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a game by SmashGames
Platform: PC (2014)
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 11 votes
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Magicite is a maverick like a platformer that blends components of investigation and endurance. Designer Smash Games drew motivation from Monster Hunter and Spelunky to make a hardhearted platformer that will challenge players. This game doesn't have a story. Be that as it may, the townsfolk in the middle of levels do have a couple of comments. That tad of composing that adds to a shockingly happy game, considering the unforgiving level of difficulty.

The Gameplay

Magicite (2014) is a Role-Playing computer game. The game is played by single to four players. The game was subsidized through a Kick-starter battle. Magicite draws from Spelunky's merciless platforming chops and blends it in with a survival theme.

The players kick off the game with choosing and customizing their character with the least number of choices. Each level is haphazardly produced, which means achievement depends on an entire heap of aptitude and a tad of luck. This game needs players to gather resources to oversee crafting tools and hunger while surviving through various snares and unfriendly creatures.


  • Magicite is delightfully retro with its one of a kind style. The game scales up to high resolutions well overall and runs with no significant hiccups.
  • Like its visuals, Magicite's sound is retro animated with an energetic chip tune soundtrack.
  • All of the controls are tight and responsive.
  • Bringing teammates can make things somewhat simpler as downed players can be restored in team play.


  • Magicite is an intense game
  • Health pools are low, and potions are rare
  • More people merely overseeing knockback in battle is somewhat more troublesome
  • If the reviver bites the dust during that cool down, the revive will, in any case, go through. Which looks more like a glitch.

What makes it different?

Magicite has a more or less similar concept with the game Rogue lands. To make it simple, let's make a rundown of the differences. Rogue lands is a science fiction rebel light RPG game. It focuses on its ongoing interaction of making a character and building it. To do as such, the game suggests that you gather plunder from the planets and take them back to create images, which are then used to make better rigging.

Magicite is a rogue likeside scrolling RPG plat former. The concentration in the game is to build up your character by conquering out 20 distinct zones. One significant difference of all others crafting based games, it isn't essential to have a wiki page open on a subsequent screen to monitor all the making plans in Magicite.

Final Word

Magicite is an excellent game. It is packed with replay ability, and heaps of fun. The sound and visuals are exceptionally cleaned. The controls are very responsive, and Smash Games expertly blends survival, platforming, maverick like, and RPG components into one smooth bundle. Magicite is an unquestionable requirement play for community fans, platformer nuts, and any individual who loves to take a challenge. On a scale of 1-10, this game would be 8.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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