Tekken 2

Download Tekken 2 and return to the iconic fighting tournament! Choose from a diverse roster of fighters, master their unique skills, and claim the title of King of Iron Fist. It's time to prove your might and play now!
a game by Namco Ltd.
Genre: Fighting Games
Platforms: Arcade, Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 4 reviews, 9 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 224 votes
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Tekken 2
Tekken 2
Tekken 2


I am going to make this review short and straight to the point. Ready? This game is one of the top three games available for the Playstation and you must go buy it. It is worth every penny of the price. Thanks for coming. Don't forget to tip your waitress, drive carefully and see you next time!

I know, that is not good enough. My job would be way too easy if that was all that I needed to write. Okay, so on a more serious note, Tekken 2 is the second game of the incredibly successful Tekken series. The original title was good, but was plagued with minor glitches here and there. Now, Namco has fixed the graphical glitches, added more characters and made the best fighting game ever.

So what is new in this game other than the graphical improvements? I'm glad you asked. First, let's start off with new characters and new bosses. Next, let's move over to the three new modes of gameplay (Survival, Battle and Practice). Of course, we have 23 new fighting backgrounds that are graphically pleasing to the eye. Rounding off the whole stack is the incredibly fluid animations of each fighter without ever running into any slowdown.


For those people who have not played Tekken, let me explain the premise of the games. These games are 3D fighting titles at its best. There are a number of options that can be changed but the basic idea is the same as most fighting games. You have a life bar that depletes as you get hit by the other fighter and likewise for the opponent's life bar as you hit him. The idea is to knock the life bar to zero and win the match. That is all there is to it.

Enough of that. Let's talk about gameplay. The best part of the gameplay in Tekken 2 is the speed of the game. I really get annoyed with fighting games that are slow and unresponsive. When I hit the buttons or move, I want to have the character perform the move at the same time. This is apparently more difficult to program than it is to say because this is a major flaw in some other games on the market. Not Tekken 2. Every button push is instantaneous. This is a fast paced game that really pulls you into the action.

Some new characters make their video game debut in this game. Well, that is not entirely true. The first new character is Heihachi. He was in the first game but was only a boss and not selectable to play. He is now available and ready to go. The next new character is Jack-2. Once again, Jack is not really new to the scene but is just more redefined than his predecessor. A totally new character on the scene is Lei. He is a detective on the Hong Kong International police force. The final new entrant is Jun. Jun is an officer of the Wildlife protection agency. Her entrance is to stop the evil Kazuya, who is known for smuggling animals. With the new characters combined with the old, the total number of playable characters at the beginning of the game is 10. If you play the game in arcade mode and finish it with each character, their boss becomes a playable character. This brings the total number to 20, plus a few more surprises.

One thing that made the first game so good was the ease of the controls. This holds true in the second title as well. I must commend the developers for not jumping on the 40-button push sequences just to do a move. They have kept the controls simple enough that most people will be able to pull off even the coolest of moves with just two or three button pushes. What this does is give new players the ability to perform most of the special moves and the die-hard players can master the more difficult ones as they learn the game. What this amounts to is anyone can pick up a controller, be instructed of the basics and have a good time.

Along the same lines of the characters attacks, Namco has done something which may prove to be revolutionary. In the middle of each match, you can pause the game and go to a screen that shows you all of the documented moves for the character you are playing and shows the correct button locations to pull off the moves. That's right, no more crumpled-up manual next to you on the floor. No more magazine strategy guide that lists all the moves. Nope, it is all available, on screen, with the push of a button. I think we will see this idea in more than a few upcoming titles.

As if just playing the game wasn't good enough, Tekken 2 has added some new modes that are a blast. The first new mode is the Survival mode. In this mode, you fight to see how many opponents you can defeat before your life meter runs out. This means that your life does not rejuvenate between fights so there is no squeaking out victories only to be refreshed for the next fight. Next is the Team Battle mode. This allows you to choose the number of characters to play and you fight with each until they lose. After they lose, you move to your next character selected and continue with that character until they lose. I really enjoyed this mode as it allows you to play different characters in the same game.

The only thing that I found disappointing with the game really has nothing to do with the gameplay. I was really let down by the endings of each character. In the first game, all of the endings were entertaining and added to the story. The endings in this game are 15 second clips that almost seem like an afterthought. After working that hard at defeating the game, I wanted a better reward. Also, since the endings in the first were so good, I figured they would only be better in the second. I was let down a bit.


All I can say is wow. The graphics are so good that it is almost scary. From the almost lifelike intro to the beautiful backgrounds, the graphics are a winner. This game deserves some kind of award for the cinematics for the intro; even the endings are excellent graphically, but disappointing in content. The new fighting backdrops are all carefully drawn and perfect. The biggest problem with the first game was graphical break-up and various tweaks. Not anymore. All of those problems have been corrected, and it may be fair to say that this is the smoothest game on the market.

