Team Losi R.C. Racer

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a game by Fox Interactive, and Gremlin
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 5.7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Team Losi R.C. Racer
Team Losi R.C. Racer
Team Losi R.C. Racer
Team Losi R.C. Racer

People say:


Just to get it out of the way--don't spend your hard-earned cash on this game unless you have money to burn. Team Losi RC Racer looks like something that should've come out on the PlayStation about a year or two ago. Maybe then people would've been impressed. Now, it's pretty much sub-standard graphically, except for the fancy effects that seem to surround your car at all times. I have to admit, I had fun with Team Losi at first but the more I played it the more I realized how much I don't like the game. The physics model, whether it's realistic or not, is annoying on any course with hills or dips. Your car constantly flips over, the camera goes silly and you end up dropping to fourth place. Of course, you can hit the power-up gates to gain some speed or freeze the clock so you can regain first, but most of the time (perhaps due to the intense action or just poor use of colors) it's difficult to tell what color some gates are--specifically if they're blue or purple, or red or orange. The game's control isn't all that bad with analog, except for a strange power slide that I had a lot of trouble getting used to. The digital control is near impossible to get the hang of, so beware. Overall, renting Team Losi for the 2P Mode is a possibility, but outright buying it would be a mistake in my book.


I can't really see that having an official RC team license is of any benefit whatsoever in a game like this. It's a perfectly OK-ish 3D racing game with little cars rather than big ones. The flag-combo power-up system is a nice idea, and the handling's sweet (but only with a Dual Shock) but the frame-rate is choppy, the graphics are disgusting and the camera has some major problems. It's also very easy to win races. Great music though.


The camera bounces all over the place, the frame-rate is nasty and the graphics in Team Losi are enough to make you puke. The whole RC concept seems like a waste to be honest. Where are the cool environments? Losi is full of run-of-the mill boring locales. The power-up system is nicely implemented, but once you've got a grip with the controls it's an extremely easy game to beat. There are much better racers out there.


Remote Control car racing sounds like a novel idea which might translate really well into a game. Somewhere down the line however, Team Losi went from having this potential to becoming a bland, confusing mess. The tracks are very generic, and the game never really gives off the feeling that you're controlling an RC car. Top it off with a horrendous frame-rate and touchy controls and you've got one disappointing racer.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Ah, just what the world needs: one more radio-controlled-style racing game. Right? Wrong?! Well, Fox's new Team Losi RC Racer won't change your mind.

Although Losi is fast-paced with nicely hidden secrets and cool controls (the first of its genre to utilize the dual stick steering/accelerating interface), its graphics, which feature lots of detail with some clipping and seams, are merely acceptable. Plus, the music is too low-key (some tracks don't even have music!), while engine roars are overly tame.

Considering that Losi offers 16 cars, 15 tracks (plus eight bonus tracks), special power-ups, a two-player split-screen, and time attack or standard A.I.-opponent racing, this game's replay value is strikingly low. Every time a tough track appears, a strong new car is released that can whip it. With very little replayability and even less challenge, Losi's lost. It's an evening rental at best.


  • On Fungal Freeway, keep to the inside of the track, avoiding the water traps and mountains. A car with good acceleration and tight grip is best.
  • Chokey City is full of unexpected turns; the final one is a blind righty.


Well lookie here, Fox has given its best efforts to give you, the game player, a perspective on radio-controlled car racing. HAHAHAHA... good try. As you can tell, I was not very happy with this game at all. First of all, I am very familiar with R.C. car racing and have been for the past 10 years. As a matter of fact I have owned a couple of R.C. cars and they were made by LOSI. It sort of surprised me that they licensed this game. But enough with my raving and let's get on with the review.

Let me begin by explaining radio-controlled (or for short R.C.) racing. R.C. racing has many followers, whether it is airplanes, boats, dune buggies, trucks, or even Euro cars. There are many scales of these ranging from 1/10 (most common) to 1/4 scale racing. They also are divided into two categories: electric, and gas. The term R.C. means that a component is driven by radio frequency waves. Each car or airplane has crystals with a certain frequency that allows only one driver with the same frequency to control it. In gas you have the basic kit but yours relies on gas. In the electric type you basically have a car, battery pack, a receiver, motor, and a speed controller. The speed controller is what controls the speed of the car depending on how much pressure you have on your controller for the throttle. Your receiver is what picks up your commands from your controller to your car, it controls the throttle and steering. This is just the basics of R.C. Upon further investigation you will find yourself scratching your head and easily spending a lot more money.


This game could have been R.C. Pro Am 98. Instead you are left with a couple of choices for starter cars and tracks that do not exist in the R.C. racing circuit. I hope the disappointment in my writing is evident, since you couldn't see the disbelief on my face while playing this game. Fox Interactive had the right idea, but not enough time or just bad references. This game was destined to be a good game on the drawing board, but was shoved out into the aisles prematurely for the holiday rush. The reason I feel this way is because during the load times they show you a R.C. car with Japanese writing on the side. I know that this hobby is popular in Japan, but come on. If you are going to introduce a game into the U.S. market, at least make it believable.

