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Does Scotland intrigue you? Do castles inspire you? Does the need to solve mysteries and puzzles run through your blood?

Hollywood Squares

This game is a Nintendo Entertainment System puzzle game based on the TV game show of the same name.


Boxxle is a special puzzle game adapted from the computer game called So-Ko-Ban. In it you must move strategically-placed boxes onto an equal number of target dots that are placed in special positions.


To complete each of its 130 levels, the avatar has to destroy all bombs on the level. He must stand on top of the bomb to light it, then is only able to take one step away before the bomb explodes.

Wario's Woods

This Tetris variation has some interesting innovations, but it's nothing new.

Mr. Domino

Mr. Domino brings something new and refreshing to the puzzle game genre.

Diamonds 3D

Breakout games are one of the most popular forms of action arcade games on the computer, and many outstanding commercial and shareware games exist in this category.


Yet another Japanese Tetris clone from the arcades, but this one sports a pseudo-Mexican motif.
Sega Genesis

Bust-A-Move '99

Think you've busted with the best? Not until you've faced Bust-A-Move '99! With intense 4-player competition, all new graphics, and create-a-level mode, you've never busted bubbles like these! And with eight new mysterious characters to save, you'l..
Nintendo 64