Shrek Super Party

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a game by TDK Mediactive
Platform: GameCube
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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Shrek Super Party
Shrek Super Party
Shrek Super Party
Shrek Super Party

As party games go, I'm quite the fan. I've only gotten a chance to review a few, but without a doubt, any time my friends and I get a chance to waste a couple of hours in front of a console, our time is divided between party titles and FPS games. That said, I had a hard time reviewing Shrek if only for the fact that as party games go, it leaves much to be desired.

You'll start by picking one of six different characters from the film Shrek, each of which has more in common with a bobblehead doll than their film counterpart. The grossly swollen heads, while appropriately wacky and accurate to the film, really don't look that good, and are a bit of an eyesore. Beyond this, you'll also find that while many of the games arenas and venues seem to be drawn from elements in the film, they don't look very good (imagine a Dreamcast at times) and are rarely shown off.

Moving onto the gameplay, you'll find that it comes in one of two doses. Either you can play through each mini-game in the skirmish mode, trying out one at a time, or you can play the full party mode, with up to four people, progressing through a pseudo board game mode in order to collect bugs, and subsequently, the points you need to win. During the board game, you'll occasionally encounter challenges and small bonuses, but most of the time you'll be tested against the other players in a random assortment of mini-games.

And speaking of that, who thought up these mini-games? Some of them can be entertaining, but not only is the computer quite excellent at kicking one's ass, but the games themselves get little explanation, and are usually annoying to control or excel at. My particular hatred is reserved for the milk bottle game, wherein you throw milk bottles at one another with a 'hold button, wait for cursor to move out to range, release button' style gameplay. There's some redeeming quality to some of the simpler games, because I imagine you can't mess up something simple that badly (like the go cart race) but overall, the games themselves are usually dissatisfying.

The only real high point is the announcer, who regularly chimes in to let you know where you are, what game you're playing, and how much it sucks to be a character in Shrek Super Party. This game might be entertaining to kids, given that it has a simple design and lacks the more adult elements from the film, but it's still not a game I'd pay money for, no matter the cost.

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