Ion Fury

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a game by Voidpoint, LLC
Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Ion Fury
Ion Fury
Ion Fury
Ion Fury

Like many other people, Ion Fury pulled me in with its pedigree! This is a game that feels like it should have been released in 1997! I would have just eaten this up as a kid and you know what? I am eating it up as an adult all these years later. We well and truly live in a golden age of first-person shooters and it is awesome that we have this retro style FPS game to remind us of how awesome they were back in the day!

In Neo DC

Like many shooters from the 90s, Ion Fury is not all that story driven, but we do have a very cool premise that feels like something which would have been the plot o a 90s first-person shooter. We play as a badass called, Shelly Bombshell Harrison and she is the best bomb defusal expert in Neo DC which is a futuristic kind of city. The evil Dr. Jadus Heskel has unleashed a cybernetic army on the city and you need to fight through it. I love the visuals and the presentation in general, it has the makings of a classic PC shooter and I love the cyberpunk look of this city and the very imaginative enemies that you will be mowing down by the truckload.

Doom And The Duke

As the game is published by the people who gave us the epic Duke Nukem back in the day. Ion Fury has a very similar feel to its gameplay. You are looking at around 10 hours to beat the game, but it is an adrenaline fueled kickass ten hours while they last. Each stage has you blasting away enemies and trying to find new weapons, keys, and generally figuring out where you have to go next. I know I have said it before and it sounds like such a cop-out, but this really does feel like a game that you could have played on your PC, or perhaps even Nintendo 64 back in 1997. For me, that is awesome, I love the badass attitude it has and how it feels like a throwback. However, for someone who never played these types of first-person shooters back in the day, I could see why it perhaps would feel a bit dated and limited.

So Much To See And Blow Up

Ion Fury is spread out over seven different zones, each one has its own style and own missions, enemies, and levels for you to complete. It is truly engaging and kick ass stuff and I found myself pumped up each time I started a new level. They also make sure that you are well and truly taken care of when it comes to weapons. You not only have a tremendous arsenal of weapons that would make even the Doom Slayer and Duke happy, but you also have different ammo types you can use as well. I found that the weapons and ammo were very fairly distributed, the game wants you to have fun and I liked how there were sometimes it felt like I had to use a different weapon as it was all I had!


For me, Ion Fury is a must play and must own kind of video game. I have this on both PC and Switch and have found that I enjoy the Switch version more if I am being honest with you. As someone that grew up when first-person shooters were really coming into their own, this game is just hitting everything perfectly for me. It is one of the best shooters I have had the pleasure to play this year. However, as I said before, I can appreciate that for some, the game design may seem dated. But, I still recommend that even if you did not play PC games in the 90s you give this one a try as it stands on its own as a damn fine first-person shooter.


  • This game feels like it should have been released in 1997 and that is a good thing
  • The premise of the game is fun and pretty kickass
  • It always feels like there is ammo or a weapon at hand
  • The game is fun right from the first zone all the way to the final one


  • Some may feel that the game design is dated and I can understand that
  • I found that I preferred playing the game on the Switch over my PC

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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