Sniper: Ghost Warrior

a game by City Interactive S.A.
Platform: PC
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior
Sniper: Ghost Warrior
Sniper: Ghost Warrior
Sniper: Ghost Warrior

City Interactive Are mostly known for lower-than-bog standard stuff like Beauty Factory and those atrocious Art of Murder adventures, amazingly of which there are now three and counting. Sniper: Ghost Warrior is their attempt to push forward out of the bargain bin bollocks zone and into the mainstream area. The strange thing is, as a game with "sniper" in the title, there's a surprising amount of run-and-gun shooting.

The first thing you notice is that everything is very Modern Warfare-inspired, right down to the slow-motion door-busting room clearances on an oil rig. Familiar? Indeed it is. As is the part at the beginning where your spotter says, "You take the one on the left." After a couple of missions of sneaking around in the long grass, you switch to an assault team, attacking the aforementioned oil rigs and, from there, merging missions with the sniper, approaching the situation from different perspectives.

This all works pretty well, but considering the developers just ripped off a highly successful game, it's not surprising that they manage to get the basics right. Sniper never goes beyond the simplistic, copycat approach and never tries to, so at it's very, very best, this is an average-yet-enjoyable stealth-shooter. Sadly, it sinks below this level on too many occasions.

Lethal Bushes

A stealth-shooter has ensure its stealth element is spot on, and this is where S/GW falls down. It seems the best way to get through most areas is to find the route the game wonts you to take, because if you do the enemies don't seem to be able to spot you, regardless of how close you are. Deviate from this line a little and enemies will suddenly spring into life and mow you down. The combat side of things works better, but only in the previously discussed "does just enough" way.

As for the multiplayer, avoid it unless you love people crouching in bushes blasting you from miles away - it's all snipers, all the time. You rarely see an a fault with the sound, meaning you hear distant gunshots and death screams as if they were right next to you. To say this makes things mildly disorientating is an understatement. As a budget alternative to Modern Warfare 2, you could do worse than Sniper Then again, you could also do better, because Sniper's not on sale at a budget price. Only worth buying if you see it in a bargain bin.

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  • PC compatible
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