Postal 2: Share The Pain

a game by RWS, Inc.
Platform: PC
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Postal 2: Share The Pain
Postal 2: Share The Pain
Postal 2: Share The Pain
Postal 2: Share The Pain

I'm Dressed as a member of the Taliban, totin' a machine gun and pissing in a whore's face. And they say games are a bad influence. Postal 2 is of course the morally bankrupt first-person shooter that largely slipped under the mainstream outrage-o-meter when it was released earlier this year. Maybe the Daily Mail didn't receive its review copy, or perhaps the minor publisher simply lacked the PR weight to concoct a mutually beneficial tabloid storm. Either way, the pipe-hittin', animal-torturin', shock 'em up was dismissed as little more than a blip on the FPS radar.

The good/appalling (delete as applicable) news is that Postal is back, replete with all-new online multiplayer functionality. Postal 2: Share The Pain combines an enhanced singleplayer game with 14 multiplayer maps spanning four different game types. DeathMatch is the bog standard FPS perennial, with the key difference here being the diverse array of characters, spanning from Osama Bin Laden to Gary Coleman, aka the stunted kid from mawkishly moralistic '80s TV series, Diff'rent Strokes.

Capture The Slag

Team DeathMatch is much of the same, whereas the Grab mode involves collecting ten bags, each of which make you stronger, something that may or may not be due to the fact that they contain amphetamine-based drugs.

Finally, our favourite, the Snatch game sees you kidnapping a whore from your rival team and positing her in your bed. A simple variation of Capture The Flag, we can only speculate as to why they didn't call it Capture The Slag. Either way, it adds a new dimension to the basic tenet, in so much as the position of your stolen ho' is given away by her desperate screams. And besides, it's more satisfying to return a bitch' to a heart-shaped bed than it is to plant a flag in a generic science fiction landscape, particularly as the two rival ladies lez it up for the winner.

Are You Being Served?

That's pretty much the level of sophistication you're looking at throughout, so if that kind of thing appeals, it's all wrapped up in a moderately playable game. It has to be said, the servers aren't exactly bulging with players, but for an entry-level online FPS, you could do worse. You soon become so caught up in the frantic nature of the action that any moral issues are quickly forgotten about, and the bad taste aspect quickly becomes almost abstract (not necessarily a recommendation).

And if you already own the original single-player game, don't start crying, as a deal on the website enables you to upgrade it for a commensurate price. That said, choosing to condone this type of thing shouldn't really be a financial issue.

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