NFL Xtreme 2

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a game by Sony Imagesoft, Acclaim, and 989 Sports
Genre: Sports
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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NFL Xtreme 2
NFL Xtreme 2
NFL Xtreme 2
NFL Xtreme 2

People say:


They've cleaned up the graphics and pumped up the game speed but Xtreme 2 still can't beat NFL Blitz. My major complaint--when I throw a pass I like my receivers to catch in stride. That's not how it happens in Xtreme 2, instead, receivers scamper to their spots and wait for the ball. At that point the after-catch hit is all that's left. That kills the whole thing for me. It's not a flaw but it makes gameplay repetitive and predictable, plus it ruins any fluidity the game could have. There's something wacky with the frame-rate as well. It's very fast but it's fast in a weird, frantic way. Players bolt across the field so quickly it's tough to follow the action. Blinkyour eyes and you'll miss something. I guess overall, the title fails to generate much excitement for me. Many of the calamities that make football exciting like fumbles, interceptions and hard-hits are too forced and mechanical in Xtreme 2.1 know that's the bread and butter of the game but something is definitely lost in the delivery. A better balance of true football and the extreme stuff would be cool. Heck, 989 could add some crazy stuff to GameDay and probably have a more entertaining and worthwhile game. That said, if you happen to be a fan, you'll like this edition more than the original. Two-player is, as usual, the best way to play the game. More power to you!


NFL Xtreme 2 is a slight improvement over the original, but this couldn't have been too hard to accomplish. It's obvious from the start this game has some problems. Terrible player animation makes it difficult to judge plays, while awkward taunts, throws and pile-drivers in between plays are laughable at best--because they're just so poorly done, not because they're actually amusing. It's basically Blitz but without any of the style.


Although its a step up from the inexplicably successful first game, NFLXtreme 2 is still entertaining for all the wrong reasons. The animations--especially stuff like the ninja flips--are as hilarious to watch as they are ridiculous. The players look like midgets on steroids. Between-play trash-talk sequences are downright surreal. Everything here is so bizarre it's comedic genius. Unfortunately, as a Blitz knockoff, it's crap. Rent it for cheap laughs.


Sure, this may be a big improvement over the first Xtreme, but let's face it...that's not that amazing a feat. Xtreme 2 does a decent job of not imitating Blitz too much by offering more sim-like features like player trades and drafts and such. But you can pile on all the goodies and fluff you want...if the game isn't fun or playable, it won't be, well. Jun or playable. Xtreme 2 is also so technologically inferior to Blitz, it's not really worth your time or money.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Bombastic football action returns to the PlayStation in NFL Xtreme 2. First and foremost, 989 has greatly improved the speed of this year's title the pace of the preview version was simply mind-blowing. 989 has also made passing simpler: In addition to traditional icon passing, there's now a fast-pass option that enables the CPU to throw to the receiver that's most open. Plus, you can now complete multiple passes during one play, just like in Blitz.

As far as gamcplay features, Xtreme 2 contains four play modes as well as multiple roster options such as trades, create-a-player, drafts, and the ability to build your own dream team. As you would expect, all the attitude of last year's title is here, including more outrageous juke moves, trash-talking, onfield celebrations, and taunts--players will even rip off their helmets and mug for the camera.after wicked hits. While some minor tweaking is still necessary, you can rest assured that NFL Xtreme 2 is well on track to becoming the ultimate fantasy football game on the PlayStation.

The NFL Xtreme franchise is back on the PlayStation, and it's better than ever. 989 Sports laid a solid foundation last year, and now it's looking to surpass NFL Blitz with better gut-smashing, arcade-intense gameplay. Hold onto your helmets, sports fens--NFL Xtreme 2 is primed to knock you unconscious.

Is That All You Got?

Xtreme 2 breaks down the locker-room door with more of everything, including teams, players, taunts, and celebrations. In addition to finding the normal play modes, pigskin pugnasticators will discover every NFL team--even the expansion Cleveland Browns--and rosters stacked with premier players such as Randy Moss and Jake "The Snake" Plummer (plus rookies Tim Couch and Ricky Williams). Xtreme 2 also offers gamers full control of their favorite team, including trades, create-a-player, team-building, and drafts.

