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SunSoft's Logical is one of those puzzle games. You know the type--easy to learn, difficult to master.

Station Invasion

If you like games with a warped sense of humor (like the most excellent Twisted game), there's a new one on the way called Station Invasion.


The player can either face a computer, or up to five human players. The computer players come at three levels (easy, normal, or hard) and feature a wide array of opponents, such as a crab made out of a rice bowl and a beautiful, laughing mermaid.


Using a variety of sliding puzzles, the player is challenged to roll a ball along tracks set on the tiles.
Sega Genesis


The evil Gridder Corporation has been hired to save the Earth from totally depleting its natural resources.



The object of the game is to build words of three letters or more using the tiles that fall from the top of the playing area. Words can be constructed horizontally or vertically, and multiple words can overlap each other. If the player manages to c..

Hyokkori Hyoutanjima

Hyokkori Hyoutan Jima is a Puzzle game, developed by Biox and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 1992.
Sega Genesis


Flipull is a very strange game that incorporates the constant moving of a reflex-tester with puzzle-solving game play.

Puzzle Star Sweep

After the price, the best thing about Star Sweep is the translation.


Tired of Pokemon Puzzle Challenge yet? We aren't, but there's already more GBC puzzle action on the way.


Sort of an expanded version of Boxxle, with scrolling screens and multiple perspectives

Hebereke's Popoitto

Another tetris mutation.


It's FREE! There...did that get your attention?

Super Morph

Before playing takes place there is a cutscene of a young boy outside his uncle's house. Once the boy goes inside the house, a scientist lets the boy try out his new machine which can allow him to change state. The machine works but something goes ..