Bottom Line

Tekken 2 is definitely not a disappointment. The creators could have skated by on name alone to sell this game, but really went the distance to improve on the first and release a better game. Boy, did they hit the mark. The fighting engine is awesome. The graphics are awesome. The characters' moves are awesome. This game just plain kicks ass. Go buy it right now and you will thank me after only a few rounds.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Faster, Bolder, Bigger, Brutal, Tekken 2 has it all. Namco is following up Tekken with a sequel that will leave you breathless. Flat shading of the characters in real time will leave you speechless and the all-new backgrounds and higher speed will finish the job on your soggy brain. To keep consumer interest up, Namco has included a bunch of secret codes for gamers to discover as well as a "Time Release" feature which will make a new sub-boss appear on the character-select screen in the arcade every week. Cool!

Namco's PlayStation release of Tekken set high standards for 3-D fighting games. Their original title shocked gamers with unsurpassed rotational effects. These amazing visual effects set the basis that many other companies would be attempting to clone for their own titles in the following months and even now. With the Namco minds looking into the future, they found themselves trying to top a title that was designed to surpass all others. What they released was the second version in the series that features more playable characters and new stage backgrounds to give the visual end a serious facelift. Unlike most sequels, the story is an exact continuation of the first one, bringing all of the same excitement into the next stage of development. The game begins with Heihachi climbing back up the cliff he was thrown off by his son Kazuya to once again claim the title of King of the Iron Fist.

In the process of being ported over from the arcade, Namco has tastefully added cinemas at the beginning and end of the game to liven up the playing experience for players used to the coin-op version. The Bosses have their own ending cinemas as well. Tekken 2 has added five characters in addition to the 18 characters found in the original. The characters still have the same polygon feel, but the clean quality of the original has taken a back seat to the eye-catching stage and screen backgrounds. Technical additions to this release includes team battle, survival, Time Attack Options and an auto-save feature.

Similar to the original Tekken, Tekken 2 characters all have 10-hit combos which can be achieved with the same "button tapping" technique. Players of the first game will find it quite easy to pick up a controller and start playing since many of the players' special moves and throws are the same. Fortunately, Namco added new moves to the existing characters from Tekken.

Once you were thrown in Tekken, you were a "sitting duck" and a mandatory hit usually followed. Namco fixed that problem by adding a "side roll" to roll out of the way and Counter Strikes. Some characters have Counter Strikes, which are similar to Alpha Counters, in which once your opponent attacks, you then counter and return the favor, taking off a nice chunk of energy. Namco decided to give some existing characters a visual overhaul, including Yoshimitsu with his new robotic arm, P-Jack and Jack 2 and Kunimitsu who is looking and sounding more like a girl than before.

Loyal Tekken followers and fans of the second-generation stand-up are bound to fall into Tekken 2 on the PlayStation. If you are ready to move up to the next level in the Tekken series and be a part of the interesting world of characters, you should not bypass T2. It is an unbelievable title that must be experienced to thoroughly enjoy. Until summer of '96 however, players will have to just wait patiently for the second of hopefully a long line of easily playable fighting titles.

  • THEME - Fighting
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

People say:


I love this game. It's been said idly before but this time it's for real. Seriously though, Tekken 2 is probably the best fighter of the year for me. It's much different than the Street Fighter Alpha-type but that's why it's so refreshing, and it's 100 percent better than the first Tekken. The combos are incredible--you can almost feel the hurt. There's a good variety between the characters and plenty of hidden characters to choose from. I like that anyone can play this one and have fun. You don't have to memorize the controls to play T2, although it could help your longevity. The graphic is flawless and the opening is awesome.


If I'm playing a fighting game, I usually prefer something flashier, like games with fireballs and crazy combos. Tekken 2 does not have the former, but definitely has the latter. This game is deep-so many combos to leam with so little time. That's what gives this title its value: the long term play. You might get bored playing it in the beginning, but if you stick with it long enough (and have friends who are willing to play that long with you), you might just get hooked. Having so many characters to play helps as well. My favorite parts of the game are the holds and throws. Seeing them makes you want to go "ouch.'


It's about dam time this game was released in the U.S. Tekken 2 is the best 3-D fighting game you can find for any system, and the PlayStation version is even better than the arcade game. You can choose from 23 characters (11 initial fighters, their Bosses and one final Boss), and each combatant can pull off dozens of moves, combos and arm- and neck-snap-ping throws. Unlike in the arcade game, each fighter has his or her own beautifully rendered ending. The polygon drop-out problems of the original are virtually non-existent in Tekken 2, and the fighters now swivel their heads to follow opponents.