This Is My House. Punk!

Graphically, 989 Sports has sped up the frame rate, added more anima-tions, and included facial expressions during taunts. Xtreme 2 cooks at 30 frames per second for faster arcade-style action. As for the improved taunts and player celebrations, on particularly hard hits, lightning will strike and players will rip off their helmets to mug for the camera while verbally bashing their opponents (989 has included over 700 player faces); and after a touchdown, players bust out dances like the Funky Chicken.

Xtreme 2 s passing game has been tuned up and simplified: The ball doesn't float away from receivers as much as it did last year, and 989 has thrown in a one-touch pass feature that enables your quarterback to target the player with the best chance of catching the ball. Plus, gamers can now throw multiple passes behind the line of scrimmage. As for sound effects, you'll hear over 125 audio bites, but the players' grunts and groans are pretty bland. Triumphant music chimes in only after a play rather than flowing evenly throughout.

Shake, Randle, and Roll

All told, NFL Xtreme 2 is a topnotch arcade-style football game with enough features, trash-talk, and insane action to get your blood pumping. Until the latest Blitz blasts its way home, however, we can't declare a champ. One thing's for sure--Blitz will have to be a near-perfect port to bash this smash-mouth superstar.


  • Have a trailer foNow your lead man down-field when kkking to the CPU. If the return man Jump-flips over your first defender, you'll have a backup.
  • When running the Power play, move your quarterback next to your center so he's ready to block when your running back breaks to the outside.
  • To wear down your opponent's concentration, run around the backfleld while you waft for an open receiver.


Xtreme 2 sports cool-looking player models and some crazy taunts, celebrations, and animation. Plus, details on players' jerseys and helmets are awesome. Though 989 claims there are more than 700 real faces in the game (you'll recognize Jerry Rice and John Randle), most of them look the same.


The sound throughout the game is pretty generic, but player taunts that are funny and not as repetitive as last year's help salvage the score. If the music were more inspiring and the player grunts not so bland, the audio would have scored higher.


Xtreme 2's controls are very responsive and easy to use, but it'll take you half a season to get your timing down to effectively pull off double-spins and jump-flips. The air attack is gready improved this year, and the one-touch passing feature enables rookies to get right in the game.

Fun Factor

NFL Xtreme 2 bulges at the pigskin seams with the most raucous arcade-style football action so far this season. Given this games multitude of modes, kick-ass graphics, and lightning-fast gameplay. you'd be a chump to pass up this champ.


Last year, 989 Sports tried its hand at extreme football with NFL Xtreme. While this game was not well-received by the gaming press, it sold quite well. Since I do not play arcade games, this was a new experience for me. Everyone was comparing the game to NFL Blitz in the arcades. Since the PSX version of Blitz had not been released yet, I had no basis for comparison so I judged it strictly as a unique game. Anyway, I found it to be pretty fun but with some flaws. Now they have had a chance to fix these flaws and I have had a chance to play Blitz, this game just does not seem as fun to me as it should have been.

NFL Xtreme 2 basically takes last year's formula and adds some new features, animations and plays and slaps a "2" on the end of the name. For those of you who did not play the original, the concept of this game is arcade football. Take everything that you ever knew about football in a traditional sense and throw it out the window. Everything that is left over is NFL Xtreme. It is played five-on-five with no rules, trash talking, super-sized hits and plenty of celebration. This game has all of the ingredients to be a fun game, but for the most part it just falls flat.


Before I go into any details about this game, I do want to point out the fact that this game is much more fun to play against a human player. Playing a one-player game against the computer gets old really quickly (I will explain why a bit later). Playing against another human opponent does add to the experience and enjoyment, so if you are a lone gamer, you will not experience the best part of the game. You have been warned.

