Super Animal Royale

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a game by Pixile
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.2/10 - 11 votes
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Super Animal Royale
Super Animal Royale
Super Animal Royale

The ‘battle royale’ genre has blown up in the last few years and coming a little late to the party but welcomed with open arms is Super Animal Royale. This ‘battle royale’ game has everything you come to expect with the genre: unescapable island, encroaching storm, last one standing, loot to survive. Rinse, and repeat. However, Super Animal Royale has two very important twists to separate it from the pack: it’s 2D, and the characters are cute little animals.

Everyone’s Got a Gimmick

Since the popularity of Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite has skyrocketed, the market for ‘battle royale’ games, has become somewhat of an oversaturated mess. Many games and developers have tried, and many have failed to cash-in by offering some variant of ‘battle royale’ with their own gimmick.

Spellbreak players wield magic rather than guns, Apex: Legends brings Titanfall movement and the, now implemented everywhere, ‘ping’ system. However, within those standouts are a plethora of Firestorms, Nuclear Winters and H1Z1s. Warzone hit the mark and swept the market with COD in a ‘battle royale’, done well (that means you, Blackout)—but where does that leave Super Animal Royale?

It’s Bus, it’s a Plane—No, it’s a Duck

The first thing to notice when you boot up Super Animal Royale is its art direction: it’s cute. Everything it does, the sound, the music, the trees, the characters, the flying duck to drop you on the island. That seems like an odd method of appeal, but for this game, it works. In a brilliant move as well, this game doesn’t go far with violence in a way something like Happy Tree Friends might—it takes the cute animals, gives them weapons, and lets the player have fun without getting grossed out. The other thing you notice is, this is one of the first big 2D ‘battle royales.’ That might not seem like much but when playing the game, with shadows hiding close players, a map that zooms in on umbrella descent, you wonder why more developers haven’t taken advantage of the style.

Show Up, Stand Out, Stay Connected

Super Animal Royale is still in early access but that plays as a benefit. As the game is free, more people can join a match, see what they like and then reach the developers directly as they work to assess issues and create a better overall game. These developers in particular, Pixile, are extremely active on Twitter. In addition to that, this game seeks to further refine the age of the microtransaction. Because a lot of these games are free to play now, they need something drawing people to spend money and they adopt the idea that if ‘players stay, they’ll pay.’ Cosmetic items, new characters, all are well thought out with regards to progression and ‘DNA strands’ to keep the players coming back.

The ‘battle royale’ genre, like many popular genres before it, has become oversaturated. However, that doesn’t mean that new developers can’t bring new ideas to the table to reimagine the systems and bring about their own artistic approach. Super Animal Royale is a wonderful step toward seeing another facet of what the ‘battle royale’ genre is capable of offering.


With fast paced gameplay, tons of replayability, great customization and an adorable 2D art style—Super Animal Royale is a game to watch as it moves from early access to the mainstream.


  • Fantastic art direction
  • Great community
  • Loot, shoot and repeat!
  • Varied level environments


  • Few game modes offered
  • Limited objectives for replay value
  • Some expensive microtransactions

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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