Resident Evil 5

Download Resident Evil 5 and survive the horror in a terrifying co-op experience! Join Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar as they uncover the truth behind a deadly virus outbreak. Face your fears and play now!
a game by Capcom
Genre: Action
Platforms: XBox 360, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 3
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Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 5

For many fans, Resident Evil 5 is seen as the black sheep of the main Resident Evil series. To be fair following on from Resident Evil 4 was always going to be a hard task for any game to do. Capcom decided that keeping the more action focused gameplay of Resident Evil 4 was the way to…. As was forcing co-op!

Welcome Back Chris

The story of Resident Evil 5 is kind of hard to keep up with as there is what feels like a lot going on. The main character of the game is Chris Redfield who we had not seen since Resident Evil Code Veronica. He is part of an elite task force known as the BSAA that tracks down biological threats all over the world.

He is joined by a partner Sheva in Africa as they try to uncover what this new “plague” is that could mean the end for mankind. The story is one that I do enjoy and I think that the new “zombies” that the game introduced were great and I must be honest and say that I like these better than the ones from Resident Evil 4.

Bring A Friend!

One of the big things about Resident Evil 5 is the fact that Sheva and Chris have to work together. Capcom made this game with the intention of two people playing and working together. It is a great idea and Chris and Sheva can share items with each other which I do like. However, the execution of this nearly spoils the entire game for me.

If you play Resident Evil 5 on your own it can be one of the most frustrating experiences in the entire franchise. When playing as Chris you can tell the AI controlled Sheva what to do, but more often than not she will just do whatever the heck she wants. Add to this the way she wastes ammo and healing items it is like you have a constant handicap the whole time you are playing it. It can become very frustrating and you eventually have to start playing the game around her.

On the flip side of this if you have the chance to play Resident Evil 5 with a friend it is a blast! You guys really do have to watch each other’s backs and it is a real hoot to play through the game. I really would go as far as to say that playing Resident Evil 5 is like a completely different game!


Setting the game in Africa was met with some strange looks when it was announced, but Resident Evil 5 is one of the most interesting looking games in the whole series. You will be in run-down villages, shanty looking towns, research facilities, swaps, rivers and much more. The diversity on offer here in terms of the places you go is fantastic and one of the best things about the game.

I really do not think that any other game in the series has as much diversity as Resident Evil 5 does. This goes for some of the enemies too. Of course, you will be taking down many that all look the same, but some of the bosses (especially this bat looking thing) are really well done.

Get the Gold Edition!

Resident Evil 5 was the first game in the series to have DLC and it is DLC that is well worth the price of admission. You get two extra story chapters and one of them, Lost in Nightmares where you can play as Jill Valentine is even better than the main game of Resident Evil 5. It does cost around ten bucks more, but Lost in Nightmares is kind of a bridge between the action-packed Resident Evil 5 and the more survival horror Resident Evil 2.


I really do not hate Resident Evil 5. I think that when you are playing with a friend this game is great. I would actually score it an 8 or an 8.5 if you had a friend to play with. However, I cannot ignore the horrible AI when you are playing on your own. If you know for sure that you have someone to play with, Resident Evil 5 is a must buy. If you are only going to play it on your own, I would maybe wait until it goes on sale.


  • Some very cool and diverse locations
  • The co-op experience is truly fantastic
  • It has a pretty interesting story
  • Lots of action
  • The graphics still look great all these years later


  • Playing with the AI nearly ruins the whole game
  • You have to buy the Gold Edition to get the best experience

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Playstation 4

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Game Reviews

We've Been Waiting since March for Capcom's juggernaut. Their PC track record isn't exactly glowing, so it's been an apprehensive six months. Thankfully we have an excellently ported game on our hands. It isn't bursting with extras, but it has all that a PC port should have: working controls, improved graphics, and the same features as its console cousin.

By now you probably know the basics. A fictional African state is in disarray and Chris Redfield has been flown in by the BSAA to team up with local girl Shiva Alomar, in order to curb the bioterrorist threat. Naturally everything goes south. The locals are deranged, bleeding from the eyes, and their heads are exploding into a mass of tentacles. Just another day in paradise.

Unsurprisingly everyone else is a bit shit at staying alive, so it quickly comes down to you and your co-op partner. You can leave her in the hands of the competent Al, or if you've got a friend handy, they can jump in using Games For Windows - LIVE. Fighting through the game together does remove RE5's sense of isolation horror, but it makes it far more enjoyable.

Out Of Africa

For one, it makes the finicky inventory system manageable. While the inclusion of mouse support has lessoned its irritation factor, it's still awkward selecting things in the heat of battle. Capcom have implemented hot-swappable keys, but remembering the constantly changing items' number often makes them all but null and void. Still, after a bit of practice, you'll be dispatching the infected with ease.

Another PC plus point is the increased mobility that the mouse and keyboard brings. The controls work perfectly and gunplay is far more accurate due to the mouse's precision. The enemy hordes may lack L4D's frantic pace, but when they advance on you it's hard not to feel on edge. Ammo might be more abundant in RE5 than its predecessors, but that doesn't stop you from running out at crucial points so you'll still need to choose shots wisely.

Throw in higher resolutions (making a beautiful game even better), new outfits, upgradeable weapons, a fleshed out mercenaries mode, benchmarking, and 3D support, means you'll come back again and again to Resident Evil 5. We guarantee it.

Looking at Resident Evil 4 on the Wii reminds us how far the series' graphics have come. Better days are ahead, though, as our insiders tell us that the visual leap from RE4 to RE5 will just as big as what we saw from REO to RE4. Now that's hot.

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