Operation C

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a game by Konami
Platform: GameBoy
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 5.3/10 - 3 votes
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Operation C
Operation C
Operation C
Operation C

Tired of all those irksome little puzzle games for the Game Boy? Want to see characters and action on your screen larger than two fleas slamdancing? Read on. Video game salvation is in sight!

Fans of Contra and Super C will salivate over the latest action-packed installment of this megahit video game series! All the nonstop combat, diverse enemies, challenging levels, and even the catchy Contra theme song are faithfully reproduced and have been "shrunk to fit" your Game Boy screen. If you can't get enough Contra action, or always wished you could play it on the go, this cart is for you!

Contra Continues!

Operation C is an all-new adventure that features Scorpion (half of the Contra team of Mad Dog and Scorpion). Scorpion's on a mission to destroy the alien menace of the evil Black Viper who plans to conquer Earth by unleashing an army of mutant killer aliens! Scorpion has been dropped into Black Viper's secret naval base on a desolate ocean island and must battle through five levels of hazardous hositilities in order to end the madness of Black Viper once and for all!

As in the previous games, Scorpion is armed to the teeth and can pick up plenty of ammo power-ups along the way. In addition to his Machine Gun, Scorpion can power-up to a Spread Gun that sprays bullets in several directions, a Fire Gun that sends explosions in four directions simultaneously, or the Homing Gun which shoots bullets that automatically home in on the target! These powerful weapons and his lightning fast reflexes are all that stand between Scorpion and wave after wave of snipers, death-dealing androids, vicious mutant monstrosities, heavily armored assault vehicles, and even an enormous naval attack submarine!

Super C-perb!

Just as in Super C the game features both side and overhead-scrolling action. Levels 1, 3,. and 5 feature intense sidescrolling action. Here your jumping and leaping expertise come heavily into play. Levels 2 and 4 feature three-dimensional overhead-scrolling action where you've got to watch out for enemies who attack from ail sides at once! Those folks at Konami have done it again! Operation C has all the trademarks of a surefire hit: awesome graphics, large, distinct characters, nonstop action, solid tunes, great gameplay, and loads of fun. The only drawback is the lack of a two-player mode-one of the best parts of Contra and Super C. Not to worry-something tells this ol' reviewer we'll be seeing a lot rriore of Mad Dog and Scorpion in the future! Well be waitin'!


  • The Homing Gun is the best weapon of all. Use it to destroy all six missile silos aboard the submarine!
  • During Levels 2 and 4 it's best to stay in the middle ol the screens at all times since enemies may attack from any point.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

For most people, a trip to a tropical island would be a dream come true. With all that beautiful sand and sea, who couldn't have a great vacation? Scorpion, that's who. The trigger-happy hero of Contra and its sequel, Super C, is heading for an island where no one lives happily ever after.

In Operation C, the Game Boy version of Scorpion's adventures, the lone commando is sent on a typically dangerous mission. Under your leadership, Scorpion must run, jump, and swim through five areas of armed resistance. His destination is the laboratory of the evil Black Viper.

The Viper is an outer-space alien with ambition. He wants to enslave Earth by cooking up a new breed of mutant creatures. You'll be waging war on these creepy-crawlies as well as the hordes of human guards patrolling the Viper's island.

Luckily for you, your machine gun never runs out of ammo. Better still, the island has a plentiful supply of power-ups. The best all-around weapon is the homing gun, which requires virtually no aim at all. The rounds you shoot automatically seek out potential targets in your immediate area. All you have to do is stand and fire.

One of the things that make Operation C such a strong game is the variety of the five areas. You rarely see the same stretch of scenery twice. The backgrounds are markedly different, whether you're power-leaping up the side of Mutant Mountain, blasting your way through lush jungles, or exploring the Black Viper's eerie labs.

The targets of your firepower are impressive, too. You'll fight huge tanklike vehicles that are wonderfully detailed. Some of the alien creatures share characteristics of both insects and machines. Some are just plain icky. Particularly monstrous are the Experimental Squid Lice, which roam the fourth area along with a virtual zoo-full of the Viper's other slimy beasts. When the Squid Lice start attacking, you can almost feel their pincers scissor your legs.

Operation C is a true marvel. It plays well, looks good, and even sounds good (the explosions and machine guns are particularly effective). This is a game that will receive a lot of attention — and deserves every bit of it.

The spectacular NES game - Contra is now being converted to the GameBoy. The name will be changed to Operation C but all the great game play, weapons, and power-ups have been retained and virtually nothing has been lost (other than color) in the translation.

The original Contra set the standard for scrolling action shooters as we know them today. Konami built upon this intense pacing and crisp graphics style, bringing Super C to the forefront of the category on the NES.

Now Konami has hit gold once again with their machine-gun toting mavericks in the latest Contra conflict for GameBoy in Operation C. Operation C uses the same scrolling playfields and multiple weapon power-ups found in the first two adventures, while adding a selection of enemy characters that, in many ways, represent an even more challenging opposition than in either of the previous games.

In terms of quality, Operation C reaches new highs for GameBoy graphics and sound. While the action moves along at a brisk pace, the game subsequently suffers from some blurring, but aside from this minor detraction, Operation C stands as the first well executed GameBoy land battle to yet appear!

The newest action adventure game from the people who brought us Contra and Super-C. With new levels and action this GameBoy version is more than a rehash of the previous NES games.Take the machine gun toting mercenaries out in the jungle for some fun and grab a few familiar power-ups in order to blow away some of the new bosses. With stereo sound and graphics as we would expect from Ultra.

People say:


I was very surprised when I played this game. Operation C on the GameBoy? Impossible? Wrong! This version of the arcade smash is better than its NES counterpart! The music, new weapons, and intense graphics round out this excellent sure-fire hit. Outstanding!


The ultimate GameBoy game! While similar to the NES version it has new features that make it fresh. Everything is perfectly done - weapons, power-ups, graphics and sounds! GB games just don't come any better. Nuf said!


It's finally here, Contra for Gameboy! Operation C is a superb translation, combining elements from both the previous NES carts plus original weaponry and rounds. Superb graphics and sounds and perfect game play bring the best out of the GB. My only complaint is it's too short.


Fun from the moment go! The previous NES Contras were good, but this game kicks...! Great game play, although conventional. Exceptional sound effects. The control is super, and in my opinion this is the best GameBoy game ever!

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