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Like Haiku, life doesn’t always make sense, but it does always have lessons to teach. On some fundamental level, the order of things has always been the same, varying little.

Hidden and Dangerous 2

History repeats, historians often say, and after seeing all of the World War II titles on the market, I tend to agree.

Space Colony

The other issue with the game is the city management aspects are rather limited and require little strategy.

Railroad Tycoon II

You’ve been working on the railroad ... You run one of the leading railroad companies in the early United States.


The world is in despair as an evil magician threatens to usher in a new order of chaos.


You are Ragnar, a warrior who has been promoted quickly into adulthood, and as an accomplished fighter it is your job to protect your village's Rune stones from evil.

Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne

AoW2 is not a title you'd want to use as an introduction to the genre, any more than you'd want to teach your kid to drive a Maserati.

Rune: Halls of Valhalla

In the sacred halls of Valhalla near Odin's mighty fortress, great warriors who fought and died in battles share their stories, rising each day to fight anew until death claims them once more.

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

Those out there who have enjoyed such titles as Warlords and the Heroes of Might and Magic series will have an advantage of sorts, in that basic gameplay is similar.


Hell. 2:37 am. Tuesday. I had just finished staking the last of the vampires when the wire came from HQ.


This fall, we will see an invasion of a new generation of civilian aviation flight simulators.