Namco Museum Vol 2

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a game by Namco Ltd.
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Namco Museum Vol 2
Namco Museum Vol 2
Namco Museum Vol 2
Namco Museum Vol 2

People say:


It amazes me how everyone was getting all crazy about polygons and 'hi-res' graphic and now there's a huge variety o( retro games coming out that have really poor graphics compared to today's standards. Namco Museum Vol. 2, like the first, Is an excellent collection of some of the classic that once ate quarters from us time and lime again. There Is a huge amount of options (or each game (virtual dip switches) and Info (sketches, Instructions and tabletop design). The Namco Museum makes for an Interesting adventure while you decide what game to take on next. The cinematic ate also a great touch.


I'm sold on arcade classics compilations. I like most of the ones I have seen, and Namco's Vol. 2 Is no exception. I was pretty psyched and surprised to see Caplus, which was a favorite for me as a kid (though I didn't remember the name). Tills game was hard for me for find In arcades so I'd pick up this disc fast for that game. I also adored when I was younger; that makes this compilation an even sweeter deal I've never heard of Grobda or Dragon Buster before this compilation, but they are mildly entertaining. Xevlous is okay, and Super Pac-Man stinks. I recommend this compilation for plenty of fun.


In my review of Ms. Pac-Man last month, I hinted that I was Itching' to play Super Pac-Man. Well, it must be my lucky day! Super Pac-Man-one of this compilation's six retro ls the best reason to buy NM2. Sure, it looks gaudy and totally '80s, but 1 still think Super Pac-Man represents the height of the yellow pellet-eater's evolution. A couple of other games on this disc are true classics, too--like Xevlous and Caplus, two of the greatest shooters ever-but the other games are pretty obscure. These lesser-known titles aren't as fun, since the main reason gamers will play these games is for their nostalgia value,


The second wave makes itself apparent for old-time gamers this holiday season. Bearing the classic titles: Super Pac-Man, Mappy, Xevious and Dragon Buster among others, Namco Museum Vol. 2 attempts to bring out the titles that patiently sat on the back burner while the Stars of the first one performed on the main stage. Unfortunately I feel Namco exerted themselves on the first one and had only a few lilies worth playing titles left for this version. It's an okay title If you are buying II to play one or two certain games that you loved when they were new, but the collection will leave even old-time gamers wondering, why?

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

If you want to explore video game history, take a tour of this museum. Namco Museum offffs the video scholar exhibits lounge, and a game room featuring six classic games--Xeviois, Super Pac-Man, Dragoniuster, Crobda, and Caplus--all with their original graphics andlounds. Super Pac-Man's weak control makes it the biggest disappointment, while DragonBuster's action/adventure swordplay and Crobda's rapid-fire tank shooting hold up the best. These games are far from cutting-edge, but those who enjoy simple, classic gameplay will be entertained.


  • In Xevious, fight the temptation to drop to the bottom of the screen; there's more maneuvering room in the middle.
  • Against the Dragon-Buster bosses, slash all the enemies they send at you, retreat from their fire, and Jump in to hack their throats between enemies.
  • In Grobda, immediately get out of the way and run for cover, because all the other tanks quickly target you.


The new "tour" footage is pretty basic stuff. In the games, sprites and gunshots are often so small they get lost.


The faithful reproduction of familiar music and sound effects will make you smile at first, but you'll probably eventually get annoyed by their simplicity (especially Grobda's scratchy voice).


As the arcade operator, you get to adjust all the settings for the games. Most games are only one-button affairs, but that's all they really need.

Fun Factor

These six games are simple and old-fashioned, but they hold up, especially for two players. The technology is basic, but the gameplay is timeless.

It can't take you back to Malibu Grand Prix, circa 1980, but Namco Museum will give all the new-school game players out there a taste of what old school gamers refer to as "classics".This is a game that's all about kicking back in a green beanbag chair, drinking Jolt cola and listening to the Circle Jerks, while playing some of the most repetitive yet challenging games of all time.

But playing a bunch of old games isn't all that Namco Museum is about. Along with arcade versions of Pole Position, Calaga, Pac Man, Bosconian, Rally X, New Rally X, and Toy Pop, the museum is an actual palace of learning. Inside, you can take a virtual tour where you can see different displays relating to all the games. Did you know that Pac Man was originally going to be called Puck Manl Or that you could get Rally X T-shirts? Well, if you didn't, you'd learn this all in the Namco Museum. In addition, you can check out the game art, music, sound effects, and a wealth of other trivia.

The real treat, however, lies in playing Pac Man at three in the morning, obsessed with seeing the next intermission.To aid you, the Museum lets you control the dipswitches on the arcade games, allowing you extra lives, and changing the difficulty. Also, you can pause the game, a feature that was never in the original arcade versions. If you had to pee when you were on level 20 of Bosconian, you had to stick it out, there's no way that you'd give up your place to the little feaster who was watching. Also, you don't have to keep going back to the bartender asking for change, because all the credits in Namco Museum are free.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Namco Museum is that there's actually a sense of history given to these games. To realize that Doom is just a souped-up version of Pac Man, and that Pole Position is actually harder than Daytona, are quite revealing aspects of the video-game industry at large. It really shows how far ideas and the conceptualization of them have grown since the early days of the video-games industry. It shows that creativity often has nothing to do with technology, more with the making of money makers that take a lot of quarters.

Ah, but forget about all that intellectual stuff. Namco Museum is for those of you who want to have some fun. They're coming out with a Volume 2, so let's hope they put Ms. Pac Man on that one. It won't be like playing at Jumbo's Clown Room, but it sure will be fun.

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