My Horse and Me

Download My Horse and Me and embark on a heartwarming journey with your very own horse! Train, groom, and bond with your equine companion as you compete in various equestrian events. Are you ready to saddle up? Play now!
a game by Mistic Software
Platform: PC (2007)
Editor Rating: 3/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 35 votes
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My Horse and Me
My Horse and Me
My Horse and Me

If I were to tell you that one of the rarest physical games on the Xbox 360 was a horse-riding game, you’d probably be within your right to laugh. Copies of My Horse & Me 2 for Microsoft’s second home console regularly sell for triple digits, but it’s predecessor - the subject of today’s review - is pretty forgettable when compared with it’s high-rolling younger sibling.

Do You Wanna Ride?

My Horse & Me is a horse-owning simulator, with aspects devoted to riding, grooming and generally caring for your horse. Developed by Woodend! Games, the game was aimed at young girls, especially those with an interest in show-jumping.

Jumping for Gold

The game tried to do a lot of things within the confines of the Nintendo Wii’s hardware capabilities, but fell short in a number of ways. The games assistant producer went as far to say that his development team was running out of ideas before settling on horses, and they felt that they could create a family-friendly and profitable product out of the idea. The developers really honed in on different horses having different personalities, feeling both graceful and powerful at the same time.

Ride Out in Style

The team deemed the game an “educational experience”, but it ended up being far from it. The minigames and training modes just felt rather basic, and whilst the game was aimed at young girls, the level of intelligence required to complete the games tasks was minimal, to say the least. The developers did try to salvage some interest by allowing the player to unlock various outfits and gear for their horses, but it just seemed too little too late.

Should the Show Go On?

Most reviewing outlets scored the game low, citing it had “poor” design and “ugly” visuals. Whilst some thought the game would appeal to its target audience, the general consensus was that it wouldn’t appeal to anybody - and I have to agree. The games did improve as the sequels went on, but with the price of admission of My Horse & Me 2 - it’s just not worth the effort.


Pippa Funnell: Take the Reins would be a much wiser choice in terms of both gameplay and price.


  • Horses have different personalities


  • Poor visuals
  • Too easy, even for its target market

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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