Off-World Interceptor

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a game by Crystal Dynamics, Inc.
Genre: Action
Platform: 3DO
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Off-World Interceptor
Off-World Interceptor
Off-World Interceptor
Off-World Interceptor

Climb behind the wheel of a futuristic off-road vehicle and hit the intergalactic road in brutal two-player off-world racing. You're an interplanetary bounty hunter who crosses six vicious alien worlds, each with different car-grinding terrain, including jumps, tunnels, hurdles, craters, and dangerous aliens. The off-road action's a kick in the seat, especially when you take a gander at the texture-mapped 3D polygon graphics that 3DO does so well.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Warp into the future for a taste of some hard-nosed racin' and fightin' action. In Off-World Interceptor, you have to save your butt to save the universe.

And They're Off

You're one of the Trashmen, racing a monster truck on one of five dangerous planets. As you bounce along on the rocky courses, you'll shoot at enemy trucks, ground mines, and gun towers. Obstacles add addition al challenge, and courses get longer and more difficult.

The Story option boasts an excellent cinematic sequence that, in a spoof of Comedy Central's Mystery Science Theater 3000, features two silhouetted guys making snide remarks.

From the behind-the-vehi-de perspective, the trucks are highly visible and easy to distinguish among the mayhem. When another truck or mine blows up, the firepower and resulting explosion also look realistic. The awesome terrain depicts towering mountains and slanting valleys.

The driving sounds are average, with slightly hokey motor sounds and explosion effects. The background music, however, is awful; luckily it's covered by the sound effects.

On Target

Maneuvering the truck isn't terribly hard, but it isn't easy, either. The truck moves smoothly and shoots accurately, but some gamers may have trouble negotiating the rougher, more mountainous terrain.

Gamers who enjoy racing or shoot-em-up games will like Off-World Interceptor. Once any early frustration wears off, OWI's great graphics and game play will drive you wild.


  • The Scorch Boss is difficult Time your shots for maximum damage.
  • On the Las Lunas stage, gauge the time carefully when going under the moving blocks.
  • When jumping over tall mountains, be wary of what lies on the other side.

When anyone takes a look back at the history of the 3DO, they will realize that Crystal Dynamics (coming out of nowhere) has been one of the leading producers of 3DO games, and most likely one of the reasons the 3DO still exists today. From the company that brought you titles like Crash 'N' Burn, Total Eclipse, and the soon-to-be-released Samurai Shodown (yes!) comes their latest creation, Off-World Interceptor! Like Crash 'N' Burn and Eclipse, this game is all texture mapped, which gives the game a totally realistic look. The playing perspective takes a while to get used to, because the entire background moves and rotates according to which way you go. Game players can upgrade their car until they have enough money to buy a better one. much like Rock 'N' Roll racing! Gamers be prepared for the Off-World experience!


3DO owners will finally get a taste of some off-road action!


Though this was one of the first 3DO games mentioned, it still needs many more items to be completed.


What the driver must look like after being thrashed around like that.

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