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a game by Bit Loom Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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If there's anything good that 2020 brought us, it's a variety of fun party games. They are offerings that are equally as frustrating as they are hilarious. PHOGS! is another one of those games - but offering its own unique co-op concept. It's a bizarre take on a minimalistic party game. However, its strange environment and mechanics are all part of the allure.

'PHOGS!' has the look and feel of a game we all need in our lives right now. Its stature suggests a complete escapist medium - a bastion of ridiculousness and care-free humor. There are often times where these games get so abstract that they don't resonate as they should. The element of curiosity is mighty, however. We must discover what 'PHOGS!' offers.

For PHOGS sake!

The premise of 'PHOGS!' can be broken down into a simple - yet outlandish sentence. It is two wiener dogs attached to each trying to solve puzzles for inexplicable reasons. The narrative and universe are completely non-sensical - but you can't say that you aren't intrigued.

The visuals and mechanics of the game add to the oddities of gameplay. Each level features a candy-coated color palette with environmental assets ranging from fruit and vegetables to Arabian nights. There is no explanation as to why they are all there - you are just expected to deal with it. You will find that OK, though.

One or two players will control each head of the elastic dog to solve the challenges that await. The variety of puzzles is surprisingly diverse and entertaining. The lighthearted nature of the game does not make the control mechanics frustratingly tricky, as some of these games tend to be. It's very accessible, being a challenge without being too annoying.

PHOGS! is incredibly immersive, entertaining, and an all-around delight to be around. It's a puzzler that may serve a bizarre concept - but the level of creativity spread around each environment is astounding. Bar frustrations of the dog getting caught in certain places - it's a transcendent journey right to the end.

Shine Bright Like a Dachshund

Co-operative games that challenge cognitive skills have a reputation. They tend to be more of a burden than rewarding. You do not get that impression with 'PHOGS!' one bit. It aims to provide relief from the stresses of hardcore gameplay with a lighter approach - bolstered by its cutesy characters and environments. The succeeds on every level in that respect.


'PHOGS!' is accessible to everyone despite its more childlike visuals. It won't make you throw your controller into the screen where games like Heave Ho! will. But it will deliver a pleasant playthrough, albeit a bit short and occasionally glitchy. Anybody looking for a decent party game will find a lot of love in PHOGS! - worth the penny for the night in.


  • Diverse puzzles that keep players entertained throughout
  • A laid-back atmosphere delivers pleasant gameplay
  • Colorful and bizarre visuals are immersive


  • Sometimes you feel there could be more of a challenge
  • Getting stuck in certain places becomes obnoxious

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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