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a game by Osaris Games
Platform: PC (2022)
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In 2022 the genre of urban sandboxes was enriched by another interesting project. It is a game called Technicity, in which users can create not only a large-scale metropolis, but also the whole world. Let's look at the key features of the project, and consider its advantages and disadvantages compared to competitors.

The sandbox inside the computer

The Technicity project is a full-fledged sandbox with an open world. It was released by Osaris Games studio in September 2022. And the company RockGame S.A. is responsible for promoting the game.

Visually, Technicity is a first-person sandbox game built on a fast, full 3D engine. Distinctly it reminds of a mixture of such hits as Minecraft and SimCity. And in some ways it even surpasses them.

Create a unique world from scratch!

Like in most other sandboxes, Technicity gives the user complete freedom of action. The game starts with the choice of mode. You can start the big build alone or in co-op with other users.

After selecting a mode and starting a new world, the player finds himself in a huge territory, which he has to change at his discretion. To do this the user has all the necessary tools. The first thing to do is to terraform the landscape. Then you can begin to build the first structures. For the construction of buildings are available:

  • Dozens of tools and building materials
  • Various equipment

To speed up the process of building your own city, it is desirable to use not only the pickaxe, but also more modern technology. For example, a drone will allow you to quickly move between objects. And the massive multi-ton cranes allow you to erect skyscrapers in seconds.

Choose the pace and scale of construction

It's up to the player to decide whether to begin life in a new world with the construction of a modest building, or to go straight to the creation of a huge metropolis. And for each object you can either use existing materials or get unique blocks. To do this you need to combine several resources and see what the result will be.

Advantages and disadvantages

The game entices with wide possibilities and freedom of action. Its key advantages compared to competitors are:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Hundreds of available resources and items
  • The ability to create giant objects
  • Management of different types of equipment
  • Access to create unique materials and structures

Among the disadvantages are the FPS drawdown on weak PCs and the small number of users on the servers for cooperative play. However, keep in mind that the project was released recently. It has not yet acquired a large community. Although the developers are trying to release patches and updates quickly, to attract the attention of as many people as possible.


Fans of modern sandboxes who enjoy building and crafting different items, Technicity will definitely like it. At least because of the nice graphics and an incredible amount of features.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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