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OK, I'll admit it, I have been playing Nintendogs for a while now, longer then I would like to admit. But there is just something so darn addictive about playing this game. For starters, Nintendogs has got to be one of the most original games I have ever played, and to be honest with you, it could not be played on any other system.

Using all of the tricks that the Nintendo DS features, players are given a selection of puppies and must choose which breed they would like to play with. Starting off, there are many different breeds and three puppies in each breed. Each puppy has a personality that will make things easy or more of a challenge.

Using the stylus, you must bond with your four footed friend and pet it repeatedly in order to gain trust. This is a constant as you rub the touch pad and find all those places on a puppy that need to be scratched or rubbed. When you make your little dog happy little stars will appear as if to indicate total happiness. Following up with the microphone on the DS, you must name your dog and repeat it many times in order for the dog to learn its name. The same will be done as you work with your puppy on tricks and commands. Once you and your puppy friend have achieved master/dog Nirvana, you can go out and explore the world, playing in the park and going various places.

This is the prettiest game the DS has put out so far. The different dog fur has a smooth appearance and you would swear you can actually see how soft their little fur is. The puppies look great and therefore the game looks great too. The little noises the puppies make are very endearing and I'm sure the programmers must have followed real dogs all over the place in order to achieve the level of realism this game has.

What's even cooler is if you are playing Nintendogs and are on the go and you get within range of someone else playing Nintendogs, your DS will yip and bark at you as if to mimic what a dog would do when it sees another dog. There you can have your pup play with that person's pup and new items including other breeds of dogs can be unlocked.

As addictive a game you will ever play Nintendogs is easily one of the most addictive and wholly original games ever made. If you own a DS then this my friend, is the title to have.

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