Tekken: Dark Resurrection

Download Tekken: Dark Resurrection and experience the intense fighting action of this classic fighting game on the go. Choose from a diverse roster of fighters, each with unique moves and combos, and battle your way to the top. Can you master the combat and become the King of the Iron Fist Tournament? Play now!
a game by Bandai
Platform: PSP
Editor Rating: 8.7/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 58 votes
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Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Tekken: Dark Resurrection

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Think Tekken 4 is the black sheep of the franchise? Pfft, that game's a beaut compared to the series' portable debut, the disastrous Tekken Advance (GBA) So, yeah, I had some reservations about stepping into Dark Resurrection's ring. But they sure didn't last long. Minus a slight graphical dip (Shane's nutso for thinking otherwise), this handheld fighter can easily stand toe-to-toe with the series' last console installment. It plays just as well (don't expect any refinements to the fighting engine, though), and the new Dojo mode, albeit being a complete rip-off of VirtuaFighter's character-customization system, provides enough incentive to continue punching and kicking. And while Shane may disagree, I find the two new brawlers here--the powerful Nazi-wannabe Dragunov and long-legged blonde Lili--welcome additions to the King of the Iron Fist lineup. Still, we can't help but agree that Dark Resurrection is a fine fit for on-the-go fisticuffs, thanks to lots of minigames, blisteringly fast load times (by which all PSP games should now be judged), and Wi-Fi matches that are mostly lag free.


I traditionally begin my Tekken reviews by reminding readers that both Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur handilyoutclass Tekken, in every way--but hell, neither of those franchises has made the leap to the PSP. Until they do, you won't find finer 3D fighting on any handheld--this port successfully puts the latest arcade revision of Tekken 5 in y)ur pants. You'll notice a nasty visual downgrade, especially with the character models, but everything else survives the trip unscathed. The mash-happy, offensively-minded gameplay remains dumb fun, especially against a real human opponent (props to Namco for including download play with just one disc). Plus, a smorgasbord of modes makes this the perfect game to return to time and time again. Unlockables like goofy fan-fave Tekken Bowl and the new combo-for-money Gold Rush mode provide perfect pick-up-and-play thrills in bite-sized chunks.


Dark Resurrection will have people on your commute staring at your PSP, wondering, "How quickly can I get a PSP and that game?" This one is so good that the PSP's D-pad, which is crappy for most fighters, doesn't cripple it. In fact, it works pretty well if your pad is broken in. All the game's modes load whip-fast, the PSP's batteries can go for a good three hours running Resurrection, and the Tekken game-play is intact and excellent. Also cool is the bounty of unlockables, nary a one of them a fighter--every character starts unlocked from the get-go. This should be required for all fighters. Pick up Resurrection and you'll adiscover how robust a PSP game can be--the great fighting just sweetens the package.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Handheld ports of fighting games have always been problematic; usually resulting in a horribly broken imitation of a previously good game. The few attempts that have gotten it right still made serious sacrifices when it came to control or graphics. Tekken: Dark Resurrection on the other hand takes full advantage of the powerful PSP to produce a flawless fighter.

Dark Resurrection's graphics will redefine expectations of what a portable can do. Despite a few cut corners the game is as visually stunning as Tekken 5 was on the PS2. There is a rougher look to the backgrounds and some slowdown during the pre-fight animations, but once a match starts the game moves at a crisp frame rate. Incredibly, this graphical achievement does not come at the cost of load times which average around 5-7 seconds.

As with all Tekken games, it uses a four button control scheme with each of the face buttons corresponding to a limb. The PSP's D-Pad takes some getting used to but veteran players should find the same precision and depth they've come to expect from the series while new players will find Dark Resurrection easy to pick up and play.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection is a port of the arcade upgrade to Tekken 5. It features a roster of 34, some minor balance tweaks and a whole slew of new modes. Most substantial among the new modes is the Dojo mode in which you take a character to compete at various Dojo's for ranking. These matches make extensive use of the game's 'Ghost'? system in which the CPU records a player's actions and creates a facsimile of that player's style. The 'Ghosts'? don't quite fool you into thinking they're real people, but they can lend a lot of variety and challenge to the single player mode. You can even go online and download more ghosts from Namco or exchange them with your friends. Don't be fooled though, Tekken: Dark Resurrection only supports local ad hoc multiplayer.

If you're into fighters, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not picking up Tekken: Dark Resurrection. It is easily the best fighting game to ever be released on handheld and is every bit as enjoyable as its console and arcade counterparts. You might want to consider Tekken: Dark Resurrection for your library even if you're only marginally interested in the genre because its technical feats really showcase what the PSP can do.

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