you get hit upside the head by Ultra's Kings of the Beach Professional Beach Volleyball for Nintendo.

Up to 4 players can compete in this slam-fest, complete with spikes, digs, jump serves and a mighty Kong block that'll bury you in the sand.

But that's just the half of it!

Because Ultra is also shipping you off to the South Pacific for some brutal combat in Silent Service, the super-realistic World War II submarine simulation loaded with torpedoes and depth charges.

Either way Ultra will have you fighting for air. And only the strong will survive.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Machine: Nintendo

If you think things are tough now, wait till you get hit upside the head by Ultra's Kings of the Beach Professional Beach Volleyball for Nintendo!

Up to 4 players can I compete in this slam-fest, complete with spikes, digs, jump serves and a mighty Kong block that'll bury you in the sand.

But that's lust the half of it!

  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Machine: IBM PC

EA's volleyball simulation lets the player choose a volleyball pro and control him through an international tour in an effort to be crowned "King of the Beach". The player must first master the basic moves of the game by warming up in the three practice arenas. When he/she feels ready, it's off to a match or two before heading to the big tournament.


The first move to master is the "bump". This move is particularly useful in getting the ball out of the backfield. It should be employed primarily when the player must hit a ball in the back half of the court. Bump the ball forward by hitting the button when the ball falls to net level. This will toss the ball forward to your teammate, who will usually set it up for the spike.

Another time to use the bump is when the opponents are gathered near the net waiting to block a spike. If it looks like they are set to block, it may be better to surprise them and bump it up right over their heads.

The next move to get down is the set. This move is used mostly to set up a teammate for the spike. If the ball is coming down in the first half of the court or if Stoklos bumps it forward, use the set and Stoklos will usually take care of the rest. The best sets should be executed when the ball falls to just above head level. This sends it up high enough for a teammate to deliver a killer spike.

The last big offensive move is the spike. Great care should be used when attempting this move. The first thing to consider is the defense. If the other team is playing close to the net when Stoklos sets the ball, consider bumping it over them instead of spiking. If the spike looks too good to pass up, remember to jump as the ball begins to fall from its peak. Waiting any longer will result in either a clean miss or a bad spike which can be easily blocked by the other team.

Knowing precisely when to spike results from getting to know the opposition. If they play back a lot, then by all means, spike away. It's when a team plays the net that one must be choosy about spiking. At the net, a lousy spike will often be batted right back.

A Word on Serves

The serve can be a key offensive tactic. Learning to jump serve efficiently can lead to a couple of aces in a clutch game. This serve, the most powerful of the three, is the most difficult to return. Unfortunately, it is also the hardest to master. The best way to serve this type of volley is to throw the ball up and jump before the ball hits its peak and begins to fall. This is tricky because it's different than jumping for a spike. If the player waits until the ball begins its descent, they will miss completely and lose the serve.


The secret to defense is cooperation. Play with your teammate, not against him. If the computer is Stoklos, he will tend to play the net and go for the blocks - don't interfere. Instead, play back and guard against a missed block or a batted-back spike. Smith is the faster man and is therefore better suited to play in the backfield.

If more net play is desired, switch to being Stoklos and the computer will play back more. Now, blocking becomes important. The key to blocking is to be at the top of the jump when the opponent spikes. To do this best, watch the ball and hit the button right when it hits the peak, a split second before a spike jump would be made. If all goes well, Stoklos will jump as the opponent does and slam the ball right back in his face. With practice a player can determine when it "feels" best to jump for a block.

On both offense and defense it is important to always keep an eye on the ball's shadow. If a ball is lobbed over, it may be very difficult to see where it will fall by watching the ball itself. Instead, follow the shadow and try to be where the shadow and ball are converging.

Lastly, if a ball is close to the line and the ref makes a bad call, don't be afraid to have it out with him. I've seen a few key game calls reversed by the guy with the biggest mouth.

If you love sun, sand, surf... and volleyball you're ready for Kings of the Beach. Hit the beaches from San Diego to Sydney for volleyball action against world championship superstars. Play by yourself or team up with three friends to form an unbeatable foursome. You'll need to spike, crush, block, dig, and dive your way to victory... and don't forget to use deadly aces, kills, and hammer spikes. Win three matches and your team qualifies for the next big tournament. Before you know it, you'll be a beach legend in your own time. Can you dig it?

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