Space Colony

a game by Gathering
Platform: PC
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Space Colony
Space Colony
Space Colony
Space Colony

With life simulators like The Sims growing in popularity, aspects of this genre are being combined with other genres in an attempt to tap into that success. In the case of Space Colony, aspects such as being responsible for the main character's sleep, food intake, emotional state, and others have been combined with city management and defense aspects such as food collection, currency collection, building facilities, and strategically placing defensive structures. Combining different genre aspects together can be tricky business however as the balance of the game can be difficult to reestablish. Unfortunately, Space Colony falls victim to this kind of problem but it doesn't necessarily need to be shoved out the air lock either.

Space Colony revolves around establishing colonies on different planets using a few strong personalities to accomplish the job. Although there are plenty of tasks that always requiring attention such as collecting resources, building structures or facilities, and keeping up with your primary character's personal needs, often you're waiting and watching your main character finish some mundane task. For instance, the sleep bar may start to get low so you instruct the main character to sleep and wait till the bar is replenished. When you wake up, the food bar is low and you need to go eat and follow a similar process. The main issue with the game is the tedium of watching and waiting for the various bars to replenish which is involved in numerous tasks from generating power to communicating with others to keep up relationships.

The other issue with the game is the city management aspects are rather limited and require little strategy. Of course makes sense in some ways because a complex and challenging system would distract from keeping the personal needs of the main character attended to. It does however make for a shallow experience.

The graphics and audio aren't going to set any new standards but are suitable for the game. It would have been nice to see more animations and the voiceovers can become annoying, but overall fit the game adequately.

Although Space Colony puts forth a decent effort in meeting the aspects of a life simulator, the flow of the game can be cumbersome. Unfortunately, the other aspects of the game don't make a strong enough presence to overcome this and even seem out of place at times. If you're not interested in games like The Sims, you may want to pass on Space Colony.

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