I really wanted to like this game. I like the Gameday series and enjoy most of the games put out by 989, but try as I might, I could just never really get more out of this game than a chuckle. It was really bothering me that I did not enjoy this game as well. As I said, it had all of the ingredients to be a cool game, but something seemed to be not quite right. After many games, I think I have finally found the reason for my lack of enjoyment was purely and simply the gameplay. Let me explain.

The sign of a good game is when you feel like you are in control of the action at all times. This is not always the case in this game. Sure, I expect things to happen at an exaggerated pace, but more times than not I felt like I had no control over what was happening during the game. I would snap the ball, maybe throw a pass and then a bunch of stuff would just happen that seemed beyond my control and I was flung across the screen. Okay, maybe it was not quite that bad, but the point is that I just never really felt in control of the action in the game. I felt that I spent more time going along for the ride rather than operating the ride.

Another thing that really bothered me about the game was the way the receivers reacted. Since passing is such an important facet, I really would have liked the receivers to act in a more natural way. They would run down the field, hit a spot and just stop. They would never catch a ball on the fly either; they just seemed to sit there and wait for the ball to come to them. Even worse, the computer defender would just sit there and wait with me. They rarely would try to interfere with me until after the ball arrived in my hands. This made the whole passing game seem clunky and unnatural. A big part of the game also revolves around the big hits. There are hits that result in torn-off jerseys, knocked-off helmets, and some serious crunching sounds. One cool thing that happens is when a defensive player grabs onto an offensive player and gets dragged along into the end zone. After the tackle, the hitting is not done. You will have the opportunity to jump up and knock the defensive player on his ass for knocking you on yours. These moves include everything from back-breakers to grabbing one arm and one leg of a player, spinning them around and letting them fly. This is one of those moves that always seemed to make me chuckle just because it was so outrageous. Still, with all of this, I was really disappointed with the way that the game did not always show the execution of my move. Most of the time I would jump up and get the defensive guy in position for the back-breaker, only to have the camera go back to the huddle. I did not get the semi-gratification of seeing the move executed. This really sucked when I was playing against a friend because it carries that extra-special meaning.

One thing that they did do a good job on was changing up the taunts. The original game seemed to have about a dozen taunts and they got repetitive very quickly. This game has a few hundred, so the repeats are fewer and further between. To go along with the taunts, players will now take off their helmets to let you see their ugly mugs (which, by the way, are modeled off the actual players' faces). So now when Junior Seau smashes you, he will stand over you, rip off his helmet, flex and talk some trash.


This game does a good job in the graphics department. It is very crisp-looking and fast-playing. You will see an occasional bit of slowdown on a play that is particularly close to the camera, but it is never an issue of interfering with the gameplay. They did a great job of sticking the actual faces of the players on the player models. It was almost funny how real the faces actually looked. I hope the new Gameday looks this good.

Bottom Line

I found this game to be decent overall, but lacking in the gameplay department. I just could never really get into a game for longer than a few minutes. After that, I was ready to move on to something else. To give the game credit, it does really improve on a lot of the shortcomings from last year's offering. I guess if this type of football is really your gig, then you will enjoy it. I am starting to think that this just may not be my type of game.

La ST YEAR, NFL Xtreme's half-GameDay half-Blitz arcade football drewan admiring crowd...but that crowd was much smaller than Blitz's. NFL Xtreme 2 should pack more punch as 989 Sports is focusing on making this five-on-five game much faster and more accessible. The expanded playbooks are much simpler and easier to use, while the pace is faster and even more rowdy. Cool new features include unlimited pass attempts during each down (any ball carrier can pass whenever they want, allowing rugby-style drives), converting blockers to receivers (and vice versa) on the fly, and a fast-pass button that lets you hit the open receiver without calling up icons.

Of course, the game retains all of Xtreme's attitude, like new trash-talking and touchdown celebrations, rumbles after the whistle, tackle-dodging back-flips, torn jerseys, and much more. Trades, season play, and player creation provide a GameDay-esque touch of depth, while the retooled graphics sport cool facial expressions and scaled-down players that make the field feel bigger. As long as 989 stays on track, Xtreme 2 should deliver raucous football. Whether it can keep up with Blitz, arcade football's reigning champ, remains to be seen.

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