Undoubtedly one of the top three fighters of the year, Tekken 2 is what a sequel should be. Although not a lot has changed on the surface besides a few more fighters, there are many new features that are hidden beneath the surface that induce one of the best features any fighting game can have: a Practice Mode. You can work on your combos privately without being bashed by the computer or another opponent The characters have dropped a little in polygon smoothness, but this Is made up for in game speed and playability. This title really has personality: the personality to kick the snot out of you.

Fighting game fans the world over hailed the first Tekken as an original, enjoyable fighting game with tons of moves, combos, and specials. But Virtua Fighter 2 came along that same year, spurring a serious debate about which game was better.

Now comes Tekken 2, and simply put, it blows away the competition. More moves, more characters, and more depth make this the king of fighting games. And with nothing more on the horizon for home systems (even Nintendo's KI 2 is no match for Tekken 2), this king should reign for some time.

Both the graphics and sound have been vastly improved. The moves are also more intricate, and now include counterattacks, linking moves (a la Killer Instinct), and multihit combos. This broad array of features makes Tekken 2 a great experience for the novice as well as the seasoned fighter.

Tekken 2's Practice Mode also establishes this game as a standout. Learn a combo, pull off special moves, even learn the counterattacks against a computer "dummy." If you've never played a fighting game before, you'll still be able to learn this one.

But if you're a fighting game fan who needs a challenge, Tekken 2 has it. Hidden characters and a plethora of moves still lay undiscovered in the game. But only dedicated practice and some serious ass-whuppin' will reveal all that Tekken 2 has to offer. Are you up to it? We thought so.


  • Keep running toward your opponent and you'll bowl them over if you're uncontested.
  • Leaping on top of your downed opponent doesn't work well against the computer.
  • Throwing opponents from behind showcases several types of throws.
  • Tap → , → , then tap → again when close to the opponent. Immediately press the IP and RP buttons repeatedly to smack your opponent around.
  • Yoshimitsu has a dangerous, but showy, move. Tap RK, LK to thrust-kick your opponent into the air, then as they descend, do the Suicide by simultaneously tapping (↓ LP RK). Massive damage...minimum trouble.
  • Nina has a wicked short-range move. Tap → ,→, LP to execute it.
  • To execute Jack 2's small-but damaging-three-hit combo, simultaneously hold ↓-and tap (IP RP), then tap (LP RP), (IP RP) as the opponent is descending.
  • Simultaneously hold ← and tap (LP RK), then tap RK to do Lei's super move, which can leave you wide open for a counterattack. Initiate it when your opponent is on the ground. It has amazing reach.
  • To do Heihachi's super move, hold ↓ , then simultaneously tap (LP RK).
  • To inflict damage with Michelle's super move, simultaneously hold → and tap (LP RK). Follow this with a quick RP, LP uppercut, then a foot sweep for a damaging combo.


Tekken 2's polygonal rendering doesn't lose a thing in the translation from the arcade. Beautiful, moody backgrounds and smooth fluid movement make Tekken 2 as gorgeous as it is lethal.


Each character has unique music, all well done. But the breaking bones are the real sonic stars. The sound effects are so crisp and clear, you'll wince. Nice effects from the fighters, too.


Can seem to get the control down? Tekken 2's Practice Mode walks you through the ten-hit combos. When you pause the game, you can access a list of the fighters' special moves.

Fun Factor

Tekken 2 is every fighter's dream. Great moves, depth, tons of secrets... if you've played it for five minutes and don't want to own it, you're too jaded. It reigns over everything else so far, and will for the rest of the year.

Like its predecessor, Tekken 2 for the PlayStation looks and plays just like the arcade version.

Combos, Counters, and Throws

Tekken 2 should deliver the new combos, counters, and special moves with all the power of King's neck-breaker submission hold. As in the arcade, expect all the new moves, including Law's leg takedown and Paul's body tackle.

Also, you can take advantage of the new recovery system that enables your downed fighter to get back up in any number of offensive or defensive ways. While it will probably appear in Japan first, Tekken 2 will surely be as addicting as the coin-op game-so keep practicing those 10-hit combos!

The Lineup

One of your favorite quar-ter-munchers, Tekken 2, busts onto the PlayStation with the same great lineup of fighters you've come to love in the arcade. In this tournament to overthrow Devil Kazuya, Heihachi joins the selectable ranks along with new characters Lei and Jun. Sure enough, you'll find other bizarre hidden characters like Bruce (the kickboxer), Roger (the kangaroo), and Alex (the dinosaur).

The Tekken dynasty is as old as the PlayStation. The original Tekken was a rudimentary, yet exciting fighting game that showed promise. Then Tekken 2 came along and blew everything else away.

