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Rally Cross 2

The game had some problems, but people loved it because you could use your multi tap and play a four-player split-screen race.

Formula One 2001

As racing games go, Formula One games can provide a temperamental experience for many racing fans.

NFL GameDay 2002

In the last few years, the world of video game football has undergone a changing of the guard.

NCAA Final Four 2002

It was by far and away the best collegiate basketball game for the system' uh, by default that is, because until now it was the only college hoops game to make an appearance on Sony's next generation hardware.

NCAA Gamebreaker 2003

With more publishers tapping into college sports, the market is beginning to get crowded, especially in the late summer, with football games.

NFL Gameday 2003

Although it does offer the full regiment of features including improved play calling and online capabilities, there are a few issues that keep it from being a major contender.

NCAA Gamebreaker 2004

Continuing in their effort to put a serious dent in the football game genre, 989 Sports is making another attempt with NCAA Gamebreaker 2004.

NFL Xtreme 2

NFL Xtreme 2 is a slight improvement over the original, but this couldn't have been too hard to accomplish.

NBA ShootOut 2003

As NBA camps get underway for the new season, 989 Sports offers up a revised pro basketball title that provides some nice features but ultimately misses the cut.

NCAA Final Four 2004

There have been opportunities to sneak into the market as even EA's March Madness started out as a huge disappointment.

NCAA Gamebreaker 2000

989 Sports' GB 2000 has kept its great game engine but, in the name of realism, slowed down the game pace a little.

MLB 2000

Ah yes, springtime. I love this time of year. As each spring commences, anticipation of the new baseball season is in the air.

NCAA Final Four 99

The team at 989 Sports has brought one of the most authentic college basketball games home to your Sony PlayStation.

MLB 2005

As Spring approaches sports gamers are preparing for a whole new series of over the top baseball games that will bring the fun and excitement of America's favorite pastime to their homes ' unfortunately MLB 2005 not only isn't a home run, it's bare..

NBA Shootout 2004

Although considerable improvements were made last year, they still weren't able to pose any serious threat to the major players.

NFL GameDay 2004

In its heyday, the NFL GameDay franchise was one of the most respected football titles to grace the PS One.

World Tour Soccer 2002

And the ball is intercepted by the opponent'watch while they work their foot magic and kick it dizzyingly across the field to one another, evading your tackles. Soon they're up against the goalkeeper, they shoot, and they score.

MLB 2002

Usually when a new baseball video game lands on my desk for review, I drop whatever it is I'm doing (or not doing) and eagerly plop that sucker into my hungry console.

NBA ShootOut 2002

Six years ago, when Sony unleashed their fledgling game system to the unsuspecting industry, videogame pundits in the majority did not believe that they had a realistic chance to compete with the likes of Nintendo and Sega.

NHL Faceoff 2000

Sony has put a good programming team together, and this hockey game shows a lot of promise.