Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Download Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and experience the legendary fighting game in its definitive form! Hone your skills, challenge powerful foes, and unleash devastating combos. The ultimate test of skill begins – play now!
a game by Capcom
Genre: Fighting Games
Platforms: PC (1994), Arcade, 3DO (1994)
Editor Rating: 7.9/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 27 votes
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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

In the good old days when I was at school, violent psychopaths weren't something to be looked up to. They were something to be sniggered at (from a safe distance) while they trudged about pursuing their school careers in Remedial Gardening, or something to be avoided - especially on bus journeys. The ones in our school used to rob one bus so regularly that drivers refused to work the route and it was withdrawn. But times change, and nowadays it's cool to wear pyjamas and drive somebody's nose up into their brain, and nobody minds if you can't spell your name as long as you can do one-finger press-ups and shoot fireballs out of your underpants. I blame the '80s, myself.

Streetfighter 2 is in its third incarnation on the 16-bit consoles, which, at about 65 quid a time if you waited for the official version (or 3,000 quid if you thought it was cool to buy the imports) is a lot of moolah, pc owners are more fortunate; they won't have bought the first version if they have any sense, because it was God-awful. The second version (apparently) won't now be made - US Gold has seen that there's little point in releasing it with this version coming out. Which leaves this version, the third in the series, but the second on the pc.

And it's bloody good. Apart from one or two problems with the controls, which have more to do with the vagaries of the pc than the game (see Multi-buttoned shenanigans), it's practically arcade perfect. The sprites are big, they move quickly and fluidly and "feel" right when they jump about the screen. In case you're not that up on the SF2 trilogy, each release in the series (SF2, SF2 Turbo, Super SF2 Turbo) got a few more frames of animation, some tinkering with the gameplay and a few extra characters chucked in to sucker the kids. But by the time it got to this version, the snes was struggling to cope with some of the sprites and, say the cognoscenti, the speed and fluidity suffered as a result. The pc version has no such probs -in fact, it compares very favourably with the recently released (and much raved about) 3DO version.

There are 16 fighters to choose from, and the two ways to play that are common to all one-on-one beat 'em ups (because they all copied this one); either you pick your favourite character, pick a level of difficulty and try to kick the crap out of all the other characters until you alone stand triumphant (as beat 'em ups like to phrase it), or you get some friends round and some beer in and indulge in some serious kicking, punching and biting of noses, taunting the losers so much that it all starts for real. The one down-side about the pc version is that it isn't possible to have two players using six-button controllers, so you miss out a bit on some of the subtleties. (If you can call stamping on someone else's throat subtle). Then again, the Amiga version was very playable and that only had one-button controls. Just be thankful you're allowed to play computer games and stop moaning.

Basically, this has been the greatest beat 'em up around for some time, the one that every other game emulates and is compared to, and any half-way decent version of it would be worth having. This is a good version.

Multi-buttoned shenanigans

It's all very well having all those fancy moves to choose from, but how on earth are you supposed to do it on a PC keyboard? Well, the game's supposedly going to be packaged with a six-button joypad. This is fine for one-player games, but there are compromises to be made as soon as you want a two-player game. Before you even think about two-player games, you need a twin-port joystick card.

Firstly, the game won't run with two six-button pads, because of the restrictions to the number of instructions a PC can take at a time. We tried setting it up with two four-button pads, but for the same reason the options wouldn't allow that. Then we tried a four-button pad, two-button joystick combination, only to find that one fighter's controls worked with both fighters at the same time: every time Player one tried to hit Player two, Player two hit Player one simultaneously without having to press a button. Things weren't looking good. Then we changed the options to two two-button controllers, but used four-button pads.

Miraculously, it worked, and the four buttons even did different things. Have fun.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

If you can't get enough Street Fighter II, the next game in the series is coming out soon. And you won't believe which system it's going to: 3DO! Okay, you can get up off the floor now. You heard me right. The most popular fighting game around is going 32-Bit. Instead of just being Super Street Fighter, it's going all the way as Super SF2 Turbo. Now players will be able to do all the new moves and the ultra-deadly Super Moves, too. Even the evil Akuma is lurking around somewhere, just waiting for a few foolish souls to challenge him.

If any game is going to sell the 3DO, it's going to be this hot title.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo is about to make its home-system debut...for 3DO! Panasonic!

Don't worry-the World Warriors won't be busting up boom boxes and television sets. Panasonic Software is making a serious push into big-time game publishing, and the CD is being programmed from scratch by Capcom of Japan. Yes, it'll be a direct port of the killer arcade coin-op.

Straight from The Street

The design plan calls for the disc to feature the 16 Street Fighters with all their special moves and combo capabilities intact (juggle combos, too). You'll even get the eye-popping Super Death Moves. Of course, key questions (as always for any Street Fighter iteration) will concern damage protection, the balance of character strength, and control response, but hands-on feet-and-fist action with completed software is the only real way to gauge those factors.

One thing for sure is that the character and background graphics will sport the terrific look of the arcade version, with an added 3DO polish. SF heavyweights will still be able to beat their way to the cool Turbo ending scenes, and no new animations or cinema sequences will be in the mix.

Super 3DO Shodown

Hmmm, Super Turbo and Samurai Shodown for 300 (see Special Feature, page 42), That 32-bit arcade action makes Matsushita's $399 little black box suddenly look awfully attractive. Finding Akuma could be the deciding factor.

Turbo! Get ready to rumble street fighters, this one looks to be Capcom's best ever!! As the name of the game implies. Super SF 2 Turbo is substantially faster than its predecessor. Capcom has obviously heard the beleaguered cries of the players who liked the speed of the earlier SF 2 Turbo. The speed increase is, once again, immediately noticeable.

Also of note is the new moves that each of the World Warriors now possess. Each character has an average of three or more new attacks which include a new technique known as the "Super Combo." To use the Super Combo, you must rely on a small meter located at the bottom of the screen. After using various attacks, the meter will begin to fill up. Some moves will make the meter charge faster than others. Once the meter is filled, the word "Super" will flash, signaling you to use the Super Combo that your character possesses. Each character's Super Combo uses a specific Joystick/Button combination that the player must execute. The results of these combos are devastating!

Finally, there is supposedly a new super-character who is now the end-boss of the game! Yes, that's right, it could be the fabled "Grand Master!" The game is still in the preliminary stages, but from what we've seeryit looks to be a real knockout!!

Special thanks goes out to Michael Borg, Manager of Super Just Games in Northbrook, Illinois for all his help! Thanks for the pizza, ouys!

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