Neon White

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a game by Angel Matrix
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Neon White
Neon White
Neon White

I have to say that Neon White is one of the most stylish looking games that I have seen in quite some time. There is so much going on here that it is kind of hard to stay focused when talking about it.

That though is what really drew me to this game and actually, I thought I sensed a bit of Mirror's Edge about it, but the more I looked into the game, the more I realized this was very much its own unique game! If you want a first-person shooter that is very different from all the rest keep on reading to see why this is a game that could be for you.

An Assassin From Hell

The premise of Neon White is one of the coolest that I have ever heard! We play as an assassin from hell who is tasked with taking down various targets in heaven. You do this and you could be granted the ability to live in heaven forever.

The thing is, hell has sent other assassins too and they are competing with you. There is something strange going on as some of these assassins seem very familiar! This whole thing just sounds so awesome to me that I cannot wait to see where it all goes!

First Person Shooting & Carding

The gameplay of this game is a bit tricky to talk about. Neon White is the kind of game that you have to see in action for yourself to fully grasp what is going on here. It is a game that is designed to be played fast! You have to move around each map as quickly as you can taking down your targets. The real kicker here is that you use these things called Soul Cards to attack your foes. You have to do a bit of deck building as you organize your cards so that a run can be smooth and also pretty badass too! I love the sound of this and while I am sure it will have a bit of a learning curve, from what I have seen so far this looks like a ton of fun.

Slick And Stylish

I love the way that this game looks. I would not say it is full cell-shaded, but it does kind of have a cell-shaded animated movie look about it all. As Neon White is set in heaven, the areas you are traversing have a lot of color to them and it all looks fantastic. The way the game moves at such a high speed makes you keep your eyes forward, but you will probably be glancing all around as there seems to be a great deal going on in each level. It also has a blood pumping soundtrack too which is sure to help pump you out as you are playing each stage!

I really wish that more people were talking about Neon White. This is a first-person shooter that is trying something very different from what we are used to and that is awesome.


I think they are onto something really cool here and I for one cannot wait to give this game a try! I think it looks like a ton of fun and I love the whole premise of the story too.


  • Playing as an assassin from hell is awesome
  • I love how bright the visuals are
  • The deck building thing they have going on here seems very interesting
  • It has a really epic soundtrack to get you pumped up!


  • The game is only on PC and Switch
  • There will probably never be a physical release of this

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Demons have come to the glorious world of Heaven and as a slayer of these foul beasts, it's your job to cleanse the holy land of all invaders. Neon White is a fast-paced shooting game that equips the player with cards instead of guns and asks them to quickly eliminate every monster in sight. Perfect for gamers who love to speedrun or anyone who likes stylish, quick gameplay, Neon White is a new experience that will take you by surprise.

Main Game Features

  • Fast first-person gameplay
  • Unique card equipment system
  • Nearly 100 levels to beat


Neon White takes place in the pristine world of Heaven, a world that sees continuous peace. However, once every year, sinners and criminals are pulled from Hell below to compete for a spot in the clouds. See, Heaven has a problem with demons arriving uninvited, and by tasking sinners with eliminating them, they can solve two problems at once. To keep the sinners in line, each contestant must wear a mask that will explode if they break the rules.

You play as Neon White, one of the sinners who has arrived in Heaven to compete in the demon-killing competition. Battling against other “neons”, our villain-turned-hero must destroy the most demons before time is up. The winner is awarded a temporary halo, giving them one year to live in Heaven and enjoy the splendor. However, Neon White is afflicted with amnesia, and things might not be as they seem.


Playing like a colorful and unique version of Doom or Quake, Neon White is a super fast first-person shooter that's all about managing your cards and making your shots. The game is split up into 12 chapters, each containing around 7 or 8 missions a piece. In order to beat the level, you must simply kill all demons in the stage while completing extra objectives when possible. Players earn experience points by performing well, and can even uncover extra pathways or bonus items for their trouble. You are also graded on your skill at the end of each level, with the ultimate prize being the Ace Medal.

What makes Neon White so different from other FPS games are its weapons, which are actually cards instead of guns. As you run through the platform-style levels, you'll discover Soul Cards which act as your weapons. There are many cards to find and try, with each card having an alternative fire mode. Some cards also let you perform bonus movement abilities, leading to speed run skips and tricks.


Neon White is a thrilling game that has some really cool ideas, especially its card-based weapon system and anime art style. Levels are quick and fun, plus the performance medals you earn give you a reason to keep replaying each stage.


If you like twitchy shooting games and have become tired of the same old FPS titles, you should try out Neon White!


  • Flashy art style
  • Cool card weapons
  • Great for speedruns


  • Story is kind of confusing
  • Too fast for some players
  • Random elements can be unfair

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