Mario Strikers: Battle League

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a game by Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development, and Next Level Games
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Mario Strikers: Battle League
Mario Strikers: Battle League
Mario Strikers: Battle League
Mario Strikers: Battle League

I always think it's amusing that games like Mario Strikers: Battle League exist. It showcases how this famed franchise will tap into any concept and create a game. What's even funnier is, somehow, they seem to pull it off, too. The prime example is this game's predecessor, released almost 15-years ago. The publishers thought it was time to revive this forgotten sports series for some reason.

But why not? After all, despite some criticism, the last game was met with general praise. It was a different take on football games brought under the hood of the light-hearted Mario franchise. So here we are with a new generation of gamers craving for things that are ridiculous, over-the-top, yet familiar enough, so they don't feel they are foraying into the abstract. Ask, and you shall receive!

Football's Coming to the Mushroom Kingdom

There's probably not much point in explaining how Mario Strikers: Battle League's mechanics work - it is a football game, after all. The sport is pretty widely understood! What we do need to look into, though, is what the Mario franchise's take on football is. If you've played any of the preceding games, you'll know this series is wacky. Let me tell you, Mario Strikers: Battle League takes it to the next level.

The game is probably one of the wackiest football games you'll ever play. An electric fence shocks players if you go out of bounds, a brawl system omits any refereeing, and over-the-top moves to score goals from silly distances. Each five-person team comprises famed characters from the Mario franchise, each with unique abilities that keep things interesting.

The game is even more thrilling because players can equip custom items that enhance enhances and create chaos on the pitch. Honestly, the gameplay feels more like a free-for-all brawl than an actual sports game. But for all the hectic and unhinged mechanics, is Mario Strikers: Battle League fun?

You'd think that Mario Strikers: Battle League would be a mess because the game is so disjointed mechanically. The game is surprisingly fun. Organized chaos shapes into a great party game, brought to life by its ease of access, unpredictability, and moments that make the competition thrilling. The multiplayer is a nice touch, too, allowing everyone to get involved.

The Mario You Never Knew

Mario Strikers: Battle League is a pure moment of madness for the franchise, but one that can be easily got into. We've seen our fair share of insane football games like SEGA Soccer Slam, but this Mario-inspired sports game takes the biscuit. It's absolute nonsense that turns out to be one of the more engaging sports games of the year and could tickle the fancy of those not even interested in the genre.


What's more, Mario Strikers: Battle League feels like a vast improvement over its predecessors. Even though the gameplay is chaotic, it feels more design elements have been refined to create more of a party experience. It's a game that you can quickly bring some friends over and challenge each other to wacky Mario soccer superstars! So consensus - is worth it.

Round-Up - Pros & Cons


  • A crazy sports game that somehow pulls you in
  • Strategizing with character abilities is fun
  • A great party game anyone can pick up and play


  • Single-player is still a bit lackluster
  • Mechanical madness will have players a bit flustered initially

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Nintendo Switch

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