The Spirit and the Mouse

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a game by Alblune
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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The Spirit and the Mouse
The Spirit and the Mouse
The Spirit and the Mouse
The Spirit and the Mouse

Many would agree that there's no better feeling than helping those in need, and that seems to be the only goal in the life of Lila, a charitable mouse that brings happiness to the people of Sainte-et-Claire in The Spirit and the Mouse.

This beautiful narrative experience delivers a heartwarming story with a good amount of charm. Beyond the pretty visuals and outstanding musical score, this title gives off a pleasant atmosphere which makes it an ideal way of unwinding after a hectic day at work or school.

A Charming Story

Everything in The Spirit and the Mouse seems to be meticulously designed to melt your heart away; from the way the characters behave (in particular how they're animated) and the cheerful music, all combine together to create an incredibly charming experience. This applies not only to the main story but also to the short side quests and minigames scattered throughout the game.

After a thunderstorm, Lila the mouse reunites with Lumion, a light spirit. The tiny mouse discovers that she now has electric powers: just what she needs to help the villagers of Sainte-et-Claire with their power issues. It's as if Chibi-Robo! and Elebits came together as one – only with an electric mouse as the protagonist.

From a Mouse's Perspective

Since you play as Lila the mouse in this game, there are many possibilities when it comes to exploring the many mysteries of Sainte-et-Claire. Besides being small enough to fit into almost every nook and cranny, your electric powers also open up some interesting options for traversal.

While the game's focus is clearly the plot and narrative aspects, the animations and overall presentation have also been favorably polished.

Lila can use her electrical powers to activate doors, climb on the roofs of houses, and even jump across chasms and gaps. Her movement feels great and fluid, allowing for easy control.

The residents of Sainte-et-Claire all look very lively thanks to their animations, even if most are just silhouettes behind the glass of their storefronts. This artistic decision helps with the overall "storybook" feel the game's going for.

Simply Wholesome

The Spirit and the Mouse is one of those games that just makes us feel good when we play it. There's something about the charming visuals and the overall theme of helping others that simply turn the game into a wholesome experience from start to finish.

It's essentially a puzzle platformer version of Animal Crossing: one where the townies have to deal with electric problems on a daily basis, though. If you're looking for a fun game filled with cute and cuddly characters who really need your help, then definitely check out The Spirit and the Mouse.

On the other hand, there might be some issues here and there that make it impossible to recommend this game to just about any kind of player. For starters, it's very easy to beat. If you're looking for a game that puts your skills to the test, The Spirit and the Mouse might not be what you're looking for.


The Spirit and the Mouse is an impressive feat in the realm of wholesome games. It has an excellent storyline, wonderful visuals, and superb design elements. Anyone fond of puzzles and charming characters will absolutely love this title.


  • Beautiful art style and solid controls
  • Delightful soundtrack
  • Strong and heartfelt storytelling


  • Easy to complete
  • A bit short

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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