Petz Vet

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a game by Ubisoft, and Sensory Sweep
Genre: Educational/Kids
Platform: GBA
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 6 votes
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Petz Vet
Petz Vet
Petz Vet

Take care of fluffy critters and all sorts of adorable furry companions in Petz Vet: Ubisoft's latest in a series of cute simulation games. Become a master veterinarian and run your very own animal clinic – all presented in a charming, retro-RPG style.

For casual gamers and animal lovers, Petz Vet provides just the perfect amount of challenge to keep things fun without getting repetitive. Make sure that your patients stay healthy by keeping track of their diet, exercise, and more as you play through a variety of minigames!

Colorful Charm

Just one look at Petz Vet is all it takes for anyone to notice the kind of target the game aims for. The cutesy, anime-inspired characters and pastel colors make this game's presentation reminiscent of Nintendogs. And while the game doesn't really stand out from such titles in terms of its gameplay (or lack thereof), Petz Vet does provide an experience unlike any other – especially if you're interested in being a vet.

While most of the gameplay revolves around basic mini-games, there are also some exploration segments that let your character roam free in a cutesy town. It might not hold the same sense of exploration as what we would find in a Pokémon game, but Petz Vet still delivers a pleasant gaming experience, particularly when you get to spend time with your furry friends outside of the clinic.

Clinical Gaming

As the name implies, taking care of your pet clinic is the central pillar of Petz Vet's gameplay. For gameplay reasons, you'll only receive two animals into your care per day. One thing that you shouldn't expect, however, is medical accuracy in a game that's evidently aimed at young kids.

At some points, you might feel like you're more of a pet groomer than a veterinarian. However, since the game also includes a calendar system similar to that of Harvest Moon, there's a distinct sense of progression that makes it easy to get lost in the game's micromanaging features.

There's even an unlockable gallery that lets you check all the animals you've attended in your clinic. It's mostly for aesthetical purposes, but there's an innately satisfying feeling to be able to see how much progress in the game.

Visuals and Presentation

For a game that's clearly targeted at a young demographic, Petz Vet does a good job creating a charming town with equally charming characters. When you talk to one of the NPCs, an enlarged portrait of them appears, letting you see some gorgeous anime art that looks much better than 99% of the game.

The "Petz" are adorable. From dogs to cats, and even chipmunks, each design is cuter than the one before. The same can't be said of the overworld segments, though: there are tons of basic models and sprites, not to mention the fact that the characters never stop moving their feet, even when stationary.

This cutesy game will no doubt be a hit with younger players. The basic gameplay and lovable character design are too appealing to ignore – unless you're old enough to play any Pokémon game.


Petz Vet is an adorable game that kids will love – but older players might find the subject a bit too simple for their tastes.


  • Cute character design
  • Good sense of progression
  • A great variety of pets to see


  • Unappealing visuals in the overworld sections
  • Basic mini-games pose little to no challenge

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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