Toshinden 3

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a game by Takara
Genre: Fighting Games
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 7 votes
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Toshinden 3
Toshinden 3
Toshinden 3
Toshinden 3

People say:


Battle Arena Toshinden 3 came in like a lamb and will leave the same way. I believe. Virtually nobody expected this title so soon after BAT2. and it shows. The engine has been barely updated, with the exception of the truly beautifully smooth 60 frames-per-second mode. Gone are the ring outs, which was for me was a big factor of the game. It screams cop-out. as if sacrificing a solid strategic gameplay element was worth the new frame rate. It isn't Also, the control is even choppier than part 2 of the trilogy. I am a strong advocate of the first of the series, which had far smoother gameplay. On a good point. Battle Arena Toshinden 3 has the most characters ever, a whopping 32. and you even get an "evil" mid-Boss to square off against your "good" playable character. A la Tekken, once you win the game with your character. the mid-Boss becomes selectable. Not original, but it's a cool incentive to master each character. The game's balance is a little off-kilter. with characters like Gaia holding the powerful hand in most fights. Former high-rollers, like Ellis, are reduced to relying on their desperation attacks to win. This is bad form, and shows how this game was literally pushed out the door, a growing trend in video games lately. As a whole. BAT3 is only slightly above average, and that's pushing it.


Here's another good example of a fighting game with lots of options and tons of characters that I couldn't get into. The graphics look nice but often are too flashy-almost overkill. Some of the attacks are some of the coolest around, especially the ones when guns are used. Still, Toshinden is a solid buy simply for the amount of characters.


Toshinden 3 is full of pizazz, but it's overdone. Combos are too easy to execute (two-button, 21-hit combos? No skill needed there!), and the game lets you juggle too much. But if you don't take this game too seriously, you can have fun with it Like Killer Instinct or X-Men, it's a different style of fighting game that's fun. but is more flash and style than technique.


This newest Toshinden-the best-looking of the series-may be packed with new characters, but there's nothing new about its ultra-simple gameplay. The arenas may have been enclosed, but now it's almost as easy to juggle opponents against the walls as it was to knock them out of the ring in past games. Press random buttons really fast and you'll do fine.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The year 1997 is definitely the year of the "three" sequels. There is Street Fighter III, Tekken 3 and now. Battle Arena Toshinden 3 is corning to the PlayStation.

In this rendition, it seems that Takara has a keen eye on the play mechanics of the PS megahit Tekken. The first thing added was a double amount of characters. Now, all the regular cast have their semi-different doppelganger versions. As in Tekken. beating the game will allow you to play as the sub-Bosses. There are also two hidden characters that only Toshinden masters will be able to play as.

As with many fighting games lately. Toshinden 3 has an extended combo system. You can now pull off multiple- hit combos as well as juggling moves. With proper usage of the special moves, you can trap an opponent against a wall (that's right-no more ring-outs) for some massive combo damage.

The newest type of special maneuver is called the Soul Bomb. As the name suggests, it is a type of smart bomb that will rip through the other fighter if he/she is in range. The number of Soul Bombs at your disposal depends on the number of rounds you fight in per match.

Adding a bit more strategy is the super powerful Parry Attack and the ability to rebound yourself off of a wall and attack the person who just knocked you into it.

There are two different video modes that allow you to view the action in 30 or 60 frames per second. Sixty frames moves smoother and faster, but you lose the textures. Choose which mode is best for you.

With so many characters and special features, Toshinden 3 will have fans of the first two games returning for another round of fighting action.

  • MANUFACTURER - Playmates
  • THEME - Fighting
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

When the PlayStation was first released, one of the games that helped to sell the system was Battle Arena Toshinden. Now, only about a year and a half later, the third Toshinden game is making its debut on Sony's polygon-pushing machine.

When the second game was released, many complained that it didn't add enough to the series other than a few new characters. It seems as though the creators have been listening, because there are ample new features to keep fans of the series happy.

