Trap Gunner

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a game by Racdym
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 6.6/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Trap Gunner
Trap Gunner
Trap Gunner
Trap Gunner

Trap Gunner attempts to combine the best qualities of three gaming genres--fighting, real-time strategy, and overhead shooter--into one action-packed game. One or two players choose from six super agents to battle it out on 36 lushly rendered 3D battlefields. Power-ups such as poison gas, land mines, super guns, and invincibility add to the combat carnage. This hip-looking cat-and-mouse hunt could be compelling head-to-head fun.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Set in a dark, corrupt future, Trap Gunner combines stealth and twitch elements into an enjoyable action game. An evil crime syndicate known as CAIN is out to take over the world, and it's up to you, as one of six special agents trained in the arts of assassination, demolition, and espionage, to survive long enough to uncover the shady plot.

To defeat your enemies, you'll set various traps--ranging from basic mines to poison gas and portable whirlpools--in multi-leveled arenas. Controlwise, you'll have to get used to moving around tight spaces and hallways, but the game does support Dual Shock. As for sounds, explosions are especially nice in stereo, and the action is accompanied by acceptable house and techno tunes. Those who are searching for a good mix of real-time strategy and fighting will find that Trap Gunner fits the bill.


  • When caught in a Pitfall trap, move left to right to escape.
  • Make sure you're clear from your own traps before setting them off, or you'll take damage.

People say:


Trap Gunner is a runny-roundy, trappy, actiony, shooty, strategy thingy with anime graphics and bad '80s techno music. It looks a bit crappy at first, but once you get absorbed it's actually pretty playable. Does anyone remember the Spy vs. Spy game that came out about 400 years ago? It was on various systems, but personally I remember the version for the Atari 800. It was a two-player "cartoon" action game that had you setting malicious-looking traps to wipe out the other player. It looked naff, but was very playable and dead-funny. Trap Gunner is like this, only the graphics are better and the sense of humor has been surgically removed. The whole thing is viewed in a very dodgy, pseudo top-down view (a bit like Loaded) and has you running around trying to annihilate your opponent. You do this by setting traps in key parts of the map and hope that they're dumb enough to run into them. Sounds simple. But it's also pretty effective. The traps get increasingly elaborate as you go through the game, and the potential for combos makes it even more fun. Watching someone bouncing from trap to trap being blown up, stuck, squished and mangled is actually quite satisfying. This isn't going to be a monster hit by any means, but thumbs up to Atlus for trying something different.


It may look like Loaded or any other top-down shoot-'em-up, but TG is actually an innovative fighting-game-meets-Bomberman hybrid. That said, the one-player game is predictably a little lame and mainly serves as training for the fantastic Two-player Mode (plus, beating the one-player game opens new playable characters). Vet despite all the wacky trap combos you can set up, the game eems a little slow sometimes.


This game reminds me of a cross between Gauntlet and Spy vs. Spy, but captures neither the fun nor strategy of either. Tricking your enemies into the traps seems too random and your opponents never present much of a challenge throughout the stages. The graphics are nothing to write home about and the story is a bit cheesy. With more inventive levels and challenging play, this could have been a great game. Maybe next time.


I was really looking forward to Trap Gunner since it's an action game that has strategy elements and a unique premise. The problem is that it never generates enough challenge or excitement even at its highest difficulty setting. The characters' attributes aren't really different enough to warrant multiple play-throughs and the story is way predictable. The grainy graphics certainly don't help matters much. Rent before you buy.

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