Tiny Toons

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a game by Konami
Platform: GameBoy
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Tiny Toons
Tiny Toons
Tiny Toons
Tiny Toons

The popular cartoon series, Tiny Toons, now have their own GameBoy game. Babs wants to learn how to be an actress, so Buster, Ham-ton, Plucky, and Dizzy must help her fulfill her dreams!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

They're tiny, they're Toony, they're all a little loony. They're the stars of the #1 kids-of-all-ages animated show on TV, they're Steven Spielberg's cartoon creations, and now they have their own Game Boy cart from Konami. They're the Tiny Toons! And you're invited to their first handheld adventure.

Babs Goes Big Time

Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation) are known as the hip-happenist Toonsters at Acme Looniversity. But when Babs goes Hollywood and auditions for a starring role in an Acme Loo theater production, greedy Montana Max goes cash crazy (so what else is new?) and tries to zone off the theater as his own private vault -with Babs locked inside. Buster's not one to blow a gasket, but now he's hoppin' mad! Along with pals Plucky Duck and Hamton Pig, he vows to bounce Monty's check before Babs is hare fricassee.

Ihie-to-TV Looks and Sounds

So you want to 'Toon-in" some great music and graphics? Tiny's cartoon characters are animated like a charm, and the theme song is rendered astonishingly well on the GB. This cart is as sweet to the senses as it is fun on the thumbs!

Exchange Students

You play the three amigos, Buster, Plucky, and Hamton, and you can switch off between the Toons any time. You get two Montana-bashing moves: the standard stomp-jump and the fruit toss (carrots for Buster, pineapples for Plucky, and watermelons for Hamton). They share three lives, but you can find more along the way. You also get two continues. Each character has his own personality quirks, but they all play basically the same. If you're a Toon watcher, you know and love the cast, even the "extras." So some of your fav furry and feathered friends make cameo appearances to lend a helping hand...or paw.

Let's Party, Buster Style

You take the Toony trio through four levels of Acme Acres hilariousity. You begin your quest for Babs' safe return in the back lots of the Looniversity, where you fight off Rodney Rats and rolly-poly armadillos. In Level 1 that Tasmanian bud, Dizzy Devil, will help you burrow under a cliff if you can find him first.

Next you hit the streets and the sewers in Level 2, and you must survive pipe mazes and a train trip. Furball the cat knows the ins and outs of the back alleys, and he'll guide you through if you can defeat him at a game of hide-and-seek.

Level 3 is a spook-fest of a forest with a creepy Ghost House at the end. Fifi the skunkette uses her tail's odoriferous emanations to make the evil trees clear the way fa you to proceed.

The Acme company is the self-proclaimed "leader in defective gadgetry," so when Calamity Coyote gives Buster a ride on his Rocket Bike at the beginning of Level 4, you can bet it's fast, it's scary, and it HAS NO BRAKES. Yikes! To make this trip hell on wheels, every hare's worst-playmate-of-the-century nightmare, Elmyra, chases after your tail. And finally Shirley the Loon gives you a lift to Monty's mansion with her mystical powers at the end of the level. If you daw your way to the big house you'll be staring down the cartoon pipe at plenty of Toon-splat-ting gadgetry.

Toon Diversions

Somewhere in each level you can play special bonus games for ammo, points, prizes, and extra lives. There's a "Whack the Mole" game only you have to 'Whack the Monty," there's a race-off between you and your choice of Tiny Toon opponents, and you can play a Toon slot machine. The games cost money, so grab cash icons and Toon-in when you can.

Dat's All Folks!

Tiny Toon Adventures is as light-hearted as its broadcast big brother, and if you like the show, you'll love each and every screen in the portable rendition! You don't need to be a pro gamer to beat this cart, so Toonsters young and old are invited. Even after you win once, you'll come back to this "Anvil Symphony" of video gaming over and over again. No doubt about it, you'll earn your Toon degree in no time!


  • To win at the Montana Mash game, be quick and return to the center of the screen after you bash a rat If a Monty pops up, sock him for a super bonus score!
  • After you speiunk through an underground passage and appear later on the surface, backtrack to enter bonus games you might have missed while you were underground.
  • Press Right to accelerate your Rocket Bike out of Eknyra's all-too-loving aims, but slam on the brakes before each pit and jump.
  • Dodge backwards when the forest ghouHes drop pine cones from the trees.
  • To dust Arnold the bullydog stand in the middle of the basketball court and hop over him each bme he charges at you. Stomp his head when he rests and poses for the crowd. Be fast or be slam-dunked.
  • While you're riding the train walk through the walls of the cab compartments to find bonus goodies.
  • Bounce off the moving cart to reach FuftaWs Level 2 hideaway.
  • Use an enemy's head as a springboard to hop extra high. Hold Up to enter inverted tree stumps.
  • To feed Dizzy his dinner at the end of Level 1, rotate the shelves bearing chow and he'll have a full belly. Watch out for hazardous'to-your-health spikes!

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