NHL Hockey 95

a game by Electronic Arts
Platform: GameBoy
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NHL Hockey 95
NHL Hockey 95
NHL Hockey 95
NHL Hockey 95

the Genesis and good on the SNES, NHL Hockey '95 finally makes the jump to the handheld world, but it sprains its ankle upon landing.

Replacement Hockey?

At first sight, NHL '95 appears to answer every ice junkie's prayers -but looks can be deceiving. There are some highlights, though, such as the excellent Shootout and Playoff modes.

All 27 pro teams are included, but they're ruined without an NHLPA endorsement. These scabs, however, do get to perform real NHL moves like slap shots, wrist shots, one-timers, penalty shots, and even drop passes.

With only two buttons at your disposal, the control feels like skating on dull blades. Passing, shooting, and playing defense all become frustrating on this rink.

Shaved Ice

The Stanley Cup contender on this cart is the graphics. The sprites are large and detailed, but that creates another problem. The bigger the players, the less ice that fits on the tiny screen, so you almost need a map to find the net.

The sounds are almost nonexistent. You'll miss the roar of the crowd when a player is slammed into the boards or the hum of the Zamboni after the ref blows his whistle.

It's not difficult to make the playoffs here, but as far as game quality goes, NHL Hockey '95 is two games behind with only three left in the season. Despite the nice looks and options, the mediocre gameplay puts this hockey sim in the penalty box with a ten-minute misconduct.


  • The fake players have the same numbers and attributes as the pros, so you can adjust your lineup the same way you would w ith the real play ers.
  • Because you have a poor view of the net, one-timers can be tough to get off.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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