I know, I should be talking about the gameplay... so here goes. Well, for starters, you begin with your basic menu screen which allows you to choose START or OPTIONS. The options let you mess with sound, button configuration, and other things of that sort. When you choose START, you are given your choice of R.C. cars to choose from. You have a wide selection of FOUR. I mean come on, I have found more blind, one-armed launch specialists at NASA than there were cars to choose from. Each car has a rating in the four categories under each car: Speed, Acceleration, Grip, and Weight. Again I have to stop: first of all, the car itself should just be rated for Weight and Grip. In "REAL" R.C. racing, the acceleration depends on the type of battery pack you have and the motor. Next, you are thrown into this new driving arena option area where you can choose to do Track Exploration or Challenge One or Two. You can only enter Level Two after completing Level One (sort of tricky, but bear with me). After you have selected a room, you will be transported into a driveable section area sort of like Mario World for N64. In this, you have to drive around and select a track for which you wish to race. When you make a selection, you then proceed to race a three lap race. I know, you are thinking "only three laps?" But in the R.C. world your car runs off of rechargeable batteries that draw a lot of power to run these modified motors. Aha, another problem I found was that my car ran on full energy until the race was over.

Once the race begins, there are little banners that you have to go through in a color sequence that give you power-up items. I did not like that aspect because there is none of this in R.C. Racing. I know that they are trying to make this fun, but I have yet to see a car become invincible while someone is driving it. They did a good job on some of the jumps, though. For instance, there were a variety of different landings which gave a realistic side to this game. When I happened to crash or land upside down, my car would automatically flip right-side up. They should have made a slower reaction time for that because in my racing days my car rarely made a turn like that. To make this game more enjoyable they should have incorporated money to buy hop-up parts for your car. For example I would have loved to buy a graphite chassis for my car, or even better shocks, or for that matter let me adjust the shocks for a smoother ride depending on the track conditions. If this game would have just left off the R.C. in the title I would not have been so critical in judging this game. But they didn't, so on with the teeth-pulling.

If you finished first in the race you could go onto another level and try something different, but if you were in second or third you would have to race again, otherwise you would have to race the track later to get to the next tracks. Which means you have to keep racing until you finish first. This was aggravating in the way that you just have to keep restarting if you have a bad first lap. There were times when I would lead the whole race and just before I finished a car would scream by me and win, just because he went through these banners in a certain order to get a turbo boost. That is a cool concept expect nothing like that exists in radio-controlled racing. They could have called it Fantasy Island Racing and had a little midget jump out and yell "The car...the car!"

I found this game hard at times and easy at others. It really had nothing to do with the level I was on but the cars that I chose, after time and once I was familiar with the track, I could win. After completing a level I was given another choice from my car selection. I really couldn't tell the difference in driving the different cars I had to choose from. I think it was all just for variety. The game is a simple plateau on which the goal is to complete every race in first in order to move on to the next level and attain a new car. The game also had a practice session which pitted me against the time clock to practice on the new tracks. The tracks were also a huge disappointment. On one track I was driving through Smurf Village, and the next I was in a tiny town with buildings. Since there are different types of R.C. car racing they could have capitalized on the thought of racing on oval tracks with Stock cars or Euro cars on wavy courses with qualifying heats. Or done what I thought they would have done, which was to race on dirt courses with dune buggies and trucks on tracks with wooptie-doos and a bunch of jumps. What would have really been great would be making this game like Gran Turismo, adding legible graphics on the cars and a variety of model cars to choose from.

In this section I usually go into other parts of the game that made it either enjoyable or flat-out boring. But in this game, all you have are the racing and the practice times. The only other thing I can think of was that there were shortcuts in some of the track areas, but I found myself trying to keep up with the bunch rather than looking for shortcuts.

In closing the gameplay section, I would have to say this is maybe, just maybe, a weekend rental at the most. I was very disappointed in the gameplay and definitely the lack of R.C. racing realism.


The graphics along with the gameplay made this game hard to keep in my collection. The cars were very grainy and rough, and the backgrounds and tracks were just too unreal for me to give a thumbs-up on. If they could just revamp this game and give the feel of what it's really like to drive an R.C. car with an overall perspective rather than a camera chasing behind the car, this would be a killer game. The soundtrack to the game fits the cartoon-like pics, and had me waiting for Porky Pig to come out and tell me that was all.

Bottom Line

If you are into radio-controlled cars and such, run away screaming from this game. If you have $40.00 and you bet on the Padres winning the World Series, this game is for you. In all honesty, this game had great potential to be a real kick ass game. I hate too see an R.C. game bite the dust, but this one bit it big. I would recommend this game to kids around the age of 10-12 because of the non-violent theme and the racing is easy for a kid to pick up. Hopefully next time Fox will put out a game for us older players who can't afford the hobby of R.C. racing, but can give us the thrills of it.

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