Tekken 2 was a showcase for polygon fighters, much like Virtua Fighter 2 was for the Saturn. But what Tekken 2 did for the genre was to add a depth to fighting games that was unparalleled--then and now. Tekken 2 made fighting games fun. complex, and meaningful. And it did so by using fluid graphics, great moves, and truly spectacular diverse fighting styles.

The characters in Tekken 2 soon became household names--Paul, King, Lei, Law--and with them came a whole new vocabulary for fighters: counter moves, linking moves, face-slap combos, etc. All of this brought awe into the arena and recruited a whole new generation of Street Fighter-weary vets to the I ekken fold. Namco has decided to re-release Tekken 2 at the price of $19.95, which is a serious bargain considering it's hard to find this classic fighter. Every gem sees the light of day. Pick yours up before someone steals it.

Sub-Bosses, Super Deformed Characters, and Punch-Out Mode

Play as the Sub-Bosses:

To play as any of the characters' alter egos, finish the game with any character. Set the game to Easy, the timer to the lowest match time, and the fights to one round. Save the hidden characters to the memory card.

Super Deformed Characters:

Do the trick outlined above. Whenever you select a fighter for a one- or two-player game, hold Select. Your character will be larger than normal. If the winner of two rounds continues to hold Select for the next match, his fighter will be even bigger.

Punch-Out Mode:

You must have access to the sub-bosses and hidden fighters with the memory card. At the character-select screen, press and hold LI and L2. Select your fighter. When the match starts, you'll be in first-person view and will fight as a wire-frame image of your character.

Although there appears to be a drop in the polygon count, the characters are wonderfully light-sourced and even more realistic than in the original game. Best of all, the animation is smoother and more complex.

Brand-new characters and a widely expanded plot mean that Tekken 2 is altogether more involving and interesting than the first incarnation.The new characters also ensure more durable gameplay.

The all-new rendered intro not only reveals a good bit of plot, it also ensures that you'll be hooked into watching the end sequences too.These are even better animated than the ones in Tekken and explain quite a lot about the bizarre range of characters and their previous lives. Of course, some of the endings are completely insane, leaving you with less of a clue than you started out with. But they all look delightful, so get practicing.

There are all kinds of hidden goodies and secrets in Tekken 2, not the least of which are secret characters. All of these can be saved onto a memory card for later use. If you don't own a memory card, then we suggest you buy one before you buy this game, since you won't appreciate the full depth and scope of Tekken 2 without one. Saving the cheats and goodies is imperative, so go on, spend that extra 20 bucks.

Tekken is considered by many to be 1 the ultimate fighting game. Many Sega fans will argue that Virtua Fighter 2 is better, but they said Sonic was better than Mario too. If there was any doubt before about which game was king of the beat-'em-ups, it will be banished forever by the arrival of Tekken 2. This is the most value-packed, action-filled game available on PlayStation-- or any other machine, for that matter.

Of course, it isn't perfect in every respect. Some of the characters actually look less impressive than they did in the first game.There appear to be less polygons per character and the overall feeling is slightly metallic--if you can dig that. But what it lacks in that tiny respect, it more than makes up for in every other area. Tekken 2 is glorious.

There are more options than you can deal with, including team battle modes, time attacks and even a top-secret "Super-Deformed" or "Tekken Kids" mode. Just hold down Select when you choose a character! It really doesn't get much better than this. All the boss characters can be selected, including Devil Kazuya and the top secret "Angel."

The rendered stuff reveals a lot more plotline than before, and you may discover some things you don't like about the hero of the piece, Kazuya. Without giving too much away, his father, Heihachi, may not be the man you first thought he was. Cool new characters, including a schoolgirl, a dinosaur and a kangaroo add to the value of this gaming feast, and we simply can't recommend it highly enough. We can't stop playing it either.

Graphics - 10

Sound/FX - 10

Gameplay - 10

Rating - 10

Wre here at VG pride ourselves in our bound less Tekken2 knowledge.The staff has spent countless hours, er, researching (that's what Frank calls it) the intricacies of Tekken2. We've come up with a few things that are sure to pique your interest. And, good Samaritans that we are, we're now passing on our invaluable info for your enjoyment.

First and foremost, get a hold of one of those nifty, handy, dandy, take-anywhere Memory Cards. One block will save every-thing necessary. This includes all secret characters, fighter statistics, etc.The good news is that a Memory Card makes T2 that much more fun.The bad news is-" that if you don't have one and don't buy one, Geoff will come visit your home and sing, wearing only his Hello Kitty Underoos and oh-so-glorious tan (Believe you me, it ain't a pretty sight).You have been warned.

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