Night Trap

a game by Digital Pictures
Platform: 3DO
Genre: Action
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
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Night Trap
Night Trap
Night Trap
Night Trap

Night Trap is banned in England, banned in the U.S. Senate, and most importantly, banned in Toys "R" Us. Its use of real actors in a handful of C-grade horror movie death scenes makes this 3DO CO inappropriate for impressionable pre-teens. But if you're old enough to shell out 3DO bucks, view any current horror movie, or read a Stephen King novel, you'll wonder what all the commotion concerning this below-average CD game is really about.

The Last of Its Kind

Night Trap was the first Sega CD game, and this 3DO version is exactly the same game with minor cosmetic changes to the interface. The use of live actors in video, the TV-like props and dialogue, and the CD-quality sound were innovative at one time, but Trap's graphics and sounds now play like standard stuff.

Makes You Want to Scream

Night Trap is a low-energy, real-time action game that puts the 'couch" in couch potato. A house full of suspected vampires is rigged with eight cameras and trapdoors. Your task is to switch among the cameras and activate the traps to protect five unsuspecting visitors. Allow one fatality, and you're booted out of the game.

The trick is to simply jot down the time on the game clock whenever you discover bloodsuckers. Eventually, you create a time log. Then it's a simple matter of watching the clpck, moving to a room, waiting for a Trap Senior to light up, and pressing one button. The game asks very little oTthe controls, and they respond well.

The Horror, the Horror!

The acting is so bad it's funny, but your own twisted sense of humor is really all that juices this game's appeal. The vampire villains are blood-sucking yuppies. The five designated victims are nubile, young, unmarried, all-American "babes." Lumbering, masked secondary vampires called Augers do the real dirty work. An "auger," as defined by Webster's dictionary, is "a tool for boring holes in wood," which one could argue is essentially what happens when the Augers catch one of the airhead victims.

Good Night

Thanks to all the media hype, Night Trap has earned a place in video-game history as the first banned CD game. However, if you really want to see the scary undead, rent Dracw-la the movie. If you want graphic video game blood and guts...well, there's always Mortal Kombat.


  • Every Auger counts, so pause often and get your bearings. You want to know exactly when to be in what room.
  • Each time you hear a "click" it means Augers have entered the house and you missed 'em! Jot down the time when the click sounds to help you nail the Auger next time.
  • There aren't many code changes, but you'll never make it if you miss 'em. Follow the Martins and listen.
  • Better save Lisa in the first disc.
  • Don't stick around to watch the trapped Augers. Move quickly to the next trap.
  • The Augers in this 300 version appear at the same times and places as those in the Sega CD version.

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