The most noticeable new feature is the incredible number of playable characters. There are a whopping 32 characters to choose from, if you are skilled enough to learn them all. Like the PlayStation's other big 3-D fighting series Tekken, beating the game with different characters allows you to play as a particular sub-Boss. The sub-Bosses are all variations of their main opponent. For instance, Sofia's sub-Boss is Zola, another whip-wielding vixen who dresses like Cat Woman and Kayin's double Ten Count who looks and moves like Michael Jackson.

In addition to all the sub-Bosses, there are new "regular" players as well. Shizuku is a graceful female fighter who bears more than a passing resemblance to Aoi from Virtua Fighter 3, and Nagisa looks like he can compete with Vermilion with his giant gun. All the action takes place in enclosed arenas, where you can slam your opponents up against the walls for some wild-looking juggle moves. Another cool feature about the walled arenas is that if you are thrown into a wall, you can rebound yourself off of it to counterattack your enemy.

The addition of the new "Soul Bomb" attack will really help you pull off the juggle combos. They are a type of super move that cause tremendous damage as well as a rather impressive light show. Other flashy moves such as the Overdrive and Desperation moves return from the older games.

Graphically, the game looks great. There are two graphic modes available that allow the game to run at either 30 or 60 FPS. If you choose to run the game in the 60 Frames Per Second Mode, there is a loss of texture maps and background detail, but the game moves incredibly fast Even in the 30 FPS Mode, the game runs smoothly.

While Battle Arena Toshinden 3 may not be the most strategic fighting game on the market, it is still a ton of fun. The incredible number of unique characters, hidden secrets and expansive plot line keep this series fresh even after three games.

Just when you thought it was safe to battle in this arena again (especially after the debacle of To-shinden URA for the Saturn), along comes Battle Arena To-shinden 3. Although this version is better than Toshinden 2 for the PlayStation, it's still not good enough to be classed with Tekken, Virtua Fighter 2, or even Tobal No. 1.

What separates this game from the Japanese version are the Battle and Practice modes. You can also alter the frame rate for faster fighting (toggling between 30 and 60 frames per second), but that gives you even simpler backgrounds, reducing some to just blocks of polygons.

The simple gameplay and one-button special moves really kill BAT3's overall fun (slowdown also affects the game's continuity). Additionally, the fighters, although unique in appearance, are too similar in their fighting styles.

Toshinden 3 isn't a bad game, it just can't compete with the fluidity of Star Gladiator or the awesome destructive fighting style of Tekken 2. If you've beaten every other fighting game to date, then check out BATB. Otherwise, rent it, return it, and remain true to good fighting games like Soul Blade or Street Fighter Alpha 2.


  • Simultaneously press the R1 and R2 triggers to activate your fighter's super move when their life bar is flashing red.
  • The uppercuts of some fighters, like Ellis, can hit a downed opponent. Use this cheap move to advance quickly through the game.
  • Use the comers of the battlefields to your advantage. Most players will bounce off a wall when hit and land directly in front of you. Take tin's opportunity to string more hits to your combo.
  • Use your ground attack special moves after you stun your opponent with a hit.


Although Toshinden a step up from the last BAT (but not nearly as good to look at as Tekken 2), the game's cheesy, simplistic backgrounds take away from the fun. The special moves are colorful, but far from impressive.


Some of the music pulses with a driving beat, but most of it follows the path of mediocrity set by the other sound effects--bland and simple.


Delays in the movement of the sprites intensify the choppy gameplay. Special moves are again relegated to certain single-button presses.

Fun Factor

What's to like about Toshinden 3? It's a fun game for beginners, and the cheap, easy moves are a good diversion for your little brother or sister. It's certainly out of Soul Blade or Street Fighter's league, though, and is only mildly entertaining.

Now that 32-bit fighting games have advanced to the point of near perfection (with stellar titles like Star Gladiator, Soul Blade, and Tekken 2), gamers often forget what the first wave of fighting games looked like. After all, Toshinden, one of those originals, is easily a forgettable game.

Not so with Toshinden 3. This weapons-based fighting game is smoother, with less graphical breakup and cleaner, more detailed fighters. It also features 30 characters, more explosive special moves, and screen-clearing super moves. The U.S. version includes options, such as tournament and practice modes, that aren't available in the Japanese version. Don't pass up this one on name alone.

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