Picture Perfect Golf

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a game by Lyriq International Corp.
Platform: PC (1997)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Picture Perfect Golf
Picture Perfect Golf
Picture Perfect Golf
Picture Perfect Golf

The second of our two games with the theme of "Golf Games That Aren't Quite of This World" will leave you feeling just that little bit odd for a different reason. lecture Perfect Golf must be the first golf game not to feature a picture of a little man in badly-co-ordinated sportswear playing your shots. Instead, all you see is a static, and not especially good quality, photograph of the hole ahead of you. I suppose it counts as first-person perspective - perhaps they were trying to capture the Doom vote. It's very weird. They haven't bothered to do the thing properly, and have used a view that looks down at your feet and the ball while you play the shot, then looks up to watch the ball sail off into the under-growth. At least they could have included a special shoe-designer section, where you could choose a colour combination to have on your brogues. Come to think of it, a material-designer for your trouser patterns wouldn't go amiss, either. But no...

Options galore

Instead, you get nothing. Virtually nothing, anyway. You get one course (Harbour Town, as seen in Links 386 Pro), and one way to play. And that's it. It really is one of the sorriest golf games I've seen. You play a shot. A ball waves about on screen, with no sense of 3D, and disappears. You wail, the next photo is displayed. You play another shot. The aiming range is very narrow - you can't hit the ball anywhere they haven't photographed. The sound effects are laughable; the ball hits the ground like someone head-butting a microphone, and the "wind noises" sound like a bison with asthma. In short, you can have more fun running a cheese-grater over your fingernails.

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